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Nicole Richie Thinks She Can Control Me


From Page Six:

NICOLE Richie knows how rumors get started, so she’s nipping in the bud any chance of wicked whispers about her and boyfriend Joel Madden being on the outs. Wednesday night, Madden went to celebrate the first anniversary of the Village Pourhouse on Third Avenue, and all was well until a party promoter wanted to take a picture of him with a cute young woman. Our spy reports, “He said he couldn’t, as Nicole gave him strict orders not to take pictures with other celebrities or girls for rumor purposes.”

Oh, silly, silly Nicole. Clearly you don’t know me. If I want to say you and Joel are on the outs, I’ll do it whether or not I have a picture to prove it.

Truth be told, I think these two will be together at least until this kid’s two or so. They were spotted yesterday apartment-hunting in NYC.

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