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Even Black People Can’t Use the N Word

Eddie Griffin

Reclamation what?

Comedian Eddie Griffin got booted from the stage at a Miami show last week after repeatedly using the N word. He was performing at a show for Black Enterprise magazine, a business magazine geared toward the black community.

“We believe that ending the performance was the appropriate action,” said a spokesman for the magazine.

I feel like there has to be more to this story. I mean, did they hire him without ever having heard his act? My guess is that they emphasized to him beforehand that he was not to use that word, and he either agreed and then used it anyway, or told them to fuck off.

The crowd apparently gave a standing ovation to the magazine’s publisher when he appeared on stage after Eddie got pulled.

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  • I’m a black guy and I’m tired of hearing the N-word myself. I don’t promote censorship, but I do promote common sense and respect for my heritage. It’s sad because you got kids in Eastern Europe tossing the N-word around like a nerf ball.

  • As I understood it from an interview with one of the other comedians that was there, it was made quite clear to Griffin the tone of the evening, and that he wasn’t supposed to use the n-word. So he decided to use “motherfucker” instead, which didn’t help. After they tried to get him to tone it down, he went ballistic.

    Considering that the head of Black Enterprise had to personally kick him out, there must have been some serious stuff going down.

    Supposedly, he made a white girl cry.

  • I think that music and comedy are open forms of communication. As a Black woman, all words are given force by their context. I called myself a bitch while joking with another female friend of mine. SHE understood. Not everybody does. If you are using words to hurt, you already know what you’re doing. Don’t play dumb. If you are brain damaged, don’t risk further abuse by walking in a room full of Black people and yell” What’s up, my nigga’s?”

  • I have seen Eddie Griffin at a comedy club before. He is extremely not funny and during the show I attending he rambled on and on, while he got drunker and drunker, about how he has sooo many famous and powerful friends and about how white people are all his children. He went over his set time by at least 2 hours, most of the club got up and left near the beginning of his set.

  • The N word is offensive no matter who uses it. It has been established as a degrading word towards the black race and using it offends.

    If you are:
    A) not black
    using the word shows that you think the black race is a lesser race.

    B) black
    using the word shows that you think your OWN RACE is a lesser race.

    Either way, it should not be used.