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Yup, It Happened: Britney Loses Custody “Indefinitely”


A judge decided Monday that Britney Spears is to have no contact with her two sons for the foreseeable future. Federline will retain sole legal and physical custody “indefinitely,” said a court spokesperson.

Well, now that’s done.

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  • I don’t have kids, not want kids. Sometimes I can’t stand them…so I sort of see her point. She doesn’t want any either. So she shouldn’t have had them. The dude that knocked her up probably doesn’t want them either, but those kids equal a free ride for life. It’s all about money. In the end? Everyone is happy and doing what they want but those poor kids. Viva Hollywood…and all the jerks who make people like this famous. She is a no talent hack with good producing and management talent like 99% of entertainment. go find yourself a good punk band and enjoy!

  • I understand you shnitzel
    I love kids,I have three
    if I were rich, I would have a dozen
    and share everything I am and have with them
    once we all were kids
    but you are on your own right not to have them
    the problem is that she had them,as you wrote
    and now they have their right to be loved and cared for

  • I have kids and love them more than anything in the whole world. I would never, ever do anything to jeopardize my children or their lifestyle. She is a pathetic, mess and needs to get her act together. It’s got to be tough with the papparazzi in your face all the time, it’s sickening to watch them harrassing her, but she should tell them all to kiss it and take care of her kids. I find it disgusting that she could allow this to happen at all.

  • i cant believe this! i wish her luck. she needs to get them back and she needs to step up to the plate.

  • Britney again? why are people interested in talking about her even though these are fake things? you should know the fake news about her pregnancy and her joining the famous bbw and plus size singles dating club I can not believe any piece of her news.

  • sumbody get that girl sum real help she needs to talk to sumone , she needs a brezk, she needs sum real friends around her good peple, she needs not to be in the stressful limelite whilst trying to win her kids back. she needs to get away from this media world for a bit.