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You’re Just Not Supposed to Drink, Courtney

Courtney Love Is Super Skinny, Thin, Pics, Pictures and Photos

Eating is still allowed.

Someone should tell her that.

In Bev Hills yesterday.

Photo credit: Buzz Foto

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  • I know Courtney needs attention. Call Mama and Francis Bean, this calls for an intervention, dammit.

  • Nope. If she gains ten pounds she will STILL be too thin; but odds are that she’ll start doing drugs again. Substitute anorexia for blow. Hmmm, neither of them are working for her.

  • It would be so much better for Ms. Love if she just admitted that she had a weight-loss procedure. I’ve known a number of people who have had bariatric surgery, and let’s face it, people who aren’t having trouble ingesting nutrients do NOT drink protien shakes onstage while they’re performing. My guess is she had a vertical gastrectomy, although it could be a gastric band. The reason I’m thinking gastrectomy, though, (where they remove part of the stomach to inhibit ingestion of calories and reduce capacity for food), is that she’s obviously dealing with “malabsorbtion” of her food where she has to consume calories steadily or she can’t get enough in. The band is not a malabsorbtion device, it merely reduces the size of the stoma and it can be loosened if necessary once goal weight is reached. Which,by the looks of it, Courtney Love reached about 15 or 20 pounds ago. Ah, vanity. Thin, yes, but at what price?

  • Courtney your looking great,and your doing great, don’t listen to any negativity said about you,no one in this world has room to judge you,me or anybody,say hi to B.C. for me love you and God bless.

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