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Nicole Richie is Due Next Week!


Joel Madden’s big bro spilled the beans: Nicole is due sometime in the next week.

“That’s all we know,” he said. “We don’t know what [gender] it is. We don’t know any names. I’m being completely honest, I swear!”

Yay! Our first celeb baby of 2008!!!

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  • OMG Let’s freak out!!! Those two look so dysfunctional standing next to each other. She’s so yesterday..yaaaaaaaaawwwwwnn

  • And so came the anti-christ… this is one celeb I hope to God doesn’t drop the baby weight (I still love you Nicole)

  • he used to be so cool.
    so punk.
    so not a sell out.
    and then came Hilary Duff. I could live with that.
    But it got worse. He started dating Nicole Ritchie, they would break up righT?
    But then came…
    The permanence of this hurts me thoroughly.
    Atleast Benji is still normal.

  • Those are the creepiest looking teddy bears I’ve ever seen. They’re like Franken-bears, made up from parts of other bears sewn together.

    and sorry, shady: Joel Madden was never “punk.”

  • She’s not cute, she not pretty, but ”she’ can be appealing in an edgy kind of way, I don’t what you see in him but too many tattoo’s always seemed like a desperate cry for attention!