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I’m Giving Halle Berry a Pass on This Whole Jewish Nose Thing


In case you haven’t heard about it yet, you can read about Halle Berry and her Jewgate here. Basically, she went on Leno, showed some Photoshopped picture of herself with a really big nose, and said it looked like her “Jewish cousin.” (The “Jewish” part was removed from the broadcast at Berry’s request.)

As a member of the Tribe, I get to give people passes for shit like this. And I’m giving Halle Berry a pass. I really don’t think she meant to be offensive.

Even the Jews over at Page Six went easy on her:

Berry, 41, who sounded like she was near tears, told Page Six last night: “I so didn’t mean to offend anybody – and after the show I realized it could be seen as offensive, so I asked Jay to take it out, and he did.”

The gorgeous actress, who is 4½ months pregnant with her first child, by boyfriend Gabriel Aubry, said, “What happened was I was backstage before the show and I have three girls who are Jewish who work for me. We were going through pictures to see which ones looked silly, and one of my Jewish friends said [of the big-nose picture], ‘That could be your Jewish cousin!’ And I guess it was fresh in my mind, and it just came out of my mouth. But I didn’t mean to offend anybody. I didn’t. I didn’t mean any harm.”

Berry, who even offered to call Page Six’s source and apologize in person, said, “It was just a lighthearted segment that was meant to make fun of myself. There was a picture where I said I looked like Monica Lewinsky and one where I said I looked like Jay. It was just supposed to be a silly segment. I am so sorry, and I apologize.”

Anyway, I think she’s genuinely sorry, and, you know what, Jewish noses are funny sometimes. If Jerry Seinfeld had made that call, you would have laughed.

You’re still okay in my book, Halle.

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  • Yea sounds like a genuine apology. I’m not Jewish but I’d still take offense because I have a big nose! :-P

  • What else could you say about those fat, crooked, wrinkley and ugly jewish noses?? Hahahahaha

    If they were special then God would have blesses then with pretty noses but I guess not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Fuck all the Jews and their ugly fuckin busted noses!

    • listen up coco, ashley, hhimmler, and other mindless followers. you all need to enter yourselves into a mental hospital ASAP. maybe a decent education might relieve you of your ignorance. break free from your shackles of racism and decide to become tolerant and kind hearted people who do not judge people based on their, race, ethnicity, culture, or looks. how shallow can you be? do yourselves and society a favor by erasing such racist, descriminatory, prejudiced, and hateful thoughts from your mind.

      peace and love :)

  • her nose is pretty and
    fuckk dont be racist angainst jews not all of them have big noses and if they do so fucking what dontt fucking hate them u ignorant assholess

  • woww i didnt know people could be so vicious, racist, and single-minded…you (ashley and coco) must either be really despised by people (which im assuming is true because no one makes comments like that anymore and you seem to not have any good personality traits) or are insecure because you in fact are hideous and feel the need to put others down to make yourself feel better. just know that nobody respects you.

  • I really did`t not think that people could still be so red neck today.
    I guess even as time passes by we still don`t change very much, which is why dino`s were around longer than the human race will ever be. It is actually very sad to hear these types of comments being made about another race or culture. It just shows that we are not all that civilized afterall

  • Who cares what halle berry does or says? Just as long as she keeps looking sexy I do not give a crap what she thinks or even what she says any more at this point.

  • Victoria & Katt,

    You are both ignorant and incorrect. People despise Jews because they are racist and obnoxious, and will pursue any means necessary to enhance their personal wealth. The comments above are indicative of those which are made by people who are victims of Jewish racism, not by people who proactively seek to discriminate. Have you ever been to Manhattan or Los Angeles? Have you seen the degree of security fraud prevalent on Wall Street recently propogated by CEOs of investment banks (all of whom are Jewish) and it’s impact on the U.S. economy? It seems entirely possible, if not likely, that the holocost began as a response to Jewish racism rather than as an effort based on unprovoked, unjustifiable aggression.

  • I really dot think you guys should be racist against jews. they havent done anythng to you, so just lay off!! i dont think it is fair people generalise about jews. the hole nose thing is unfair

  • wow people are so racist
    i dotn take offence of the jewish cause she didnt mean to offence anyone but i still take offence because i have a big nose :(

    dunno if it makes sence lol

    and fuck u whoever is racist

  • wow HHimmler what educated you on the whole Jewish thing. Mien Kempf. Your names says it all and the only people that would listen to your whole crap is you and those other two people on this board. I am not letting Halle or Mel Gibson slid. Oh I didnt meant to well you should of thought about it before you said it. I also bet that if some one made a comment on her ethnicity that she would through a huge fit. she is a self centered bitch. she doesnt want to appear in movies because her costars are better then her and get more screen time because the story is about then and not her.

  • Whatever. Most Jews I have met in person have had weird features that you wouldn’t normally find on other Caucasians. And it’s not just the nose.

  • First of all I would like to give a shout out to my homeboy “HHimmler” and secondly chill out everybody! What else can you say about those obnoxious jew bastards and their fugly noses??? Just like their busted crooked noses you will find them crooked personality wise as well. I am not a racist I love every other race and respect every other religion but jewish people are the root of all evil. :)

  • that is crazy that jews are the root of all evil when the extreme muslims are throwin down on america…what about those italian noses? they have the biggest noses around

  • Hey there is nothing wrong with big noses or Italian noses just Jewish noses ok cuz they are just one of a kind and really stands out amongst other noses and I dont mean in a good way+ most jewish women looks like crows with a long beak and sharp features. Come on now stop blaming Muslims for what happened on 9/11. It was an inside job because there is no way in the hell that some foreigners just came into US and took some flying lessons and were able to pull off such a sophisticated scheme becuase I know that just like our crazy white serial killers/psychopaths they have this extremist groups as well but not all muslims are terrorists and even the ones that do hate America is because our crack head politicians takes sides with Israel all the time.

  • ashley, grow up and get an education. we all know who was behind 9/11; it’s been proven and fessed up…if you believe they weren’t muslims, but an inside job done by our country, you are incorrect, my dear. people like you need to not listen to what they’re parents tell them, but actually go out and do a little research for yourself. people like you make me sick!

  • Charlotte, I make you sick?? actually ignorant people like yourself makes me sick!! I know there were investigation done and all that crap but who did the investigations?? Our government?? Please give me a break and if it was an outside job then how come the thousands of Jews in the towers decided not to come to work that day?? My heart goes out to all the people who lost their loved ones in the attack but the whole tower collapse seemed like a scene from an action movie. Anyways what are you doing here on this site again and we are not here talking politics alright. I am just commenting on how ugly most jews are. Freedom of speech you know!

  • this is actually hilarious.

    i truly believe this ‘ashley’ to be joking, & finding the reactions to his comments amusing because nobody can actually generalise an entire race, & use the words he did to describe another human being. i don’t believe such a person to exist in this world anymore. he’s definitely just here for the reactions.

    and if he’s not joking.. as ashley says, it’s his right to to be free to speak, this does not mean we have to listen to such a person. if he’s not joking i’ll pray to god for you, because i pity you, very much. you’re a very sad person.

    and if i may ask, you berate charlotte for believing the governments investigations, how did you find out thousands of jews didn’t go to work that day? if you’re singularly in charge of counting who comes into work & who doesn’t come into work at the twin towers, then i accept how you’d believe it to be true but i think it’s a damn shame you survived.

  • I think it’s rather funny that people assume these fellows were being racist when reading their text they were clearly joking, but on a more serious note it’s not racist if you KNOW why you don’t like it. Secondly, Jewish people, for the most part granted the gene is experessed, have severly big noses. Is this bad? No… but it’s not racist when it’s true!

    Asians are slant-eyed.
    Africans are black. (most of them, except for the northern border)
    Americans are dumb. (not a race… might as well be a race though)
    Polocks are fucking dumb (still not a race… but very funny)

    See the point? Good.

    Now, move on.

  • yehh some people may have big noses…? but others have a big ass or abnormal head shape, small dicks, mental disorder LIST COULD GO ON. At least thers the option of rhino surgeory out ther. butt you cant change some peoples personalities hahaha which really sucks for them.
    just love fuckn everyonexx

  • haa. im not jewish, i bet they’re just jealous. look! they wroth a whole paragraph about thier hate! wooow they have nothing better to do? seriously. get a life.

  • fucking retards you ugly sonsabitches, himmler, you can’t blame a religion for the state of the u.s economy you fucking tard, many jews are poor you trailer trash pizza face (:(:(: lolz it’s just cos your serious lols aloaloalaoaoaaolaool

  • wow some of you are so mean! anybody in any race or of any religion can have a big nose! that’s why you can get a nose job.. but seriously, be nice to people. gosh.

  • Wowwww ashley, you are seriously misguided! The hijackers learned how to fly BEFORE they came to America. And Osama Bin Laden is actually on video talking about his ‘successful attacks’. We’re not blaming MUSLIMS, we’re blaming Extremist muslims, who take the Quran word-for-word. (Muhammed was not a peaceful person) With attacks like 9/11 there are always unlikely conspiracy theories. However you have to look at what is EXTREMELY proven. We all know that Al Qaeda was behind the attacks.

  • hey, im jewish.

    yeah, people dont like us.

    because throughout history, and still today, we….

    make more money
    have more power
    possess more intelligence
    and exert more influence

    than any other ‘people’ in the world.

    it’s not hard to see why we have been oppressed throughout history and still today.

    it’s easy to make fun of the people at top.

    it makes the lesser feel significant.

    oh well.


  • First of all muslims are not behind anything! they are the best! muhammad is more peaceful than u! he is goin to heaven so dont say anything about him u dont have the status to. if u jewish ppl hav probs with ur noses oh well