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Jennifer Lopez to Executive Produce TV Show

Is there anything Jennifer Lopez can’t do?

The singer/actress/dancer/model/executive producer is at it again, as she’s signed on to produce The Amigas Sweet 15 Club, a television show about a group of young women who start a business planning Quinceanera parties. It will be a half-hour show with plenty of musical numbers. Lopez helps to use the show as a vehicle to break new Latina talent, and a line of CDs based on the show’s music is already in the works. And in case you’re more of a bookworm type, a line of young adult novels is being developed as well.

Have they even cast this thing yet?

An IMDB search indicates that they have not.

It’s also unclear whether Lopez plans to appear on the show.

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  • She’s too off the wall stuck in her old ways to do anything commerically successful. Let the talented direct you girl. Quit staying in that lame-unsexy-youthful-diva rut.. act the confident woman and be proud of it.

  • This is a progressive move for the talented Jennifer. I wish her success. Heck with what all the haters say… is all about doing what makes you happy. As a Puerto Rican I am very proud to see Jennifer’s and Marc’s success. I wish them the BEST!!!!!

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