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Game Over for Dog the Bounty Hunter: RACIST RANT!!

Dog the Bounty Hunter, aka Duane Chapman, Goes on a Racist Rant

It was about time we got another celeb racist rant on tape!!! Nice to know this sort of behavior is still alive and kicking. And here I was worried we were making progress in this world.

Listen to a portion of a phone conversation between Dog and his son, Tucker. Dog doesn’t want Tucker’s girlfriend, Monique, who is black, to be around because they say “nigger” in the house, and he doesn’t want that getting into the tabs and ruining his career. He claims they don’t mean it in a derogatory way, it’s just what they call black people.

Um, dude.

I like calling my little sister “Cacaface.” It’s just what I like to call her. I mean it as a term of endearment, not in a derogatory way. I do not actually believe her head is made of caca. She’s a very bright, girl, it turns out. But she doesn’t like it. It hurts her feelings. She expressed that fact, and, as a result, I stopped calling her “Cacaface.” When I see her, I still think: “Cacaface.” But what I actually say is “Allie.”

Rather than tell your son to get a new girlfriend, maybe just stop saying “nigger.” Is it some sort of verbal tic? No, not for you. So just stop saying it. Jackass.

Here’s the real question: who leaked the tape? Did his son sell him out?

Listen to it here.

Update: There’s a much longer version of the audio here.

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  • Hey Dog i have watched all of your seasons and i am one of your biggest fans. everyone has an opinion for different people. you are no different. i am confused why everyone is upset over you making some racist comments about someone. you apologised and still most people hate you. i knew you did not mean what you say and i never doubted you for a second. GOOD LUCK on future bountys and i hope some day i could start up a bonds company and be just as good as you. but no is as good as you good luck.

  • I'm mixed with black white and native american and i make an effort to understand everyone's point of view. That being said I understand why so many people are upset over this. Black people have worked years to overcome they are fighters and warriors.They were taken from there homes and tossed upon a ship in a place not fit for animals left to wallow in there throw piss and shit and many died. They then stood by while there families were ripped apart and sold. the black men stood by while the white slave owners rapesd there mothers sisters daughters and wives. I could go on forever but you get the picture. later they were chased down in streets with dogs beaten and killed and thrown in jail without cause. The people who did this to them will have to answer to God for Harming God's children. But oftentimes black poeople forget that before the white man ever enslaved the blacks the africans were enslaving other africans. More than any other group of people I feel sorry for the racist, they have so much hate in their hearts and it hurts them more than it will ever hurt us. Its not my job to judge and I don't have the ability to look into someones heart so I cannot say he is sorry or not and neither can you.

  • This is for u Jeff tha fuck are, I would like to see u in my face saing that u must be white and racist to say that, tell me when was the caulcasians pressicuted, u piss of shit, racisn is bad to any race u know I am mixed race, and have a white woman whit beautiful children, I am not racist and I heate people that are ignorants as u all racists mother fucks, the human race ivoilved from the ones u call niggers do u know that all of us have a bit of it in our DNA.

  • Soooooo… you don’t call your sister cacaface to her face but you think it?

    Dog doesn’t call niggers, “niggers” but he has a right to use the word in his own home. Instead of writing logically ridiculous bullshit, maybe you should go suck off a nigger?

    Hope that helps.


  • This all goes back to people blowing shit out of proportion and every race besides white people acting like they need to be respected by everyone else because they were slaves, treated wrong, etc. Whatever. It’s bullshit to be frank. We have B.E.T, but god forbid we have something like W.E.T & suddenly the white people are nothing but a bunch of racist. So next time you go pointing fingers, look in the mirror and think about how many times you’ve use the term “cracker” or “chink”.

    And no, I am not just a cracker. I am proud of my other nationalities.

  • I like Dog … We watch all the time … And they are doing a very good JOB… I hope they stay on because I love what they do !!!!!

  • I do believe that Dog has his own rights to say “nigger” in his own house. I don’t think something stupid like this will ruin Dog at all. We all make racist comments from time to time too do we but not publicly and he also just did that but the bad thing for him is that it got leaked.

  • The reality is that if everyone could agree we’d be in heaven but not the case. I’m black and native but before that I’m a human so rather than pick and choose sides ill just say continue viewing things how you will at your own discretion because we are going to anyway and if you’re racist or not just remember u get judged….that is if there’s no athirst b.s in the convoy too lol


  • You get over you redneck prick .I like dog too and I’m mixed race but clearly you have issues sooooooo you get over it you silly “CUNT”

  • The last time I checked the word “nigger” meant ignorant. I don’t care for racism at all. We are all the same….one race just had more pigments in their skin. I’m black and proud of it but I don’t mock other races or disrespect them on whether I’m in public or at home.

  • omg you all take this so seriously, im british and over here we dont giv a fuk about race, my best mate is black and i call him nigger and he calls me cracker, we dont give its jus words. honestly you yanks blow shit way out of proportion, thers no need for it. and also on a seperate note fuck all religion its all hype and the world would be a much better place if all religions just fucked off and died.

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