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Jennifer Love Hewitt Engaged!

Jennifer Love Hewitt Engaged to Ross McCall, Pictures, Photos

On the heels of a not-so-flattering article in the Daily Mail, Jennifer Love Hewitt proves even full-figured women can find love.

She just got engaged to her boyfriend, Scottish actor Ross McCall.

Congrats, Jennifer!

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  • Oh,she looks good and leave her alone already! at least she eats, because that’s what Texas women (she’s a native) do, we starve for no one!

  • put down the spoon and step away from the Ben & Jerry’s!!! she’s a great looking girl and there’s nothing wrong with meat on her, but she’s got some unflattering rolls…..

  • Drwho is probaby right. She might be getting chunky, but she’s probably pregnant and doesn’t want to say anything lest she be labled a SLUT WHORE!

  • The reality is real men do not want a stick in their arms or in the bedroom. They want someone with hips, thighs, and a little jiggle in the back a pudge in the front is sexy to us. Only homosexuals and other jealous females want to see women look like adolescent boys! She’s gorgeous!!!

  • She only looks more chubby because she was essentially a stick before….you guys are so fucking lame all caught up in media shit…you’re the reason why this is a big deal…remember the holocaust? Not likely..know why? Focus on something more important than celebrity image guys. You feed it and by buying shitty clothes and accessories somehow think you reach that status…grow up..leave her and everyone else alone….now how the HELL did i come across THIS website..ouch.

  • Darth Paul Says:

    November 29th, 2007 at 8:52 am
    She looks like Grimace in that dress.


  • i think she has a beautiful figure

    she has curves
    but real woman curves

    not the fake ones which most celebrities seem to think make them look good

    you only thinks shes fat coz of the media projecting proper skinny models around like it should be front page news

    shes beautiful regardless of her so called fatness

    i mean there are obese people in the world
    why dont you go and poke them with sticks as you apparently find fat people interesting