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Rapper 50 Cent Blames Kevin Federline for Britney Spears’ Total Breakdown

“I think she brought too many people in. Kevin, whatever his name is, who is he? She made him a star. She should have left his ass in the closet, there he would have stayed and everything would have been exactly the way it needed to be.”

Rapper 50 Cent waxes poetic on what pushed Britney Spears over the edge.

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  • She’s always been a narcissitic bossy bi-polar nut job but her family and friends and lawyers hid most of the craziness or did as she said and agreed. He was expecting all the things she promised and never did.. good job on trusting her greedy Kevin. Read Signs and symptoms? that’s Britney.

  • your stupid you think that Britney should be perfect just cuz shes famous. anyone smart knows that life in the spotlight is hard and that not everyone is perfect…i agree with 50 cent ppl took advantage of her
    OMFG! give Britney a FUCKEN break she is just as human as us, she makes mistakes, and goes through tough times, so get off her back cuz if some nobody was doing the sam ething she is no-one would give a shit!
    get a life people and stop trying to ruin hers…Geesh!

  • hey 50 i love you o much beacse you are my best singer ilove you for ever i want to see you ok plez come to israel and come for my home ok love you 50 cent you are bet in the world love you

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