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New Spice Girls Video

Check out the first video the Spice Girls have done together since, like, I figured out how to use a tampon.

“Headlines (Friendship Never Ends)” is boring as all hell.

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  • OK is it just me or does Posh look and dance like Ru Paul. I bet (s)he would go over huge at Numbers cabaret night in West Hollywood

  • Girl, you are so fucking funny. I’m an old ex punk rocker, ex drug addict, 43 y/o mom in Florida and enjoy your sense of humor SOOOOOOO much… the way, stop saying you’re old, what are you 23? You’re still just a pup. Anyway keep up the dry humor and sarcasm, love ya tons! Amy

    By the way, I’m a DOG fan. Please go easy on the old guy, he gets more tweakers off the streets than the pigs do.