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I Just Love Cory Kennedy

Cory Kennedy, Heroin Addict, Backstage at Grey Ant Fashion Show in NYC


There’s just something about a teenage heroin addict who’s famous essentially for being a teenage heroin addict that commands attention. Isn’t she just fun to look at?

Here she is backstage at the Grey Ant fashion show.

Also, I just checked her Wikipedia page to figure out exactly how old she is (she’s 17), and it begins with this line:

“Cory Kennedy seriously she’s like BLEUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURGH!!!!”

I took a screen shot for when it gets changed.


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  • Let’s see, if she’s still a heroine addict by the time she turns 18, that means she’ll be legal and lacking self esteem…ha ha ha…just how I like ’em.
    Naaa, I’m kidding. I hope she can healthy drug free life. It’s sad, she’s not even an adult yet.

  • okay, correct me if im wrong.

    she is known for her heroin chic’ look.
    whose to know if she is actually a heroin addict, its no one’s business in the first place. She is obviously good at what she does.

    • i know her best friend maggy is a heroin addict, but she went to rehab. thats where we met. i have no idea if cory does tho.

  • toni-louise is absolutely right.

    corys known for the “heroin chic” look. theres nothing to say that shes a heroin addict. like obviouslyyyyy she’d do the odd party drug or roll some weed or whatever, cos thats the crowd shes in, like i wouldnt be surprised. but heroin is a very serious thing and its not something to be accusing someone of doing lightly.

    so, love, check your facts before you post stuff like this

  • EXCUSE ME!!!!!!!
    I quit jan 08 and been clean for 3 months
    i read everyones reply
    and if you’ve done or felt how me and this girl has before on heroin and you’ve quit then you can talk but until you’ve been threw hell and back wut i and this girl has been have, then i’ll respect your opinion until then i dont care wut u think, you have no clue wat its like

    • Yo bitch bitchin about being a herion addict since 16. yeah herion is bad and the withdrawals suck and the options to quit (suboxon & methadon matinenc) dont really help. but still bitch you need to calm the fuck down and not think your better for getting over herion

  • i just think yous have wasted your life 16 dam thats just rong smack heads are rong i dont like any of them no matter how down you are lonely or watever you dont turn to shit iv been on my own kicked out to the streets homeless raped watever an i never ever think heroin isthe anser cus its not im 23 now got a house car and a job cosi gt of my arse an sortemy life out you dirty heroin people are goin down the rong roadan i have no sypathy for any of ye an if ye dont like it i dont give a flyin fuck cos im healthy an i feel ashamed for you smack rats xx

  • haha
    meh let her do what she wants she`s enjoying herself
    and she is good at what she doin
    and if it does become a problem im sure
    loved ones will help her
    in the mean time haha what can i say
    other then she is a funny chick
    whom has lived life more in her 17 years then alot of other older people
    just let the girl be at peace

  • leave my sister alone! yes im her fraternal twin…i can tell you my sister is no heroine addict! i hate the media and all it’s garbage.

  • Cory Kennedy is a 17 year old kid for god sakes. She’s famous for doing absolutely nothing, but holding a beer and a cig for pictures. God damn it people, she’s certainly not some kind of great phenomenon that you all must either hate her or love her. She’s definitely unique, but she certainly doesn’t deserve this much attention. Jesus fucking Christ, innocent people are dieing around the world and the best thing we can do is sit around like a bunch of stereotypical Americans and gossip about some girl who likes to party? Do you people have lives or a brain? Yes it may be frustrating that this girl is being praised for possessing no talent, but its probably not so easy for her either. Being thrown into a world not built for a teenager is more than exhausting. And that disgusting pervert who explioded her at 15, drags her to parties and gives her a guide book to the life of a hipster, and just says here’s your future take it or leave it. Sooner or later she’ll break just like Lindsay Lohan, Nicole Richie, and Paris Hilton. What will you do with her then? Feel sorry for her or keep ridiculing her to the point of backing her up in a corner till she’s helpless. Cory Kennedy is not some super hero, and will bleed if she’s shot. So leave the fucking girl alone you nagging vultures!
    Chris Kennedy,
    Please inspire your sister to take control of her life and go to college, and perhaps use her talent for fashion in a positive way. Dude, she’s spinning out of fucking control and the people who blog about her are taking control of it.

  • Esa tal Cory Kennedy es una completa decerebrada social. No pueden adorar a una persona solo por el echo de que se viste de moda para tapar sus problemas personales…

    Sorry for not write this in english :P it is because I don´t know it very well :/ but if you put this on google you will see it in english
    good luck

  • Okay, some people don’t seem to realise what’s actually so bad about heroin addiction – it’s when you’re stealing, harming other people to get heroin that you’re a bad person or scum whatever. If any of you have felt happy ever.. Then you might thank your endorphins for that – opiates, morph, heroin etc. Well they bind to the same receptors as endorphines and in equivalent doses they’re almost indistinguishable from eachother in feel. I tried pretty much ever drug there is to be tried including heroin, however I did know a medical student and it was medical heroin and it was thousands of times better than sex quite frankly. Medical heroin is around 90% pure where as street heroin is typically no more than 30%. Also bare in mind that once you’ve tried heroin being asked to never have it again is like telling all of you never to have sex again (almost the same, if your sex entails love it’s different.. but then think about those heroin users who are in love…) You really do need to experience it to judge it and drop a lot of the common assumptions about it and realise that every case is seperate from all the others even if a lot do end up on that slippery slope.. P.S. Anyone here who drinks alcohol at all is definately a scumbag alki!! ;) j/k

    • kay! you don’t exactly get it! i mean im no medical student or anything? but i AM learning about heroin/drugs in school- and heroins affects on the human body are just DIS-GUSTING!! and its not JUST about stealing or harming OTHER PEOPLE- HEROIN HARMS YOUR OWN BODY TOO!!! open your EYES!! it is the worst drug i know, its the one im doing a project on right now. and it leaves scars from scratching on your skin, makes u pale, makes your hair look weird (altho that may be from scratching as well?), makes your mouth dry AND have sores too. do you wana look like a HOBO? HUH?!?…..well, then don’t talk about heroin that way? and NE-VER USE IT!! >:(

  • Cory and I USED to hand out, and she USED to be cool, but…she IS NOT on herion, or at least she wasn’t when I knew her..and she looked just as dirty if not dirtier, I have seen her do coke in some excess though

  • maybe you guys should be so narrow minded and look at it this way most heroin addicts are generally depressed instead of saying get a life think about why she might be so depressed look at her face that smile is face

    she wants attention because maybe she’s that depressed

    dont just bash bc you dont know shit

  • seriously, i doubt she’s a heroin addict. shes probably just another hipster does whatever the fuck she feels like and gets her picture taken all the while doing so.
    and i really doubted we all needed a detailed description of your accounts on the drug, what it does, how you (WRONGLY) think all heroin addicts are scum, and the “i’ve been there and done that” stories. cool shit, so have i..that’s not the point of this
    the point is she’s known for the heroin chic look, not the addiction. right?? so give her the benefit of the doubt..cha dig?

  • she’s not a heroin addict, never was. she was living with her parents the entire time, until she turned 18 like a normal girl. just because she’s skinny and slightly rugged looking doesn’t mean she does drugs. get your head out of your ass and actually read shit about the people you’re bitching about.

  • no offence…but she looks pretty glamourous compared to herion addicts.. like i mean c’mon she has pretty flawless skin and perfect healthy lookin hair…just cause she has gimpy eyes and has a amazing(skinny) body..does not mean shes a herion addict..
    lik has anybody ever seen a tru herion addict…she looks far from one!
    im also pretty sure her parents would get her straight into rehab if they found out she was doing hard drugs…

  • OMG! why would someone unerder-age use heroin?? its one of the WORST drugs out there- at least in my bookz!! u get little sores or scars from scratching at your skin, pale, euphoria (a rush) and dry mouth- THAT is just disgusting!! oh my word, why would anyone take Heroin OR opium. if people do, they must b phsycopaths, crazy!! just crazy!! it can really mess you up and…kill you! i wonder if Corey Kennedy is STILL ALIVE! :O heroin just ISN’T GOOD to get addicted to!

    • A euphoria is another word for a high, just life adrenaline our endorphins produce. You need to get your facts straight. I am not taking bout the other affects but there us nothing disgusting about happiness. I am not talking bout the drug our anything else simply pointing out that you have euphoria (a rush) listed as something disgusting when the fact is you can get that from life itself. So unless butterflies in your stomach or a grad spin from excitement is gross to you then you are in serious
      of the real facts. Ha, you are talking shit about something you read
      from of a text boo

    • A euphoria is another word for a high, just life adrenaline our endorphins produce. You need to get your facts straight. I am not taking bout the other affects but there us nothing disgusting about happiness. I am not talking bout the drug our anything else simply pointing out that you have euphoria (a rush) listed as something disgusting when the fact is you can get that from life itself. So unless butterflies in your stomach or a grad spin from excitement is gross to you then you need the real facts. Ha, you are talking about something youread
      from of a text book and still make it sound like you have no idea. Better do some studying before you turn in your project& get a grip before you run into someone who had been in a bad place before and talk shit like that to them. You have never been there to judge & no one gives a shit bout how you feel. You are a narrow minded,idiotic hypocrite who needs to grow up, in life ppl sometimes do things.they are not proud of; maybe that’s ask they know. That’s real talk &the real world ain’t all peaches hun.

  • First and foremost, no: “efag” is neither a homophobic term nor community. A full explanation of the term (as well as its purpose: to poke fun of people who have achieved some sense of notoriety through the ‘net) is


    I’m writing, as I thought you’d be interested to know that Cory’s false claims of “celebrity” and having some “massive on-line presence” have finally caught up with her. Now that a number of tracking sites exist, it turns out that while that two-faced greasy hipster hanger-on fooled Nylon magazine into thinking she’s something special, the truth of the matter is:

    Cory is an old story. Bitch is DONE!

    Numbers don’t lie…especially when they’re the statistics of three sites combined.

    Just for kicks: Sasha, Molly, Sarah, and Kelly…download the Alexa toolbar. Check out a number of your favorite sites via

    Check your own stats via

    If she’s an “internet celebrity,” you guys–and most the bloggers you know, for that matter–are demigods.

    Still, her future isn’t completely doomed. With a face that produces as much oil as hers does, there’ll always be a KFC nearby that’s hiring.

    Keep Keepin’ It Evil, Beetches!