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Kristin Cavallari is 21, and Must Have a Damn Good Publicist

Kristin Cavallari 21st Birthday at LAX, Pictures, Photos

Kristin Cavallari celebrated her 21st birthday at LAX in Vegas last night. The photos are on WireImage today.

Can we please talk about how this happened? What has Kristin Cavallari done in, oh, the past three years? Nothing. Nothing at all. So how the hell did she get LAX to host her birthday party and WireImage to be there to photograph?

I need to use her publicist.

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  • Was this pic taken before or after boozing? She appears to be in rough shape. Glad she can afford the publicist…how about a stylist?

  • I heard that she’s making a reappearance on The Hills, Laguna Beach, or whatever “reality” show she was on, so maybe this is all be part of an orchestrated plan to get her back into the public eye. If she plays her cards right, she may get invited to Italy to receive a lifetime achievement award a la Lyndsay.

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  • I was there that night and got front row center to the stage where her party was. LAX is overrated and anyone can get their birthday hosted there if you’re willing to pay roughly $400-$500 per bottle of liquor. The club sucked and it is smaller than any club in LA or even Seattle. There was literally ONE hallway for people to “dance” but all you can really do is bop your head (if even that). I mean… its not that serious… anyone could have gotten into the club for free since those “VIP” passes were handed all over Vegas to hype up Kristin’s party. I remember when that same club was called “Ra” and it was much better than this “new LAX” club. Lame. Oh… and I was excited to see Kristin and all, but man… she was not as pretty as I expected her to be. Half the club was better looking than her… and yes… she did look a bit like Heidi… but even retarded Heidi looked better. Sad, I know. Oh… and I’m not a hater. I’m just sayin’ and speakin’ the truth. *hugs, Kristin*

  • hey, theres a lot of criticising kristin on here, people wonder why celebrities do crazy stuff, its because of people like all of you who slate them and as far as im concerned only pick on the bad points, kristin is unbelievably amazing, the world needs more beautiful women like her!
    and heidi is certainly not retarded, so go play with traffic!