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Katie Cassidy Arrested for Underage Drinking!

Katie Cassidy Arrested for Underage Drinking, Lied to Police

Ahhhhh ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!

It’s the Cassidy curse. Sometimes fame isn’t all that fun, honey.

I love this story because, when police asked her about her age, she gave them a fake name and said she was 21. They then asked her what her birthday was. “4-29-84,” she responded. That would have made her 23. When the police pointed this out to her, she admitted her real name and age. Katie, you suck at lying to the cops. You have to have this stuff down pat. I offer seminars on the third Tuesday of the month if you’re interested.

Her BAC was .16, twice the legal limit. Ouch!

This is my favorite part: When Katie’s mom was contacted, she wanted to know “what could be done,” since her daughter was a “high-profile” actress. (High profile my ass!) When a cop replied that the arrested performer would have to appear in court to answer misdemeanor charges (minor in possession and false reporting to a law enforcement agent), Cassidy’s mother explained that her daughter “didn’t have time to come back to court.”

Ha ha ha ha. She’ll have to make time. She’s due back in December.

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  • her imdb page says her bday is 11.25.86. that sucks even harder considering she’s about to turn 21. betcha she acted like a spoiled celebrity brat and the cop gave it to her. justice is served.

  • shes a dumb ditzy hollywood wannabe actress who got what she deserved. Jesse McCartney YOU’RE BETTER OFF. I hope you’re classing it up with whomever you’re dating now.

  • ya well i think that its just normal if you people know how many underaged girls and boys drink and get cought.Its no big deal they just want to have fun.Thats why montreal is the best you have to be 18 to drink not 21.

  • I love you jesse McCartney I want to see you in real life
    my age is 21. wher i you live in thank you. bey bey from roxy

  • your all fools it’s not katies falt it’s jesse’s falt he probably
    dragged her into it.Katie its not your falt don’t listen to these
    low life scums I know what youre going through you have a great life don’t listen to these me your innocent.
    the reason I’m saying this is because I love you.I try not to
    but I can’t stop loving you.the very first time I saw you was
    in black christmas and the moment I saw you I just fell in love with in titanic if you were my girlfriend and if you and me were in the same position as jack and rose were I would be in the water and I would let be on that thing whatever rose was on I would die for you katie noone is as beautiful or as nice as a caring person as you are.

  • katie I wish I could talk to you because I know its not your
    falt in school almost everyone was afraid of me and they even gave me a name angelus because I was exactly like him but my parents took me out and I matured over the reason because of my behavior and two because
    of my epilepse that’s the reason I can’t drink because I could
    have a convulsion maybe one or two drinks but more than
    two can trigger a siezure not just on the ones who have illnessess like mine but it could happen to anyone and trust
    me katie you do not want to have a convulsion it can last up
    to five minutes but mine last only seconds.But mine are really strong and it drained all of my energy.when I woke up
    I couldn’t even move I was just lying on the floor with noone to help me get what I’m trying to say is that don’t drink but like I said one or two drinks wouldn’t hurt but try your best not to do drugs or drink.But I don’t wan’t to see you behind bars.I’m saying this because I love you with all my heart.And if you go to you know I’ll get you out myself.I KNOW YOU DON’T KNOW ME BUT I really do care about you so don’t listen to what these people are saying
    their just jealous that you have a good life their just wannabe’s but your not that’s all I have to say right now but all I wan’t you to know is that I don’t care what you did all I wan’t you to know is that I love you with all my heart

  • katie I’m gonna be 20 this saturday.I think I should go out
    with you should have a guy who cares alot about you and that’s me katie.I risk my life for you.I wish I COULD MEET YOU.I choose to be a fighter for you katie.even though it’s in my blood to fight.but I love you katie and if those cops think they can arresste the woman then bring them on I’m not scared of them.

  • U guys it’s not jesse’s fault she’s still older than jesse anyways she was 16 probably jesse was like 15 but i don’t think they were dating! the point is i’m glad that the police were treating like a regular person who cares if she was even Celine dion or whitney houston they are always going to be people just like us they eat and they shit! Great Job LAPD!

  • amm … this is not jesses fault larry … jesse and katie are not dating anymore and they were not dating at the time

  • um i dont really care about her drinking underage, every 1` deseves a lil fun, besides if she lived in countries where the age is 18 , she would never of got into trouble.

  • omg larry get over urself! If u love her that much and u havent even met her then u seriously have a screw loose, and tbh u need to be in a mental home, not out chasing katie cassidy around. You have to get to know the person before u love them, u can’t just go on looks, and if she was drinkin under age (no matter who’s fault it was) then she obviously isn’t sensible. And if you think that being a drunk floozy is good girlfriend material then you really don’t get out much.

  • Tool. LARRY – stalking is not allowed. Go back to school.

    Can’t believe you think Cassidy will ACTUALLY read this.. HA!

  • Wow!! I googled this broad’s name because I had no clue who she was and I came here. You people all need lives, desperately!! The stalker nutcase is seriously wackadoo and needs either more or less drugs, I don’t care which. The rest of you, debating whether or not some pin-headed bimbo is dating some other knob and the merits of either situation is pathetic. How about getting your own lives and not worry about some Hollywood D-list actress’ life. As for the story, she’s an idiot spawned from an even bigger idiot’s line, her mother should be facing charges for raising her child to be the type of person she is.

  • so far about montreal… you need to be 18 to drin?
    germany rocks, get legally drunk by being 16 ;-p

  • well, obviously she does not think she is a high profile actress since she felt it was possible to lie about her name and age (even though she is pretty known, mostly because of the fact that she is David Cassidy’s daughter). I got a good laugh out of what her mother said though. so clueless… but I did feel bad for Katie. mostly because she was like a week away from turning 21 (which really makes it suck even harder).

  • EWW. i met Katie once wasnt to big though.It was a resteraunt i believe.She even asked some people to take off her jacket she asked like 4 people they all said no why?Take it off yourself.And she did and belive me when she was there she didnt make our day(Everyone at the place).

  • Oh yeah and Larry dont comment Katie is actually a real pain in my *ToBeContinued*Anyways she isnt sating Jesse anymore shes dating somone else *HesUgly!!!*

  • She is a D-list actress. She is nto evne famous or anything.

    sorry mam but yoru girl is nto even an actress, never heart her name.