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Matt Damon Kicks Homer Simpson’s Ass

Bourne Ultimatum is Number One at the Box office


The Bourne Ultimatum knocked The Simpsons movie out of the top box office spot with a vengeance, claiming the biggest August opening of all time ever. The film brought in $70.2M this weekend, far better than either of the previous installments of the series. I guess audiences were just dying for a good action flick this weekend.

“The reviews and audiences rated this one the best one yet,” said the head of distribution for Universal Pictures. “Matt Damon is the new James Bond.”

In third place was Disney’s live-action Underdog, which I had never heard of before reading this film, but then again my interactions with anyone under the age of 25 take place awkwardly, briefly, and usually in supermarkets.

Anne Hathaway’s Becoming Jane only took in $1M, but it was only showing on 100 screens, so that’s an impressive per-screen average. It appears there’s still a market for very, very pale girls at the box office. Take note, Paris Hilton.

*How many people who write this article will open with that same line? Would it be easier to do it by the percentage?

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  • i’m 30-something and have never run into you at the supermarket (btw, beware of the old Jewish ladies telling you what to buy at the NYC markets–you can’t HELP but run into them…and yes, i’m 1/2 Jewish too)…ANYWAY…
    UNDERDOG was a show on TV when I was a toddler—He was GREAT!!!!
    Yes, when you turn >32, you are “old.” Tony Danza is older than Scott Baio, a LOT cuter, and has a sexy Italian accent…oh yeah, and has worked recently.