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Paris Hilton is Advocating for the Disenfranchised American Underclass so as to Reduce Jail Recidivism Out Drinking

Paris Hilton Gets Home at 5 am, Out Drinking After Jail, Pictures and Photos

Our paparazzi pals over at Buzz Foto send over these shots of Paris decabbing at her Hollywood Hills home, which they took at five o’clock this morning. Paris looks less than sober, but, hey, at least she wasn’t driving.

It would be nice if she could just pretend to make good on any of those promises she made about, you know, giving back to society in any substantive way whatsoever. Just go through the motions, Par. Just for a month. Is that really so much to ask?

paris_cab2.jpg Paris Hilton in a Cab Getting Home at 5 o’clock in the morning Paris Hilton in a Taxi Getting Home at 5 o’clock in the morning

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  • She never promised not to go to a club or drink. she said she would party less, and she has. And so far no photos of her driving after the club.
    She may have stuff in the works that she promised for charities. Does she have to broadcast it so that people can make fun of it anyways?
    You don’t know what is going on behind closed doors.

  • So I’m assuming her probation doesn’t require her to refrain from using alcohol or being around any type of establishment that sells alcohol?

  • She’s hustling John’s and Jill’s for herself and maybe some rich old admirer will give her money for the charity k?

  • Wow, I knew she had big feet but I’ve never seen them unsheathed.

    She could seriously slap you in the face with her foot and you’d never see her lift her leg. Blargh!

  • it is absolutely shocking that there are actual people so STUPID, as our friend judy up there, who really think paris is a great, moral person, who is most likely “got stuff in the works”. this dumb bitch (paris, not judy) hasn’t had a charitable thought in her life. unless that guy she was snorting blow off of was homeless or less fortunate. really a sad statement on the intelect of our country.

  • I too can’t get past the size of those feet, she should be called flipper or paddles or something.