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Holy Crap It’s the Mowry Sisters


They got invited to an Emmy lounge.

What are they even doing these days? I feel like each of them should have like 4 kids by now. Have they done anything since Sister Sister? And wasn’t that like 25 years ago?


See, this is how the Olsen twins would have turned out if they weren’t anorexic and drug-addicted: irrelevant. So the next time you try to tell Mary-Kate to eat something, you remember this. You remember what became of those healthy, well-adjusted Mowry girls.

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  • one of them is on some crappy cw show and the other one i dont know what she is doing but i want to find her and marry her

  • I’m pretty sure that one of them was on a show on Lifetime (not one of the tear jerker estrogen ones) that wasn’t too bad. I mean, it paid the bills you know? And the other was on a forgetable show on the WB. Hell, forgetable, yes. Still have more money than I ever will? Check.

  • Let’s see, would I rather be not so famous and healthy, or super-famous and starving to death? Hmmm, that’s a tough decision, because the Olsen twins are so enviable. (sarcasm)

  • Why am I not surprised that this site doesn’t know what’s going on with them? Had it been the OLSEN girls (who dont even have real jobs) this site would have posted something about them.

    They are BOTH gainfully employed! Unlike some of the HOLLYWOOD TRASH

  • they have been in a disney movie toghther last year called twitches(teen- witches) and another one is excpected to come out this year….

  • The Game, the CW show, is actually good. I watched the whole first season and the 2nd season is starting within the next couple of weeks. I’ve love the Mowry sisters ever since Sister Sister first aired. And the Disney Channel movie Twitches is the cutest thing! I can’t wait until Twitches Too comes out next month! (& for all of you who think I’m being sarcastic – I’m not.)

  • tia and tamera are very pretty and they were well brought up unlioke the olsen twins mary-kate and ashley i mean what do you expect they are famous and full of different diseases who knows what other diseases they have that they are hiding you i used to like mary-kate and ashley until i found out that they are anorexic

  • I love that they are not in the spotlight all the time and that they carry themselves with dignity and respect. Just because they are not 50 pounds each and screwing every guy in site does not mean they are not successful. And some people know when to get out of showbiz and live their lives, rather than trying to always be in the spotlight doing some irrelevant thing. Way to go girls!

  • Tia, Who keep s her hair straight is on a great show called the game on the CW and tamera is low key. she went to college and got a doctorate degree. In My opinion they are doing great and anyone who wants to talk about them or the Olson twins are in my opinion jealous because you will never do what any of them have done and will never accomplish what they have. Get over it.

  • What are you talking about?? They’ve done a lot of stuff since Sister Sister: Twitches 1 and 2, The Game, America’s Next Top Model to name a few. I hate how people think its a BAD thing to not have negative publicity. I like Mary Kate and Ashley but Tia and Tamera are much better role models and they shouldnt be made fun of for that.

  • Tia and Tamera you are the world’s most beautiful girls. i mean you could act, you hotttt well i might have to say that again…. Your Super HOTT and a really amazing actor and i pray to God that in that movie the game, that you not really that type of person, and i hope your being treated good p.s with fan love.. keep doing what you do

  • hi Tia and Tamera i just wanted to let you guys know that i like both of you guys and i hope i see you guys in real life some day and if i do can i have your phone number so we can call each other and chat hope u get this meassage