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Chace Crawford Hooking Up with Gossip Girl Co-Star?

Chace Crawford and Leighton Meester Kissing, Pictures, Photos

It looks like Carrie Underwood’s lost yet another dude.

Chace Crawford — the total hottie from Gossip Girl — was spotted sucking face with his co-star, Leighton Meester, who plays Blair. The two were making out at the Beatrice Inn in NYC last week.

Whatever, as long as he keeps his hands off my Blake Lively, this is fine with me.

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  • I think leighton is very beautiful like blake,but i prefer as a couple chace and blake. They are soo cute together!! And blake doesnt have a man face!! She is gorgeous!! Leighton has a weird face,and chace is sooo HOT!

  • you gotta be kiddin me, leighton? WEIRD FACE?! omg she is ALMOST PERFECT, she TOTALLY darkens blake, who’s actually a pretty girl but.. compared to leighton meester mmm.. haaahaaa I would be SSSSSSSSO jealous, she is just amazing

  • ugghh…leighton could do better…

    i mean chace is good looking for sure but he’s nothing special and leighton is much prettier than blake who looks like every other gilr around

  • leighton is so beautiful and she would make a good couple with chace or ed but blake wouldn’t look right with chase i could easily be jealous of leighton’s looks but since i like her im not im just happy for her blake’s character is okay but her looks are nothing compared to leighton’s

  • They’re the best couple on show… Now the best couple on real life!!!

    Rock’s both!!!

  • ok well first that i his real eye color.
    and im not sure about his name but im pretty sure it is chace.
    you ask how i know this…
    well his dad is my demotologist (or however you spell it) and they have family pictures EVERYWHERE.
    p.s. the WHOLE family is beautiful!!!

  • why do you say that blake has a man face, she isn’t a man, so she doesn’t have a man face and you say that he has to date blake, but if he wants to dat Leighton then who can stop him, who are you to tell who he has to date

    X.OX.O GossipGirl

  • i dont think chace is dating leighton.shes dating chaces best frnd/roomate sabastion sumthing who appeard as carter on gosip girl.rem the guy nate beat up at the catillion before bangin blaire?yea shes dating him and even if they broke up itd be kind of wrong to bang your best frnds ex.even if she did luk like leighton.

  • leighton & chace are perfect.
    blake is gorgeous, but needs to be with penn.
    and leighton is prettier.

  • well wutevr! hes a lying, cheating MANHOR!! y would he dump a BEAUTIFUL girl lyk carrie underwood anyway!! leighton & blake should both go 2 hell anyway! carrie is prettier then both of them!

  • everyone knows blake lively is dating penn badgley(they are THE cutest couple ever.) Besides I like chace crawford and carrie underwood as a couple better(but then he had to go and cheat! WHO WOULD CHEAT ON CARRIE UNDERWOOD?) Also doesn’t leighton meester.

  • ummmmmmm i hope most of you guys were kidding— because they all are extremely gorgeous…. no imput besides any of them will be cute with anyone they choose because they are all soo beautiful– and i love all of them on gossip girl..


  • Leighton is really beautiful and chase is hot but i think leighton is still going out with chase’s friend sebastian and he’s really cute too so even though leighton would make a good couple with chase or ed she already has a man and he is cute so wish her the best. by the way carrie isn’t prettier than leighton (carriefan)

  • No, he’s hot, but Leighton should definetely hook up with Chuck / Ed Westwick, their chemistry can’t be just act haha.

  • Leighton is beautiful, Blake is beautiful, but Chace is even more beautiful than both of them together. Haha!!

    Oh, and also, if Chace ever dates Blake they would look like Barbie and Kent. Awwwwww!!!

  • i luv leighton so much..oh my god..she is so perfect with the beautiful face and great body..she’s inspiring me to be a perfect girl..
    by the way,she always looks great with Chace or Ed westwick..i’m crazy of gossip girl and also the actor and actress..nothing can be compared with Leighton even Blake..X.O.X.O..Gossip Girl

  • Haha I Agree Both Blake And Leighton Are Gorgeous Girls But I Gotta Say Leightons Hotter… Yehh Shes Still Datin Seb. They Are Cutee Togetherr Awww! But I’d Rather See Her With ed They Have Amazing Chemistry On Set………….And Off Sett Too ;) x.x.x

  • Leighton was engaged to Sebastian.I would rather see her dating Chace but of course we can’t do anything but making comments.I think Leighton is soooo beautiful.blake is cute, too.but Blake is not the girl could be compared to L.Leighton rocks!!Anyway,i think everybody is with who they wanna be.blake&penn, leighton&sebastian, chace(:()&carrie.


  • Leighton Meester is perfect!Chace is so hot and Blake is so cute!!!!!!!Well I think that they are a couple and I can say they are the perfect couple!!!I also think that Blake couldn’t possibly be dating Chace because she makes a very cute couple with Penn!Of course I know that Leighton was engaged to this dude Sebastian (who tents to suck) but as the 1st article says this relationship will fail!!!!!!I totally agree cause there is no romance between them!!!!Chace and Leighton make the best couple ever on and off the set of gossip girl!So I wish them the best!Carrie Underwood has no voice and she can’t be compared with Blively and Leester!Please they are a couple it’s so obvious and as a girl said they can do whatever they like in their lives we can’t judge them or tell them what to do!They are normal people who are talented and beautiful and they have a private life!I just believe that we just can say our opinion and nothing more!I ? Gossip Girl!!!!!!!!!!!XOXO Gossip Girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • waaa.. No manchees… Leighton Meester es MUCHO pero MUCHO mas bOnita que Blake Lively.. No digo que Blake no se bonita porque lo es, ademas de que se carag unas piernas de ensueño y un estupendo cuerpo.. Pero Leghton waoO!!! se la rifa esta mega preciOsa tiene unos rasgos hermOsos su cara es mega finita!!!!!
    Leighton es mega super PRECIOSAA!!!!!

  • aah y creo k Chace&Leighton harian una de las parejas mas HERMOOOSAAS que pudieran existiiir=D, ellos son PERFECTOSSS JUNTOS!!!!! Son el uno para el otro, ambos son BELLISIMOOOOS!!!!
    Seria genial si salieran de verdad!!!
    CHACE&LEIGHTON por siempreee!!!

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