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You Know How Slow a News Week It’s Been?


It’s sooooooooo slow lately that I’m going to post an actual item about Joey McIntyre’s baby’s name, because you know what? Everyone else is doing it. You know why? Because there is nothing else going on! You know why? Because Lindsay Lohan doesn’t drink anymore. She is single-handedly destroying my life by being sober. I hate you, Lindsay.

If you got your drivers license any time in the past decade, you probably have no idea who Joey McIntyre is. He was in a band called New Kids on the Block, which is probably considered classic rock at this point. Joey McIntyre was cool at about the same time slap bracelets were being banned, because that was the biggest problem in the high schools. He is currently about as relevant to your life as New Coke.

He named his kid Griffin Thomas.

I hate you so much, Lindsay.

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