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Carrie Underwood Wins CMA for Best Female Vocalist and Best Single, Pictures, Photos

Taylor Swift Wins CMA for Best Newcomer, Pictures, Photos

Congratulations to Carrie Underwood, who won the CMAs for best female vocalist and single of the year (“Before He Cheats”). I bet she’s gonna have some crazy award-winner sex with hottie boyfriend Chace Crawford tonight. Those awards actually look like they’d make some pretty damn kinky sex toys. Hmm.

Underwood lookalike Taylor Swift, age 17, won for best newcomer. She’s gorgeous! Someone get that girl to Les Deux, pronto!!! There’s no way she can get into enough trouble in Nashville.

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  • WTF are you shootin into your dumbass veins , carry underwood lok alike ?? you must be just as fukin stupid as you are blind . carry is a cheap no talent hoe , taylor is just fine as she is and has nothing but class over carry (daddys money) underwood.. you need to seriously get a damn life and some eyes checked .

  • oh carrie underwood y are you trying 2 look excactly like taylor swift cause u will never be as cute as taylor swift

  • dont you just think she is soo pretty i think she is the best sinnger that has ever been born lol she is like my fave sinnger and my hero sdoes anyone know where to get ticktes and if she is having a show on a saturday in england ?????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • does anyone know who is in the first piccy who ever she is she is not hotter than taylor swift i can tell you that for a fact !!!! (my mate ses that aint tayloe i thinjk it is lol but i bet you i am wrong !!!)xxxxxx i love taylor swift sooooooooooooooooooo much i can hardly speak a\t the moment that is why i am typing on the comp !!!!!! xx love you all xxxx

  • i am the same person as the last three i just changed my name and by the way yes why is cerrie trying to look justy like my fave sinnger ever taylor swift she is soo hot and no body can replace her from my love sdide off my mind not even cerrie !!!!!