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Nobody Cares That Oprah Is Supporting Obama


Ya know, Oprah and Obama makes me think of that schtick David Letterman used when he was hosting the Oscars. Remember that? “Oprah, Uma. Uma, Oprah.” You could just as easily stick “Obama” in that joke; it’s equally funny.


This is interesting.

One in three New Hampshire women between the ages of 18 and 29 said the talk-show queen’s recent campaign appearances with Barack Obama made them less likely to vote for the Illinois Democrat, according to a poll released yesterday by Zogby International and Lifetime Television.

At the other end of the age spectrum, 17 percent of women over 65 said Oprah’s support lowered their opinions of Obama.

And 73 percent of women said it made no difference to their campaign choices at all.

Voters don’t want “to have their entertainment figures involved in political support,” Fritz Wenzel, director of communications at Zogby International, told the Chicago Sun-Times.

In fairness, these statistics don’t address that all-important demo of women between 29 and 65, and the 73% figure isn’t qualified (which demo does it apply to?), and, with women 18-29, how did the remaining 2/3 respond? You always have to look at stats like this with a critical eye. I’d be interested in seeing the raw data. I checked the Zogby site for it, but couldn’t track it down. Anyone have any thoughts on where I might find it?

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  • I think Oprah is postioning herself to “rule” the world , as she is into everything..Can we not not have an Oprah free zone as she is everywhere.

  • OPRAH SHHHHHMROPRAH… die already Oprah and take Osama Obama with you please, oh and take: Gail, Dr. Fuck Face Phil, Rachel Ray, your haidresser, your stylist, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Natalie Portman, Keira Knightly, All the BackStreet Boys, Jessica Simpson and Ashlee Simpson, Lindsay’s parents, Rod Stewart all his kids, Nick and Linda and Brooke Hogan, Hulk can stay, The entire Osbourne Family, Chyna Doll, Nickleback, Chris Daughtry, actually EVERYONE from American Idol, Shaggy, and Akon, Beyonce and her moms, ALL THE LADIES from The View, The Dog Whisperer, Ryan Seacrest, The entire Kardashian Family,Adrienne Curry, Tyra Banks, Olsen Twins, Ashley Tisdale, Zac Efron, Kid Rock, Pam Anderson, Elmo, Oh there are so many more…

  • Oprah needs to know MOST of us don’t like her…get done already!!! Sick of seeing her “opinion” everywhere….NOBODY but homemakers who sit on their lazy butt all day watch you!!!!

  • Hi. I have no specific policies, very little experience, a background no one would be proud of, and tons of REPUBLICANS who are helping me to get the Dem nomination by changing party affiliation to vote in the primary (because they obsessively despise Hillary and know they can easily knock me out of the presidential contest when they turn their media machine of character destruction from Hillary to me). So vote for me because I represent “change” and “hope”–whatever that means. At least, vote for me because I’m black (OK, half). That would be a “change,” wouldn’t it?

  • Oprah has done well for herself, and from a time when supposedly blacks had it “bad” [which I believe is just bull]. She made it and didn’t do it on “sharing the wealth” – Obama has NO accomplishments, he is a pawn of the extreme left. His associations are questionable, and his wife has always hated America up until “now.” – Why in God’s name have we put this loser into office? His wife has NO class at all. She hates whites and so does Obama, he as much as said so in his books. There is a method to this madness and Oprah [the great one] has her hand in it. When a presidential candidate, or President relys on advice from a “talk show host” things are pretty bad. Good luck all Americans, we are going to need it, as we are all going to hell in a hand basket, compliments of the likes of Harry Ried, Nancy Pelosi, Barack and “mad black woman” Michelle Obama, Charlie Rangal, “Babs” Boxer, and the likes of Glen Close, Oprah [the other messiah], etc..etc.. ad nauseum.
    God help us.

  • LMAO I could not stop laughing at Aurora comments they were so funny! But yes i agree were all either doomed. or ganna escape this with at least our lives. America has survived worse. She will come out victorious from this disaster as well! Have hope! i encourage you all to check out

    God bless yall.