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I Have an Alicia Witt Problem

Alicia Witt and Jeremy Sisto at NBC Party, Pics, Pictures and Photos

I do. I don’t understand it. She hasn’t had a major role since, like, Dune (nah, I’m kidding, it was since Cybill), but I get so excited whenever I see pictures of her. She’s just so damn cute. I’ve had a crush on her forever. You know what I think it is? I think it’s the red hair. I think I have a thing for redheads. Which is funny because that is so not true when I look at guys — I don’t find red hair attractive on men at all — but on chicks it’s kind of hot. I told my hairstylist the other day that I kind of want red hair, and she said she thought I’d look cute but that I’m a blonde at heart, so she just didn’t feel like it would be right for me. Whatever. I still kind of want to do it.

Anyway, Alicia’s cute as a button, and when she stands next to Jeremy Sisto I’m honestly not 100% sure which of them I want to make out with more. Okay, it’s Jeremy Sisto, but I did have to think about it.

Alicia Witt  at NBC Party, Pics, Pictures and Photos Alicia Witt and Jeremy Sisto at NBC Party, Pics, Pictures and Photos Alicia Witt at NBC TCA Party, Pics, Pictures and Photos Alicia Witt at NBC TCA  Party, Pics, Pictures and Photos

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  • Alicia Witt also had a supporting role in Two Weeks Notice with Sandra Bullock and Hugh Grant if you need a quick adorable redhead fix.

  • Her dad taught my sister’s science class at Burncoat Jr. High in Worcester, Mass. Sounds like Wusster not Warchester. Most people say it wrong.

  • I’ve loved Alicia since she played the bratty genius daughter to the Cybill character. In fact, Cybill was out acted by EVERYONE on her show! Yet I digress. Thanks for the update.

  • I love Alicia. Like me, she has stayed true to her beautiful red-locked roots! I don’t like it when actresses use the excuse to changing their hair for a role, when they’re just tired of their regular color. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Alicia without her red hair and I hope she never changes it! It’s lovely as is. However, I am extremely curious if she had plastic surgery on her nose. The slight bump she once had in her profile pictures, from several years back, is gone. Does anyone know? If so, it looks fantastic!

  • im jeremys cuzen , i left him a message one time and never got a responce and my mom knows his mom cuz she it my moms cuzen so im his 2end or 3erd cuzen , but i want to talk to him really i do , mabey he can help me learn how to act or sing , does he sing ? all i know is my aunt marnie , my mom joy sisto , told me about him

    ~angelina . b. sisto

    jeremy is iialen right
    ive seach and seched for his # cant find it
    i want to meet my cuzen
    im 13 and i need my famely i dont want to get old and never me all my famely
    i go to cali almost 2 a year so meating is no problem as long as he has time
    he could at least right me

    jeremy my # is 503 884 4441 , i called u when i was 7 , i left u a message saying whats up cuz , or something along hte line

  • Her nose job is very distracting.
    It’s so pinched. No wonder everyone
    thinks she is smirking all the time.
    Her natural nose was much better.
    This just doesn’t fit her face and ruins
    her display of facial emotions.

  • Why do people go and change their noses?! her nose was fine enough to land her all her previous roles. i recognized her immediately when she started criminal intent. now, i’m watching the new episode, and there is something just not right about her nose. to go and change your nose, especially when it’s not even an ugly nose, is to say you hate your family and it’s legacy. it’s just wrong and sad.

  • Such a pretty girl, it’s shame she got a nose job. Her voice sounds more nasal now too.

  • I dont understand why people hate vincent d`onofrio. Imean people say that he broke up with her and that they don`t like him because of that. I find that very stupid!!! Because no one thinks that they could have broke up for a reason. But to me it doesn`t matter that they broke up . Beause that has nothing to do with you and I hate it when somebody breaks up wand its someone they like it`s such a bad thing. I just find that very stupid because there human like everyone else! And vincent donofrio his sexy!

  • vincent d`onofrio is sexy and so what if they broke up!! And if they broke up it has nothing to do with you! the other one that i wrote I messed up on some of the words.

  • jeremy sisto gale harold and josh jackson…..the fictive love(s) of my life!is anyone sharing?