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LC Admits The Hills is Kinda Fake


Who’d’ve thunk it? Sometimes they film “re-enactments” on The Hills!!!

Talking to Entertainment Weekly, Conrad, 21, specifically addresses “nail-polish-gate” — a sequence of scenes in one episode that were supposedly shot on one night, but in which Conrad’s red nail polish disappears over time. Conrad says the later scenes, with her on the phone with Brody Jenner, were indeed re-enacted the next day, because the cameras had stopped rolling before the “real” phone call.

“Anyone who has worked on a reality show knows how they’re filmed,” Conrad says. “I basically had to go and call [Brody] again, have the exact same conversation on camera. I mean, it’s not lying to anyone, it’s telling what really happened, but it’s just the way they film reality shows.”

Conrad doesn’t see anything wrong with that, as long as the re-enactments stay true to the characters’ real lives. “Basically what they’re doing is taking our lives and telling a story,” she says. “They’re telling exactly what happened.”

So is everyone super-psyched for the finale tonight???

I know I am!

It means I can finally stop watching that damn show for a few months.

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  • I want to hate on Lauren so bad Ive wanted to hate on her for a long time, since LB Days… I want to hate on myself for being such a HILLS WHORE, its all very confusing to me, I love the Hills and Ive started admitting to friends that I watch it, it feels liberating to finally admit it. Phew!

  • wut the fuck is wrong with this fucken world lauren conrad and all her white people friends are fucken losers who were luckily born into wealthy families and think that there shit dont stink when actually there shit probaly smells worse than most people cus they eat grade A steak and shrimp.they are regular people that made some stupid ass show about how there rich and how they think they are better than everyone and they act so dramatic like they have such a hard life and theres always a new problem everyday like there boyfriend didnt call them lastnite or they dont have that new fendi purse to add to there 10,000 designer name purse collection they all make me sick especially the people who support there fuckin fake ass show and now have created some more stuck up ass whit celebrities to put in hollywood. think about it any one in the world could be born rich,put alot of make up on,act dramatic,act like they are not possible of creating a shit stain in there panties, and do cocaine off cameras that makes me sick that stuck up people like that can become famous for simple shit like that. i bet L.C has a big ass shit stain in her designer panties rite now ass i speak

  • WOW-I’ll bet Joe Marin supposedly doesn’t watch the show either, right? He sure seems interested with the ‘stuck up ass whit celebrities’-I guess he meant ‘white’…and I’ll guess again that he’s not!

    BTW-Can’t freakin wait for tonight!!! Yay for next season too! Who cares if it’s fake, it’s tv!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Never watched this shit, never will. I suppose it does appeal to “white people” or just the brain damaged. I don’t care if it’s fake tv. I only care that it’s bad tv.

  • I’m sure only white people watch this show………yeahhhhhhhhh right!

    I just don’t get these people who ‘never watched, never would’ actually care enough to write about the show…hmmm, seems fishy to me! (closet wachers!)

  • mmkay. i love the hills :) its my addiction & all my friends addiction as well. don’t be hatin’ its just mtv. most of the stuff there isn’t real anyways. its just fun to watch! mmkay, so stop saying its so stupid, because i’m sure some of you can’t help yourselves but sit there and watch it dreadfully every once in a while.
    kthxbye. :D

  • I don’t love the hills but I don’t hate it either. Some of you guys writing stuff are really hot headed. By the way not all white people are bad(Ive read some comments in the begining). I think Lauren Conrad is smart to have so many good things going for her in her career and such. So just chill and let people live the lives they want to live, and maby by watching the show you’ll learn from their mistakes.

  • Wow.i see we have some Hills haters. To reply to your stupid comment “Joe” first of all The audience that actually watches the hills aren’t only white people. Thats a very racist comment. Im a spanish not at all stuck up girl who watches the Hills. I believe that it is a good show and if you ever watch television you would know that everything is FAKE. BET,MTV. EVERYTHING DUMB ASS*

  • I love the Hills is amazing your all just jealous, they have fabulous lives they are an inspiration, im sat in my condo right now watching them, its all true end of! x

  • There is nothing inspirational about the fact these people were born into wealthy families,live in a completely different world than the rest of us and spend their days,shopping,partying or gossiping about things that are frankly irrelevant.Typical MTV bullsh!t.Rich asshol3s who are stuck up,come from a yuppy back round,demand stuff like 5 year old children and live without problems except for maybe their mojito was made wrong or their groupey boyfriends never texted their stuck up asses a goodnight message.The only reason people like MTV programmes such as the hills is because they watch it wishing they had a life just like that,care free,rich and famous. Fck MTV

  • Most of you are taking the show way too seriously. Its tv, who cares if the hills is partly fake. You dont have to watch it.

  • these ppl are the reason for the economic financial crisis, doing fuckn nothing all day long then party all night, driving porches and maybachs, spending more money in a day then i spend in a year. goddamn fuckin stuck up rich bitches, my only hope is that when this crisis actually becomes worse even these rich ppl ‘ll be poor and i know they won’t survive a week without fuckn strawberry mohito’s