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Still Together, Still Drunk


Despite Pam filing divorce papers last week, it appears she and Rick Salomon are still going strong.

The two partied until 6 am at Villa Lounge in LA on Friday night.

Nothing like getting totally wasted to remind you how much you value your hasty marriage.

Image via WENN

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  • are those rick semen stains on her shirt there???? The dog is hoping to run into traffic to get away from them before rick has anal with him

  • they are just drumming up attention for their reality show that nobody would watch unless they do some stupid shit

  • i think she looks great because at least she’s ecouraging natural body definition and not plastic surgery, which we all know a lot of our latina sisters have resorted to ummm, ninel conde come to mind? Seems she is also on interracial dating service I saw some pics looks like her very much at that club. It’s so sorry to hear of her bad news. Just want her back. Have a nice christmas there! :)

  • How on earth did Pammie get a grease stain UNDER that rack???

    Unless Rick turned her upside down at some point…