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Mariah Carey Doesn’t Seem to Realize That Bathroom Stalls Have Doors


From R&M:

Mariah Carey, drinking deeply at VH1’s Music Cares event, invaded the ladies’ room with two burly bodyguards. Two women already there say her security tried to evict them, but they refused to leave. Says one: “One of the bodyguards said to us, ‘If you’re going to stay, you better not watch Mariah pee.’  “

What the fuck? Was she using a urinal? Was she going to pee in the sink? Or was she seriously worried that these women were going to get down on the floor and stick their heads under the door of her stall for a brief yet beautiful glimpse of Mariah Carey urinating?

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  • Bah, they were earning their pay, I’m sure they get paid a pretty penny and they have to make it look as if it’s worth it… the ho’ is ugly and old, not even a lesbian would want to see her privates.

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