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Looks Like We Might Have a Writers’ Strike, Kids

The WGA’s contract expired at midnight tonight, and they were unable to agree on a new contract.

Basically, writers want more money from DVD and Internet sales, and the studios don’t want to give them that.

The writers are meeting at the LA Convention Center on Thursday night to discuss their next move, which may be a strike.

“The writers guild has two weapons,” says an LA entertainment lawyer. “One is a strike, the other is the threat of a strike. It has no reason to toss that weapon away without using it for a bit.”

If they do strike, the programming that would be most impacted is talk shows, which will probably have to go to reruns until this is all worked out.

Okay. Now you can talk about this with your coworkers today and sound like you’re so L.A.

Back to drunk celebs.