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So Many New Year’s Pictures, So Little Incentive to Care Today



OMG, you guys, I had so much fun last night.

The party at Republic was a blast, and many thanks to Luke and the guys at USA4Real for putting together an amazing group of live bands and a kickass party.

Oh, and I chatted with Brittny Gastineau. For the second time this month. And she was really nice, per usual, and I felt like a huge ass, again, for all the shit I talk about her on here. I’ll have pics later tonight or tomorrow, whenever my girls send them along.

I also hung out for a bit with Sarah Welch, the gorgeous model who infamously fell through a hole on the runway at the Shadang show, and I have to tell you guys that she is an absolute sweetheart, and is able to have a great sense of humor about it, and it’s way less funny and way more sad once you’ve met her. It’s much easier to think of models as haughty bitches who deserve that shit, but she was anything but. She also has the most ridiculously amazing body and I can’t even hate her for it, she was that sweet.

Also there: MELROSE! From ANTM! But I didn’t get to chat with her. :( And Kevin Pollak. And a dude who looked EXACTLY like Adrian Grenier — I got all excited — but it wasn’t him.


Here’s Paris and Nicky hosting at a club in Vegas.

Posting will resume as normal on Wednesday.

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