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Britney Loses Visitation Rights with Kids



I’m not even excited about these stories any more. This is just so sad.

A judge on Thursday revoked Britney’s visitations rights with her children, because she refused to provide the drug testing facility with contact information so they could reach her to conduct the random drug tests.

So, basically, either Britney just doesn’t think the law applies to her, or she values her drug use above her children. Or maybe both. I don’t know. But it’s horrible when you consider that there are actual small children involved here who now cannot see their mother.

Brit and K-Fed will be back in a court room on October 26, when they’ll try once again to hammer out their parenting arrangement.

After getting the bad news, Britney hit up Sunset Tan in Hollywood, where manager Nick appeared to be functioning as her bodyguard as she left the place. “This is why I wanted the cops here,” she says as she navigates through the photogs. “I’m never coming here again.”

I think I sense some misplaced anger.

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  • What the hell????? I wonder if she just wants to have them legally taken away so that she doesnt look like a douchebag and admitting that she doesnt want the responsibility? Oh, wait, she already is a douchebag? Shucks ya’ll!

    I hope I am still around when JJ and Sean P. write that Tell All about his White Trash Parents. I also hope I am around for Francis Bean’s book too? Those will be some good reads.

  • Sunset Tan makes house calls for celebrities, so if she needed a tan why not make a phone call?
    Oh yeah, because then the pap can’t photograph her.
    She is more and more insane everyday.
    I would not even feel bad if she croaked soon.
    I even felt bad for Anna Nicole, but hell no, Britney should just check out.

  • I myself am waiting for that guy that tosses cream pies in people’s faces to toss a few at BS a few times. Because she just seems utterly ridiculous, pathetic, delusional, stupendously ignorant, and dumb, and on and on. And her assistants/friends/slaves….? Same stupid people. Blech.