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Avril Lavigne Not So Psyched to Be in Shanghai

Avril Lavigne in Shanghai

It looks like someone has attached clear wires to the corners of her mouth and pulled them up to create a smile. She doesn’t want to be there at all.

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  • Maybe it’s just being married sort of stiffles her freedaom and happiness! Back in the single years when she was the rebellious youth, all was good. Now she’s closing in on normal, everyone else type of acting!

  • She’s never happy to be anywhere. Avril’s a bitch.

    I will admit, I’ve been to two of her concerts and have all of her albums. Her second one is good. Her first and last album are trash.

    Avril’s 15 minutes need to end soon. And her husband’s frying pan face scares fug into me just by looking at his picture!

  • Avril is in it for the long run, her 15 minutes are far from being over, she has been only been in the music for 5 years and look what she already accomplished.


    Avril Lavigne has ascended to a lofty pedestal: The 22-year-old now has the most No. 1 top 40 hits this decade at five and is the No. 2 artist in the 14-year history of Nielsen BDS, behind Mariah Carey’s six chart-toppers. —Chuck Taylor (

    It’s official – see weblink:

    Avril has staying power over her peers and she always been very good to her fans, she is far from being a bitch, her strong willed attitude is what make her unique and love by millions. Avril is only getting started.

  • Use your head to think of it!!!!! If you go to a place where you do not understand the language of the people, how would you react naturally? If you can smile like you are happy; then, you are a fucking fake person.

  • Fancy punker,lol…people should admit themselves the true…thanks to her,every mommy’s and dady’s boy or girl (who is angry because nobody can breathe for IT) call ITself punker,so they will never find out what being true punker means…that is SAD..

  • youre all twats who wrote this anyway
    how the hell can you tell what shes thinking?
    and 15 minutes i dont think so shell have to go some to
    turn back time cos shes already lasted bout 6 years in the music indusrtry jelousy doesnt get anyone anywhere
    and shes not a bitch to be honest you are (:

  • I actually met a guy who does free lance work with making shirts for bands and his own designs and stuff in Texas and we went to pick some up for our group and he told me and one of the memebers that he did some shirts for a charity thing for some of the pop stars and told us how it was well he said alll were really awesome but when he met avril he said it’s true what they say she really is a bitch didn’t say anything to him or thanx for the shirts……..i think some of you are right her 15min. r up.

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