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Rihanna and Shia??? Seriously???


The rumors have been flying for a couple of days.

Rihanna’s denying them, saying the two are just friends.

I don’t think Shia’s made any formal comment yet.

But I keep hearing more and more stories about Shia LaBeouf and Rihanna!

Here’s one from Buzz Foto:

It was an interesting evening last night. We had our weekly Global Domination Buzz Foto dinner at Kate Mantilini restaurant in Beverly Hills and we were had just ordered our shrimp cocktails and wine when we noticed Rihanna walk by our table. We thought that was cool and we were just about to dip another shrimp in the tartar sauce when we noticed that she was dinning with Shia LeBeouf!! Holly shit! What a photo and no Dog Pack around. We got on the blower to one of our guys to come over for the hose down. We had a direct view of their booth and we witnessed a very animated Shia during the dinner which ended with strawberries and wine. This dinner lasted close to two and a half hours so there must be something here. They walked right by our table as they exited the restaurant, but no hand holding, touching or groping. Flashes went off and Rihanna was delighted to pose for photographs, but Shia behaved like a twelve year old running in the garage to hide and whimper. They drove off in is brand new pick up truck. How classy.

What a strange pairing. How tall is Shia? I think he’s around 5’10. Because I’ve seen Rihanna in person, and she is super tall! Buzz Foto didn’t get a pic of the two of them together (dammit!) but they did get a pick of Rihanna at Kate Mantilini, which I’ve put above this artice.

Kate Mantilini is not the Ivy, but it’s definitely no place to go if you’re trying to keep your relationship a secret!

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