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Keira Knightley Forgot to Invite Me to Her Toga Party

Keira Knightley is Wearing a Toga Dress to the Atonement Premiere in the UK


At The Atonement premiere in London.

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  • Just when I start talking about how great she looks/is, she pulls some bullshit like this. I’m officially in hate-mode for all English actresses for a month.

  • To me, she looks a bit like the Angel of death. Also, not sure what is up with the princess tiara and mussy hair, but on a positive note, the (typical) smokey eye looks nice (…as usual) and I think, the shoes are nice too (if I could see them past the mummy wrap, but I guess she needs it, since she is looking a bit like a preserved skeletal being lately.

  • I really need to get a job teaching these women how to eat. Ok, repeat after me, Keira, “you can’t make friends with salad” and “steak is my friend”.

  • Pirates of The Caribbean: At Meal’s End…lol. No, Keira, I’m just kidding…now can I get that autograph? Seriously, I’m not into really skinny girls at all, but she has a stunning face though. All over she looks classy. I guess if she’s genetically boney, then there’s nothing she can do about it. That’s just how she is.

  • She’s incredibly hot. All the women leaving a comment here should catch a clue and jog around the block, and put down the fast food for a bit.

    Yummy Kiera!

  • you guys are such jerks. keira is a beritifal georgas hot sexy realy cute girl. and she is not fucking aneraxic. U guys are just gelose of here and u know what u guys are soooo stupid u shouldent balive verything u read u ug ys are SICK BITCH FUCKING WHOERS WHO HAS NO LIFE FUCK U BICTHES.

    ROCK ON KEIRA. lol.

  • Keira is absolutely stunning. The fact that she makes many of you women feel inadequate about yourselves is not surprising. We are all built differently. Her look is very fragile and feminine. I agree with the guy who told all of you to take a jog around the block. I know I wouldn’t complain if I looked like Keira. Which one of you crazy people would?

  • first of all, anna, learn to spell, bcaus eef Keera dosn start eetin then theer wount b no keera een the neer feutur.
    because she’ll likely be dead if she doesn’t get some food soon, there’s skinny then there is sick and Kiera is definitely beyond sick, if she changes her eating habits now or within the next year then she might have her old body back. trust me you can not be that skinny without reprecutions.
    Not to mention, whats with the dress? should that even be called a dress? She’s covering something, no one is willingly that skinny without a decease

  • OMG you guys have NO idea!
    1) That dress is gorgey!! It started the whole greek goddess trend!
    2) Keira is NATURALLY SKINNY!
    3) I’m just as skinny as she is and i eat like a pig!
    4) Skinny is beautiful

  • for those bashing keira’s figure, go google “anorexia” or “bulimia” because obviously, you don’t know what that is.

    she is naturally skinny. either that, or she eats extremely healthy.

    if she were anorexic/bulimic, you would not see any fat/muslce WHATSOEVER. someone who has either of those conditions is just skin & bones.

    she is perfectly healthy. i have her figure myself, & i too eat everything. some people are just like that.

    i’m not fond of the dress, but you don’t see me critiquing her. jesus, if she likes it, who the hell cares what the you think?

  • I think Kiera is one of the most beautiful people on the planet but that the pale raggy dress does her no compliments with her pale complexion. As for her body people can be naturally that thin, my ribs poke out too and i eat alot. Although I wish I were as tall as her

  • She kind of looks like Michael Jackson, but then again, I think everybody looks like Michael Jackson once in a while. It’s probably because Michael Jackson’s got so many odds and ends on his face, you could take a nose off of some guy in Canada then get cheeks from some American and grab eyes from the British, then maybe some lips and ears from some other person, stick it all together, teach them how to dance, sing, and there you have it: Michael Jackson!

  • Keira Knightley may be naturally that skinny, but I don’t necessarily think she looks healthy. I was critically anorexic for over three years (read: Keira minus 15 pounds, and taller than her), and despite what you read on Google, people who are anorexic or bulimic are NOT necessarily skin and bones. You can be doing severe damage to your body without looking like you’ve been starving. Guys and girls that are telling women to take a run around the block, I have news for you: most of us STILL won’t look like Keira. I agree, she is gorgeous, she has incredible bone structure and poise, and a beautiful face. Having had a long experience with an eating disorder, though, I get very nervous when I see someone with protruding ribs and hollow cheeks talking about their “fast metabolism.”

  • alright..first…she is not anorexic, just because where trying to tell people that its ok to be a big girl in fashion doesn’t mean we have to bash all the skinny people by telling them they have psychological illnesses, thats just random. People use the illness, and it is an illness! way to liberally. You are putting the people (not just women) even more down by saying that your a horible person and should be ashamed of themeselves, just adding to the problem! and for everyone whos saying shes beautiful, and cute, and adorable, thats great but shes also an amazing and charitible person who is inteligent is in the business because she loves movies and is obsessed with them..(NOT MONEY) and she is amazingly cool while being all this. she is going to be a master of her art as she groes and we can expect many things from her. SO STOP MESSING WITH HER BRAIN WHILE FUELING THE TABLOIDS! (and just look at her mom and dad you can tell its hereditary, its just like those humongous people who are humongous because of their genes)

  • what the heck? get a hamburger? You people leaving comments realize she doesn’t care that you think of her naturally skinny body. Just because America is the fattest nation doesn’t mean that our stars need to look like the rest of us.

  • She is very pretty though too skinny for my taste and no I am NOT saying that she has anorexia or anything, just saying in my personal taste shes too thin…
    So anyway shes pretty but that dress looks like absolute crap, she really doesn’t have the right figure for it ie Boobs, this was deffinatly not a good choice for her

  • Do none of you have anything better to do than bash on people who you consider to be better than you? I mean good God! Get a life! And to those of you “skinny” people… don’t be bitches, those of us who do have a little more meat on our bones are jelous of you, you don’t need to rub it in by sayin “skinny is beautiful” that attitude is how me and 10 other girls became anorexic in the efing fifth grade. So just stop already. Keira is an amazing actress, and she is beautiful, but please what the hell is wrong with you? Leave celebrities alone. How the hell would you like it if you went out and every fucking move you made was documented for the world to see? If they are anorexic, its because they dont want a horrible pic of them to end up in the tabloids just cause they ate a damn cheeseburger!!!!

  • there is one person i can see here who has had an eating disorder, i have too, so anyone that hasnt suffered doesnt understand and is completely stupid to even begin a discussion on a matter they dont understand, eating disorders are serious matters

  • she isn’t anorexic 1 because she has muscle and 2 she looks healthy you can see it in her face and complexian.

  • Okay. I am a person who has suffered anorexia. I admit that kiera knightly is really skinny, naturally. If you’ve watched her through her career you can see that. But i thinkshe might have a problem now. I mean, she doesn’t just look like a skinny girl anymore. If you watch bend it like beckham and compare it to this, you could safely say she’s lost fifteen pounds. And she did not need to lose the weight. However, i think the dress is lovely and she looks like a wood nymph. And her make up is flawless. And yes she is one of the most insanely gorgeous people to walk the planet

  • I say, you people forget how a healthy human being looks like ;]
    Try watching “The Onion Movie”, there’s a very nice part about this “thin/fat” topic ;]
    It’s not her fault her bones are small and everything “goes out” after eating ;] Many healthy people have this so called – “problem”…

  • Lol your all so bloody passionate about a woman none of you know, nor, its safe to say, will ever know.

    Get a grip?

    She skinny. Yeah eat something. Her problem.

    Who actually gives a shit?

    I know i don’t.

  • I don’t know how valid this may be to end the discussion but she said in an interview made during the ” keira knightley is an anorexic/bulimic scandal” that losing wight was a generic condition that ran through her family and that there was pretty much nothing that she could do about it. I guess one can’t really know unless you are her doctor mother or psychologist.

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  • My good friend and I had been just talking over this specific topic, jane is normally endeavouring to prove me wrong! I am about to show her this particular write-up not to mention rub it in a little!

  • My friend and I had been just talking over this particular topic, she actually is normally trying to prove me completely wrong! I am going to show her this particular write-up and rub it in a little!

  • My mate and I have been just talking over this particular issue, she actually is normally seeking to prove me completely wrong! I am about to show her this blog post and additionally rub it in a little!

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  • She is beautiful no doubt, but this dress certainly does not flatter her figure. Did she seek a stylist for this? It doesn’t seem like it. :/