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Everyone Hates Dr. Phil Now


Everything Britney Spears touches turns to shit. Except for Kevin Federline, who apparently turns into Father of the Year.


Dr. Phil is trying to book celebs for his 1000th episode show, but, after the Britney insanity, no one wants to touch him with a 10-foot pole.

“Nobody good wants to go near it,” says a source familiar with the booking process.

Ouch! See what happens when you try to help Britney Spears? Nothing good, people!

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  • Everyone Hates Dr.Phil “NOW” Oh I think we’ve all hated that fat pig for a while!!!!!

    HA HA PHIL!!!!!!!

  • The only thing I have to disagree with on this topic is that I don’t think Dr. Phil was ever trying to help Britney … it was all about Dr. Phil helping Dr. Phil’s ratings.

  • I agree with you bennie .that was such a shitty thing for him to do. He was just exploiting her to help himself out. A real phsychiatrist keeps his clients condition confidential , he wouldnt release a statement to the press and try to make a reality show out of it.
    Dr. phil is a quack hes not even a real doctor

  • I think Dr Phil should stop bragging about God. If he really knew God, he wouldn’t be advising sheeple to read his books, he would be referring them to God.

    Dr Phil, please take some of MY advice, read