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Britney Gave Tony Romo a Lap Dance!!!

Britney Spears Gave Tony Romo a Lap Dance

We already told you that Britney and Tony Romo were partying together on Friday night, and now Ryan Seacrest spoke on his radio show this morning about seeing the two of them at Les Deux on Friday night.

“I spoke to her for a minute. She seemed to be in a very, very good mood,” he said. “She had her sunglasses on. I said, Busy day, huh? She kind of smiled and laughed and said, ‘Yeah.’ And then I believe I saw her and Tony Romo frolicking.”

“Lap dancing?” a co-host asked.

“I mean some would say,” Seacrest said.

“She on his lap,” the co-host continued.

“Yeah,” Seacrest replied.

This girl has gone crazy. The world is watching, Britney. If you want your kids back, stop doing crap like this!

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  • Sometimes we need to have a little fun when we are stressed out and I don’t think there is nothing wrong with that at all. Britney might had been lap dancing at a club but does not saying she is not a good parent when she has here children. I tell you one thing going to a club is better than being on drugs which is more of a reason not to give her the kids back. Those that have there children question is to you. Are a bad parent when you go out and have fun whatever floats your boat? Then why use that against Britney. Sometime we loose sight as parents especally going through what she has gone through and those who have had your kids taken away, did you not go out and do things to supress your stress?

  • BO dear, grinding on a man you just met in a bar is not exactly what most people do for fun! Most of us go to movies, out to eat or go shopping for Christ’s sake!

    Britney is on a self-destruct course and Romo is hitching a ride with her.

  • gotta agree with B.O, give the girl a break…she isnt hurting her kids by having some fun, and grinding on a man is only in fun too honey, get over it! if you have issue with that, you must have a ton of jealousy cause you cant do it for whatever reason- either that or that gold cross around your neck is getting wayyy to heavy… lighten up

  • what is wrong with tony i mean come on britany spears
    i can understand if he wanted a little fun with her, but if he wanted a serious relation ship he should go for someone better

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