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L.A.M.B. 2008

Gwen Stefani and Son Kingston at LAMB 2008 Fashion Show in Bryant Park

You gotta give Gwen Stefani credit. For a singer-turned-fashion-designer, she’s really taking the fashion part seriously. Her 2008 line debuted at NY fashion week on Wednesday. This is just a sample of the stuff that went down the runway. What’s the verdict?

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  • I love Gwen Stefani! That said, her personal style is very avant-garde. It’s fashion with a capital “F”, and not for normal street wear. It’s the Devil wears Prada syndrome, style over function.

  • Some of that stuff isn’t particularly flattering to a woman’s body. Of course, SHE looks great in it probably, but not us normal folks.

  • I like the dress Gwen is wearing and I like the first dress. The bikini is classic “good from far but far from good.” As for the third dress (the green one), if it makes the skinny model’s hips look that big, imagine what it does to real women. I like the jacket in the last pic.

  • I think she’s got a great pair of legs and she knows it.
    Furthermore she hopes to make some money out of her brand.
    That’s all and enough.

  • Gwen Stefani, avant-garde? Have you ever seen some of the Balenciaga runway? THAT is some avant-garde Fashion! I think that Gwen’s stuff is nice and wearable…for people who love to have somethiong special and who is thin!

  • she designs her clothing to that it is something that she would wear, so of course they look good on her. if they dont look as though they would look good on you then you dont have to wear them thats fine. L.A.M.B. is a great label very eligant and its seriously her sytle, her harajuka line is so cute to more for the younger generation i think, but still very creative.

    has anybody noticed that a heap of the clothing that she just wears every day is her own label, so i dont really she it as being fair that it has been claimed her clothing isnt practical.

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