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Michelle Rodriguez is RETARDED (and Going to Jail)

Michelle Rodriguez Will Do Six Months in Jail on DUI


How stupid can you be?

After being put on probation for drunk driving (multiple times), the Lost star not only drank while wearing an alcohol-monitoring bracelet, she lied about completing her community service requirements.

“She did file a document that said she completed community service on September 25th, but we obtained evidence that she was in New York that day,” said the LA City Attorney.

The judge sentenced Michelle to six months in jail, without the possibility of early release. (Michelle only served a day of a previous 60-day sentence because of overcrowding.)

Michelle will have to start her sentence on Christmas Eve. Aww. How sad. :( Almost as sad as losing a loved one to a drunk driving accident.


Hopefully they’ll make her attend some AA meetings in jail. Then when she gets out Lindsay Lohan can take her to meetings.

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  • so…she’s an alky. it can be overcome. 15 yrs friend of bill.
    shes still the hottest LOST STAR AND HOPE THEYLL flashback to day 20!

  • michelle is beautifull n sexy she is the only actress iv come across to be so honest n just be her self most of these “famous” ppl are fake n so stuck up there own arse they dont know there eldo from there nee!!! we love u michelle ur great!!

  • fuck yall bitchezz ya’ll is just a bunch of hater lames. this is one bad bitch just about the sexiest latina i ever seen shes right up there wit eva mendes. so everybody makes fucken mistakes and yes you wouldnt be human if u hadnt kept making them people do that shit all the time

  • Jk is DEFINITELY a HOMOSEXUAL and Lindsay Lohan is a dumb white trash inbred hillbilly whore who is probably a product of incest from her father. Lets face it people, Whites, are the most fucked up race on the planet!!!! Cannibalism, homosexualism, incest, inbreeding, fast food, are an intricate part of white people’s lives. Being of both Hispanic and white descent, I can assure you of my theory. Sick!!!!

  • michelle is beautiful and yes i am a white man who is now married to his 4th puerto rican wife after trying out about 160 and my current one could double for michelle. my wife wants her to visit us. she thinks they have something in common. it would be great. somebody, please tell michelle to write us. johnny blanco and betsy boricua of reading, pa

  • Your a retard John Dreher. And Michelle isn’t “real” she’s just a bitch. Can’t act for shit either.

  • Doesn’t matter if she can’t act. she’s in the greatest money making movie – avatar – in history and she is now a rich bitch, so ha ha, dummy. I love her, my wife loves her so she can come to our house and we will both love her, yummy!