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10Well, Well, Well, Look Who’s on TRL!

Shar Jackson, Winner of Celebrity Rap Superstar, Performs on TRL, Pictures, Photos

It’s Shar Jackson, the winner of Celebrity Rap Superstar, performing on TRL.

Getting dumped for Britney Spears was the best thing that ever happened to this girl.

She looks great and she sounds great. She still has custody of her children. We haven’t got a single crotch shot of her.

I love this girl.

The story ain’t ever over ’til it’s over, kids.

Shar Jackson, Winner of Celebrity Rap Superstar, Performs on Total Request Live, Pictures, Photos Shar Jackson, Winner of Celebrity Rap Superstar, Performs on TRL, Pictures, Photos shar_jackson_trl2.jpg shar_jackson_trl3.jpg

October 22, 2007 at 9:06 pm by Evil Beet
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10 Responses to “Well, Well, Well, Look Who’s on TRL!”

  1. sara says:

    she is amazing! i hope she releases a cd thats more popular than brits lol

  2. idia gamble says:

    LOVE shar!!! go girl I will buy your shit. You just need to get your style right and you”ll be one of the best…Think movie star Rapper..Glam

  3. Roni says:

    STILL can’t stand her. I guess she should work this 15 minutes of fame. I hope she’ll go back into abscurity soon.

  4. ohnoudient says:

    Ppl must really be desperate for anything new. This idiot needs to sit down and be real quiet, but only after she stops having babies by bums. Four is plenty, although all she ever discusses are the two with K-Bum. She should leave the contacts at home and create a style with some class. She looks like she’s stealing out of MJ’s closet.

  5. just jammin says:

    Shar is great! who would have thought she had skills like that, before the show was over, they were shopping her a contract. Good for her!
    Maybe she can teach kfed and brit something hahahaha

  6. shawntee says:

    Don’t worry about what these ignore people say you were the bomb. they probably didn’t even watch the show. SO LET IT BLOW off your shoulder some of these off the wall comments. You go girllllll!

  7. david says:

    shar jackson is the bomb. wackney spears is a bomb.

  8. msbunni says:

    first off is a very beautiful lady. she has way more class than britney spears will ever have. by the way those are her eyes not contacts dumb ass, I’ve seen her mother and sisters they all have beautiful eyes.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Why would she discuss the other 2 kids?? Nobody was worrying about them. We can see they are fine. At least she taking care of business.

  10. kyley w says:

    just because shar was doing doing well britney shouldn’t be put down. the jerk is federline. he’s the one that should be put down. for some reason the guy in every story gets off easier.

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