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Kanye West’s Mother Died as a Result of Complications from Plastic Surgery!


We haven’t been covering the Kanye-West’s-mom-died story around here, because when non-famous relatives of famous people die, I tend to think it shouldn’t be sensationalized, but, okay, when you die getting plastic surgery, you’re fair game.

Kanye West’s publicist announced that his 58-year-old mother died “as the result of complications from a cosmetic surgical procedure.”

Just like Cher Horowitz’s mom!

It’s not worth it, people!

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  • Some gossip blog readers are illiterate AND stupid. Kanye West’s mom’s death is EVERYWHERE. Why can’t Evil Beet mention it, too?

    There’s no pleasing these “anonymous” idiots.

    Remain “anonymous” and don’t comment at all. You guys never have anything worthy to say anyhow.

  • Ashley, I’m with you on the idiot part, but I don’t know why you’d feel bad at all. When I’m 58, I hope I’m not so vain that I go under the knife to feel good about myself.

  • What’s up with the “what if”s?!! A 58 year-old woman is died over a surgery and that’s sad. I’m sure she never considered plastic surgery, but her son’s a millionaire. It’s very likely that Kanye funded that surgery. It’s heartless and stupid to speak upon what you will and will not do at any point in your life.

    Donda probably didn’t think she’d opt for surgery, but she did. Opinions change with time, just like people do. I feel bad for her entire family and her son, Kanye, whose children will never get to meet their grandmother.

    R.I.P. Donda.

  • sorry joy, but I WOULD NEVER opt for cosmetic surgury! i’m too afraid to “go under”! there have been plenty of people who never woke up from the anesthesia! the only way i’d get cut open is to save my life or the life of my children or husband! NEVER FOR COSMETICS! it’s pretty vain IMO! she had so much money, her own success (as an english professor and author), a successful son, AND a doctor telling her NOT TO DO IT! she brought this on herself. it’s not like it’s every day that a plastic surgon tell his patient “NO” so that should have set off all kinds of red flags i nher head, but she chose to do it anyways. i am sad for kanye, but she made that choice.

    • This woman was my aunt. She herself was a doctor! She knew the pros and cons, but considering the facts, she considered it to be safe. Nobody can ever predict the outcome of surgery! This case, tragic, was a total accident that had been carefully considered before action had been taken. Donda thought she could take the risk, because she had already lived her life. However, I am sure now, she realizes that her life was still less than half over.This was tragic. She was one of the most intelligent women I have ever known, so please do not disrespect her intelligence over an accident.

  • sorry kanye for what happened, but uh uh it was idiot thing men,dont you know that you cant be cute enough when you are alive? every one is beutiful…

  • Wow! This is so sad. Very few times in my life have I seen people be so callous and heartless. A woman, the mother, daughter, sister, etc… of someone just lost their life and you proceed to call her an idiot. No one deserves to die no matter what the circumstances. She died during a tummy tuck and a breast reduction operation. Those are common procedures that millions of woman have for other reasons than just vanity. The same thing could have happened to someone you knew.

    I still can’t believe a woman died, no matter what famous person she is related to, and you people proceed to call her an idiot and then talk about how you would never get surgery. That’s a damn shame. I feel for Kanye so much more now then I did before because now I know on top of his mother’s death he’ll have to deal with ignorant comments from people like you all. No one know’s the exact circumstances of her death but you all are making so many assumptions. I realize that if she hadn’t opted for the surgery she might still be here today but its still sad how it happened. I’m sure that when she went in that day she wasn’t thinking she would end up dead. It’s sad that she passed away from something like that but its even more sad that some of you act like she deserved it. She wasn’t committing a felony she was getting surgery. I’ve had friends who have had the same procedures because of medical reasons. I wonder if you all wish they had died as well. There are some cold people in this world.

    My prayers go out to the West family as I know Kanye thought the world of his mom and you can tell he loved her very much so I know he is devastated.

  • dgirl22 i think u taking life 2 seriously……..well let me give u advise no matter how serious u take life u will neva get out of it alive. lighten up just a little………thank u

    i feel bad about the death of Kanye’s mom… symphathy goes to da West family

  • I don’t think people take life seriously enough. The point was if someone dies it should be mourned not joked about. I live in Chicago and though I won’t claim to know Kanye personally, I do have friends that do. The fact that I made my point long is so that these people might understand where I’m coming from, not that it will probably make a diffrence….U can keep your advise.

  • I can not believe people these days. Dr. West was somebody and made a personal decision to improve her outward appearance. We should respect that. The problem does not exist with Donda (who has moved on to a better place anyway) but with those of you who need to improve your inward appearance. Have a heart.

  • my mom did the same shes not dead but she was beautiful before. im 14 and i think that is a stupid thing to do but i would do any thing to please my mother. no matter how stupid it is. all the boys at my school even say my moms hot my dad does to but she needed to think it herself. and oh i guess she didnt. shes going through a lot of pain all she had to do was work out. i am a cheerleader and im not skinny but also not big i like to say i am tweet size. but sorry kanye love and have no regrets thats what she wanted God took her it was his will.

    crazy tweety cheer law girl!!!!!!!!!!!!