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Whoever Styled Sarah Michelle Gellar for This Event Should Be Taken Outside and Shot

Sarah Michelle Gellar at “Southland Tales” Premiere, Pictures, Photos

Here’s what we’re gonna do:

We’re going to minimize every part of your chest except for your underarm fat. Then we’re going to give you a necklace to make sure that eyes are drawn specifically to that underarm fat. Underarm fat is the new thin.

Then we’re going to make you look pregnant. With septuplets.

And since we don’t have time to do your hair, why don’t you just take a bath with a plugged-in blow-dryer? That’ll create a nice effect.


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  • man, I so agree. Other sites are raving about her look, the dress, etc. This look is so bad I almost miss the evil stylist from Season 7 Buffy…even argyle would be better.

  • … and today, we will show you how to make a dress out of a lampshade!

    Seriously, that thing was NOT designed with the human body in mind. And wtf was Smidge on when she agreed to wear it?

  • I don’t like to disparage Sarah, but I’m not liking her choice of dresses lately. She has this propensity towards these sack-like things, and it’s not just her, it’s other stars too. Please, stop the madness. She’s pulled off this look before though, just not this one. I wonder if she was in a hurry and didn’t look in the mirror.

    But F it, I still love her anyway, so there! :P

  • This outfit is soooo cute. She is gorgeous. You don’t need to be a size 0, she looks great. She is totally comfortable with herself. You go Sarah Michelle Gellar Prinze!!!

  • wtf..?? you people are so mean, i bet your all sitting there with cellulite and weighing 400 pounds.. get over it, just cos your not amazing and in a magazine or at a what if she has some arm fat WOAH!! ITS NOT THE END OF THE WORLD!! she looks fantastic!

  • to roo…
    Yes, Sarah looks fantastic, but… The “dress” looks like a sack of novelty potatoes.
    I really thought she was pregnant or about to explode.