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Lindsay Lohan’s Lesbian Love Letters from Rehab!!

Lindsay Lohan Sending Lesbian Love Letters to Girlfriend, DJ Samantha Ronson, Pictures of the Two of Them Together

Apparently Lindsay is spending her time at Promises trying to rehab her relationship with Samantha Ronson as much as she’s dealing with her drug problem, but hopefully she’s doing better with the drugs …

According to Star magazine, Lindsay and SamRo have been sending extremely charged MySpace and text messages back and forth ever since Lindsay checked into rehab. “Babe, if I don’t have you in my life then I should just go die,” wrote Lindsay one night. “Your [sic] all I have to live for, babe. I want to marry you and have children with you. I need you to live!”

Wrote Samantha: “You still have me. I’m here for you. With you.” Although Samantha was on-hand to spin the records at Lindsay’s recent 21st birthday party in Malibu, she has reportedly been encouraging Lindsay to find a partner who can help her stay sober, as Samantha struggles with drug problems of her own. Lindsay gets upset each time Samantha tries to end things.

“I love you,” said Lindsay. “You love me. Why don’t we fuck and make a family … Babe, don’t leave me like this I FUCKING LOVE YOU!”

Lindsay sends Samantha a “virtual kiss” each night from rehab. “Go to bed babe,” she writes. “I love you – [signed] Lindsay Ronson.”

Samantha’s part of the reason Lindsay’s even in rehab. They met on the club circuit three years ago, and their relationship quickly became more than just a friendship, and the Memorial Day weekend drunken car crash Lindsay was involved in came as she was having a drunk and loaded argument with Samantha, supposedly because Lindsay refused to call Samantha her girlfriend.

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  • That was a little personal! (gosh if your gonna do that than keep it 2 urself) ur not gonna get anywhere if you do

  • isn’t samantha wearing the foreigner shirt lindsay was wearing for days on end before she went to rehab??
    super icky……

  • Samantha must have skills! She doesn’t look “handsome”. She doesn’t have Lindsay money or fame. That only leaves….

  • fuck everyone!



    doesnt mean the people that love each other
    shouldnt be together



  • i knew samantha back in 97 & she was a jealous mean nasty spoiled brat then & she hasn’t gotten any better…in fact much worse. she will do anything to control the people in her life. getting her gal pal strung out is one way & then playing it off like she should find a man who is sober. she pulls strings & throws fits if she doesn’t get her way. but people die around her. look at poor max leroy…a great but troubled guy who died on a motorcycle. he played guitar for samntha’s failed band. Miss L should watch her back. samantha is as close to evil as i’ve ever run across in a human being. i’m serious. at least that has always been my experience with her. her brother mark is just clueless. she’s not. she knows the score & does what ever she can to control the lives of “friends” cos she is a miserable miserable human being. have pity on he…but beware, she is sadly just an evil evil woman.

  • Don’t gimme that gay pride shit. get back in your closet where you belong. I mean, I like to watch hot chix (lipstick lesbo’s) together like Lindsay and Sam, but you other fat dyke cows are just disgusting.

    And don’t get me started on guys. If a guy sticks his dick into another guys ass, he oughta kill himself.

  • what is wrong with society today you people have no class this is my first and last time on this site

  • I cant believe Lindsay is cheating on me. She couldnt wait for me to get out the military that she left me for Boy George.


  • Hmm…wtf, why is everyone getting in on this gay pride crap. I’m a lesbian but I don’t go shouting pride out. gosh. And the article is about Lindsays girlfriend and there drug problem. Nothing against gays in it.

    Oh and the people such as that Timmy person should grow up, maybe we think putting your dick into a cunt is dirty, but we don’t go “errr you dirty little straight people!” do we!?!

    Fuck sake get some clarity on the matters. We are in 2007 and soon to be 2008. GET A GRIP.

    I know I’m being a bit OTT here but I think gay pride stuff marching in the streets is just OTT aswell. I’ve never heard of the straight pride things. You know you’re all too out spoken, and don’t give me crap on how everyone should speak out to what they believe in crap. It’s wearing out. I am very confined about my fucking sexuality, I don’t make it obviouse by wearing every fucking colour under the sun and “nobody knows I’m a lesbian” T-shirt.

    OTT people OTT

    Can’t we all just be all hush hush.
    Maybe then we wouldn’t have so much bullshit from straight people!!


    Sorry… bit stressed…gotta let it out :)


    peace V


  • Fuck you All these gays and lesbians,transsex craps!you ppl made the life of straight normal ppl miserable.separatist feminists must die!
    kill these faggots Lesb,gay SHIT! :x

  • umm, you never know, they could be talking just as friends, i know alot of ppl who talk like that jokingly, so…… and ppl shouldnt be so offensive to gays and lesbians, i mean, im not for it but i dont go saying like, ” fuck you gays ” or something like that, thats just wrong.

    my way of seeing it, is, guys have dicks for a reason, women have vaginas for a reason, guys have sperm for a reason, and women can have babies for a reason, = new life.

    there ya go


  • WTF. you people need to get a life. stop criticizing gay pride. Nobody would care about a story exactly like this if it was someone that wasnt famous. GROW UP

  • Oh. By the way, whoever gave the slip is a major loser. All of you judging things that isnt any of your business makes you a heartless idiot. Kay thanks….

  • OMG!
    Zabada is like a real walking-talking maniac! What is wrong with you?
    You don’t like Lindsay? Fine! Then wtf are you reading this and leeving commnets as well?!
    Just get a life, and let the person alone. It’s hard to be famous, not because of the exposure, but because of all the crap people “think” about celebs.
    Gosh, if someone should have their eye stabbed, it should be you, just to get a grip on how it feels.

    Never the less, interesting point on Lindsays love life


  • To timmy and amen i would love to know what you find so offensive with gay people!?

    I mean its not like we are forcing you into it! Its a choice at the end of the day we are all just people and if you happen to really get on well or love someone who just happens to be the same sex as you who the hell cares why would you turn down such a close relationship because of something as shallow as gender?

    And to bloody soapbar, get off your fucking high horse and realise that people are being ‘OTT’ cos we dont have equal rights as lesbains!
    Both myself and my girlfiend have been physically abused by twats just like amen and timmy just for our sexuality, and it wasnt even like we we screwing in public we were holding fucking hands!!
    So mate if you really think you are a lesbain get out of your closet and get into the real world! We will stop being OTT when we are accepted and human beings!!

  • everyone here makes me sick, even this article makes me sick. so lindsay is in love with a girl and they’re having problems big fckn deal grow up its just like any other relationship anywhere it takes work. and as for timmy with his fat dyke remarks he needs to mature a little and stop getting off to other womens pleasures and putting down harmony. :)

  • To everyone….and to no one!
    Gay does not = homosexual. The aberated freaksof nature called homosexuals preverted a word the once held a very different meaning. Homosexuals (men or women) (closeted or not) (lipstick or bull dyke) ALL must die. If you are a homosexual, you are a freak of nature! Your choice (an YES it is a choice – no one is holding a gun to your head so lets cut the “I was born this way” CRAP!) prevents you from fulfilling your natural biologial function of procreating and, there by, strips you of your right to call yourself human. You do not deserve sympathy, you deserve a good kick in the butt and some psychotherapy to get you pointed in the right direction. You need to take responability in life and own up to your PROBLEM – not sit around thinking you are the victim and can not change. Homosexuality is just like any other deviate behavior – lying, theft, perversion. It takes willpower. It don’t take a god, it don’t take a budda, it takes your firm intention to change. So make the change or get off the ride (suicide). Either way…know that the heterosexuals of the world DO NOT WANT YOU HERE!

  • holy shit you people are fuckin crazy you angel o death have some serious issus and amen wtf is wrong with you how are you gona say everyone needs to die and no wait just lesbians and gays need to die and you were cussing from your name im gettin that you are a christian and i know for a fact that christans are not to pass judgement i have to grandfathers that are pastors and IM GAY so shut your mouth you arent a saint so check your self before you go passing judgement on other people and that goes to all the rest of you as well who are “christains” CHECK YOURSELF before you try and judge people cause last time i checked that was the big guys job not yours and amen i think you need to see someone for your anger cause you know that is a demon in its self you dont want to get into it with me i know the bible like the back of my fricken hand so christians you wana play this game then lets play

  • wow this is strange, i personally dont like lindsay lohan, and i barely know who samantha ronson is. The reason i found this site is because i was looking up mark ronson(Samanthas brother) why are people saying this when no one actually knows them personally (excluding David Greenburg) im not a lesbian, but i have no problem with them.

  • I think that being so called “Gay” is a choice and that it falls under any other devious acts we cognitively make. so no one is born that way it is a choice, but it still does not mean every choice we make is for the best. A good scenario of this would be the fact that our bodies physically are incapable of reproducing homosexally and that the only reson we even have sex or passionately kiss is all due to our bodies natural desire to procreate. And the rush (hormones) we feel when we are doing any sexual act is just our bodies tying to get laid or knocked up from the oposite sex. I am not judging but simply stating primitive facts about our psychology and anatomy which conclude to the fact that it is an unatural choice.

  • So please stop acting like victims of some kind of disease or some form of racial discrimination and realize it was a choice. and with any choice there is always a disagreement and a consequence. so stop woundering why a percentage of the population is staring with a lifted eyebrow upon your culture.

  • kk if Lisdsay wants to be lesbo then let her! It’s not u dudes who chose it’s her and if she wants, to me, she is nuts! but come on dudes i’m not saying that i like lidsay but u rly don’t need to bull shit on everything. IF U FIND IT SO INTERESTING THAT THEY ARE LESBO GO CALL UR FRIENDS ARE START WITH THE FUCKING!

    thanks dudes and peace outtt!!

  • Lindsay juz follow what your heart says!
    Your not doing nethng rong by being with sam if ur heart tells u 2 b with sam.

  • Okay, so most of the people leaving comments here need to grow up. First of all, to say that homosexuals chose to be that way and so it is terrible, is completely ridiculous. Did any of us choose to be straight…because last time I checked, I just knew that I was straight, it was not something I cognitively thought about, I just knew. So why is it that anyone who is gay or lesbian cognitively thought about it and deviantly chose that lifestyle…and for those who wholeheartedly believe that is the case, then who cares…why does that affect you in any sort of way…grow up! Further, for the person who said that our bodies were created only to procreate, well actually, it would be absurd to think that most people only have sex to procreate…and realistically if that were the case then why does a woman have a clitoris? That part of our body does not serve any function in reproduction, in fact it does not serve any function except for pleasure. Are we living in the Victorian era…oh no last time I checked it was 2008 and we had sex for more than reproduction…and further, our world is overpopulated in the first place, so really having babies upon babies is just irresponsible when realistically places, such as major grocery stores across north america are rationing food because we’re currently in a shortage of natural food products…just throwing that out there. And really, I would hate to think that anyone thinks our sole purpose in life is to have babies and then die…like come one! And for the person who said that homosexuals need to have pscyhotherapy to change, well any good psychologist/psychiatrist will tell you that being gay or lesbian is not a pscyhological problem, in fact the current diagnostical and statistical manual 4 revised (the tool they use to diagnose pscyhological and mental disorders) does not include homosexuality in there, in fact it hasn’t been included for over 30 years because the educated people who wrote it realized it was not a problem in any sort of way. Also, considering Freud was one of the major players in pscyhoanalysis and therapy and he saw no problem in homosexuality, I don’t really know where uneducated people get off saying that is it an issue. And for all the Christian comments, wake up people, no where in the bible did it say that we are to pass judgement and wish people to die. I’m pretty sure Jesus would be more disappointed in all of you then he would of anyone who was homosexual, in fact I am pretty sure he wouldn’t mind about them at all because if he was the greatest creation since Christian time, we would all wake up and realize that he loves us all. I guess really I just think so many of the problems in the world have been created by psychos like the few in this thread who are so insecure about themselves that they have to go and pass judgement and cause terror and destruction in the lives of so many other people…seriously wake up, in no way has your life been affected by this. I mean really, those kinds of thoughts are characteristics of pscychopaths who actually do belong in the DSM4! As Jimmy Kimmel put it “If an openly gay man touches your arm in a public place and you feel uncomfortable, that doesn’t make him a pervert. That makes you homophobic.”

  • and for anyone who is going to come back and argue with me, I know what I am talking about because I have my degree from the University of Ottawa in pscyhology and graduated in the top 10 percent of my class. Yes, I know Freud and his theory about castration anxiety are not widely reputable anymore however I figured for most people not in pscyhology, thats the most reputable pscyhologist they know (and if they really knew about him, they would know his castration anxiety and Oedipius complex theory was not what he truly believed but was the only stuff he could get published) he did however truly believe being homosexual was not a problem, in fact he felt everyone has homosexual tendencies, again, they were not choices but tendencies.

  • Also, the whole hormones being released when we have sex is because its our bodies’ way of telling us we want to get knocked up…well actually, these are the same hormones that are released during any pleasure seeking activity (ie. dopamine) and when all other pleasure seeking activities release these hormones, it isn’t because we want to have a baby, it is because it is our brain’s way of telling us that this is an enjoyable activity and prepares our body for the excitement and rush. If the release of these hormones was only due to us wanting to procreate, then they would not be released in gay and lesbian couples because the body would know that procreation was not possible…yet gays and lesbians seek just as much pleasure as any straight person while having sex. Your theory doesn’t really hold.

  • Were you there when they crucified my Lord?
    Were you there when they crucified my Lord?
    Sometimes it causes me to tremble, tremble, tremble.
    Were you there when they crucified my Lord?

    Were you there when they nailed him to the tree?
    Were you there when they nailed him to the tree?
    Sometimes it causes me to tremble, tremble, tremble.
    Were you there when they nailed him to the tree?

    Were you there when they pierced him in the side?
    Were you there when they pierced him in the side?
    Sometimes it causes me to tremble, tremble, tremble.
    Were you there when they pierced him in the side?

    Were you there when they laid him in the tomb?
    Were you there when they laid him in the tomb?
    Sometimes it causes me to tremble, tremble, tremble.
    Were you there when they laid him in the tomb?



  • i cant believe that shes gay or lez or bi man shit i dont fuckin no some one plz tell me

  • wtf. dont u guys have nothing else better to do.. Like if that was true. Media are doing such a big deal about nothing. do you ever saw them kiss each other. they just need each other as friends. like wtf get a life.

  • I hate Lindsay Lohan, I just wonder why is she so popular and loved by people when she doesnt have anything to offer, I mean can someone pleaseeee tell me what does she have that other ordinary people dont? I mean everyone else can die their hair everyday, and become a lesbian, that doesnt make her someone special, does it? :-\

  • You go anonymous2!
    all you ppl just get a life. i cant believe this turned into a homosexuality debate and u christian idiots came out. not saying all of u are idiots. some of you are great ppl and jesus would love u and shit but the rest of you… FUCK! i bet sometimes jesus wished he didnt have to love everyone and can send u guys somewhere to get educated.
    god made the ppl, he made them perfect, and you say that homosexuality is imperfect? so does that mean god is not as powerful as you guys say?
    thats my 2 cents on the whole thing

  • I think that being gay or les is nasty – but I do not hold it against the people!! I don’t think that gay is a choice! You cant help who you are attracted to and you cant tell your heart who to love!! No matter if you try to or not your heart will love who it wants to!! SO lindsy if Sam makes you happy and your heart is telling you that its right than you should go for it and dont listin to what everyone else says!! No matter what you do in life you can never please everyone and because of who you are they will always talk!! So think about yourself and do what makes you happy!!!!!


  • WOOOOOOW!!! so much over so little, im gay have been since i can remember. Those of you who say its a choice say it b/c you have never been in love w/ someone of the same sex, tell me im lieing!? for me it was never , and i stress never a choice, i just felt it the attraction, same way you felt when you were first attracted to the opposite sex. Im not here to argue and honestly rude remarks come from ppl who don’t know how to coop with society as it presents itself so i’ll just ignore there comments and be the bigger person.I dont like lindsey and i dont care what media says b/c media says alot of shit. the reason i even decided to read this was because finally the celebs are coming out! and i can understand why it would be so hard to do so when we have so many ppl like the homophobs on top. i mean are you so insecure about yourself that we scare you? didn’t think so, Lindsey honestly is going through alot i can only imagine. so good luck cheerio and hasta la vista.

  • Gosh all this gay shit is friggin SICK!!!……..lesbos and gays, its all disgusting, when is da world gonna stop going crazy. I cant believe my kids will have to grow up in such an environment,…ill teach them from birth to hate this whole SICK thing that people are being right now….gosh, if god wanted humans to be gay, he wudve put a man in da garden with adam instead or two eve’s,…….he wants us to be fruitful and multiply, naturally…….as with man and woman, no woman and woman or man and man shit, reproduction and birth doesnt happen that way……..gosh this whole gay stuff makes me really sick…..and disgusted……i say all da gays and lesbos ……..YOU GUYZ REPENT BEFORE ITS TOO LATE AND YOU BURN IN HELL…….CAUSE THERES NO PLACE IN HEAVEN FOR GAYS……EVEN THE NICEST “GAY”PERSON WUD BE SENT TO HELL………cus thats downright nasty and so sick, god wud never permit a person like that in heaven to corrupt the rest!………you sick gay people need alotta counselling……IF YOU FIND GOD AND KNOW HIM, HELL GET YOU OUTTA THIS…..SO JUST TURN TO THE BIBLE AND GOD WOULD RESCUE YOU FROM THE DEVIL.


  • GAY PERSON’S COMMENT”Im not here to argue and honestly rude remarks come from ppl who don’t know how to coop with society as it presents itself so i’ll just ignore there comments and be the bigger person.”…..YEA RIGHT, THROW ME A FRICKEN BONE….IF THE GAY STUFF WAS TOTALLY NATURAL IT WUDVE BE STATED IN THE BIBLE…..I GET THE WHOLE THING ABOUT SOCIETY CHANGING OR EVOLVING…….BUT CRAP MAN!……ITS NOT GETTIN BETTER, JUST WORSE AS YOU CAN SEE, SADLY THEY ARE MORE GAYS IN THE WORLD TODAY………ALL I CAN SAY IS THAT , ALL OF YOU WHO FEEL YOURE GAY, JUST MEDITATE ON THE BIBLE FOR A FEW MONTHS, AND I PROMISE YOU,…….YOULL BE WALKING DOWN THE STRAIGHT AND NARROW PATH AGAIN………TO RIGHTEOUSNESS…….copeing with society and all this gay stuff doesnt make you a better person… makes you adaptable……admitting that the gay stuff wasnt right since the beginning of time is being a better person!

  • STUPID PERSON’S REMARK”all you ppl just get a life. i cant believe this turned into a homosexuality debate and u christian idiots came out. not saying all of u are idiots. some of you are great ppl and jesus would love u and shit but the rest of you… FUCK! i bet sometimes jesus wished he didnt have to love everyone and can send u guys somewhere to get educated.
    god made the ppl, he made them perfect, and you say that homosexuality is imperfect? so does that mean god is not as powerful as you guys say?
    thats my 2 cents on the whole thing”


  • “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone…”

    “Therefore you are without excuse, every one of you who passes judgment, for in that you judge another, you condemn yourself; for you who judge practice the same things.”

    “Do not judge lest you be judged yourselves… Why do you look at the speck in your brother’s eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye? …You hypocrite!”

    Further more, Leviticus, which fist introduces “Homosexuality” was later condemned by Christ because they were unnecessary commandments. Also many of the words translated “homosexual” were incorrectly translated as such because the Greek words for Homosexual are not in the bible.

    On a slightly catty note, anyone who can’t spell correctly or use grammar in an attempt to justify their intolerance and possible insecurities, is a waste of resources and frankly space.

  • wow guys. I’m 13 and I know I’m a lesbian. I just know. I’m a catholic and beleive in christ just like the rest of my family. I understand why some people would be angry at gays and lesbians but why can’t we all just get along. our world has enough problems already and this isnt a thing we should be stressing about. WERE ALL PEOPLE when you bring it back to the basics, I don’t think gay people should get abused because they hold hands in public, its crazy. We arn’t doing ANYTHING to effect straight peoples lives. Were just like the rest of you, no different, no worse, no better. I know theres not enough gay rights, and there should be. We should all just be equal. black, white, yellow, red, gay, lesbian, bi, straight. We are all the same. The bible, I beleive in it and it doesnt have anything to do with our sexuality, its about who we are, and our actions. I don’t think gay people should parade round with rainbow t-shirts and flags – straight people don’t. If we really want rights we should be signing petions and writing to the goverment, not having bonfires, and rallys acting like driven hippies.
    some of you are over twice my age, yet your stupider than me. Your just homophobic and need to get on with your life, you don’t have to support gay people, just don’t go out of your way to harm us. Theres no need. we are who we are, every single living thing on this planet, were all different. We just need to learn how to accept one another.

    {you can reply to this comment at}

    P.S (didn’t this used to be about Lindsay Lohan…)

  • people these days are halarious always ready to judge. just let people be people and worry about your own damn life, because i bet it’s not to perfect lol wow….crack me up just rude and have no class. Welcome to the real world 2008. I’m not even gay .but the stuff im reading just make me sick to be a part of America. Its the same as be racist. You discriminate against race, sex its all the same because it’s not a choice and one day when you open you eyes and get a rude awaking to someone in your family being homosexual or w.e you will feel like shit for saying the things you are now. What a waist of time and effort trying to explain life to a bunch of narrow minded people.

  • im not gay……believe me………but whats wrong with this its her lifestyle and everyones over reacting to it. shes just confused shes in rehab and trying to make her life better. give her a break!

  • im so sick of hearing about these celebrity people.they are just people i hate turning on the news in the morning and all i hear about is lidsey lohan and britney spear`s problems. just leave them alone and let them live their lives and enjoy their career.

  • leave gays and lesbians alone….IM NOT GAY….but who are you people to decide how others live their lives. It doest affect your life if someoe is homosexual so y do u care so much obviously you think so highly of yourself to say who people fall in love with. Do your selves a favor and dont judge people cuz u would hate if someone you didnt know sed things about your lifestyles

  • That so many people here are making extremely heated uneducated comments. (coming from either side, gay or straight) Many of these comments are coming from a strictly emotional standpoint without completely understanding the topic the are disgussing. To me if you are going to partake in a debate, do your research and understand what you are taking about whether you agree with it or not. Don’t just start going off on people because you’re feeling emotional about something, be logical and know what you’re talking about and what you’re getting yourself into. Good advice for many areas in life besides just this whole thing.

  • i think god made man for woman and woman for man not man for man ond woman for woman that sick dude is the dam devil that make u feel that way not you but u go long with it that just wrong pray to god he will help you ok i mean i sory for lindsay becaus if she dont change her ways is hell for her i maen no one is perfect including me but pray dude and ask god.

  • wtf i cant belive u people would actualy be willing to shoot a gay or lez person
    i cant belive we made these words’gay’ and ‘lez’ WTF THEY ARE HUMANS so stop critizing or one day someone is gonna shoot u im doing this for ur good cause im a good person plz for the luv of GOD stop! im not gay and im not agianst any1 who is PEACE!

  • I just Want to say that if you have something against gay stuff or however is because you keep that repressed gay inside you… so if you keep saying it over and over again is because you keep that inside,and you care way to much!

    Let love just be damn it ! whatever makes you the hell happy just let it be ! and let others be! mind your own bussiness!!

    I just think is great when real love exists. no matter the gender.. no matter what.

  • Hey by the way you “HATE GAY SHIT”… so how do you dare to name the word of GOD so in vane ! so if you fallow the word of God , HOW CAN YOU BE A FREAKING ASS HATER ?!!?!?!?!? isnt that against the word of God and the bible ?!?!?!?!?! have you heard bout the FREE WILL ?¡! LET PEOPLE BE !! oh and one more thing.. SINCE YOU KNOW SO MUCH BOUT THE BIBLE MIND TELLING ME WHY SOME PEOPLE COME TO THIS WORLD WITH diseases…. IF CREATION IS SO FREAKING PERFECT ?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? i just wanna know cuz ive been wondering that…


  • this is in reply to hate gay shit’s comment on top

    HEY DUM ASS! if your as religious you say you are you’d know about the seven deadly sins if you don’t do ur research. Because you my homophobic friend fall under ANGER which if you ask a priest nun or pastor or whatever it is you see as a religious guide will tell you, a person who has anger will NEVER ENTER THE KINGDOM, Yeah! Im gay but I seem to know more about religion then you. Why is it because God is love and anger refers to hate any type of hate, you hate gay shit seem to HATE…… GAY….. SHIT therefore are bound to hell as well. wups sorry (sarcastically said) and the reference in the bible toward sodom and gohmorrah during jesus time was about other things, for example OH!!!! IDK maybe the seven deadly sins all being acted on, just because I cant reproduce with the same sex you think Im disgusting you know whats more disgusting then having to hear a dum ass like you try to scare me with the bible,…. is have a dum ass like you not know more then me about what you are refering to, Im sorry but you comment contradicts your belief.

    OH!! and P.S. I have asked for help with homosexuality outta fear I’d go to hell, and guess what I have devoted my life to abstenance for that fact, because Im not gonna lie to myself or to the person Im with, unlike many who do it constantly between you and me, at judgement day we will see who enters the kingdom you who has fallin under a deadly sin Hate which leads to anger and if you ask a religious guide which is the worst sin out of all seven they WILL!!!! tell you it Anger, I have no doubt about that. Lets see who enters the Kingdom an ignoramous as your self or me who has held back all of my desires outta fear of eternal damnation. LETS JUST WAIT AND SEE……. And im gay and what!!!!

  • tell me where in the bible these words are said:

    All man who has homosexual tendences will go to hell. I doesn’t say that it says its an abomination which means frowned upon, something being frowned upon doesn’t mean it will it will send you to hell it means as its happening in society now people will find it disgusting ugly, wrong. The bible says ” a man can not lay down with a man as he does with his wife because it is an abomination” NOT BECAUSE HE WILL GO TO HELL FOR IT that whole thing about all gays going to hell only depends on the way you sexuality is acted on this, also refers to heterosexuals only difference they can have biological children with one another in my case I might of had to adopt, But again I repeat I have abstained, Why? because nobody is capable of telling u whats the right way to follow thats in you, what you learned to be right as a child from you up bring is what is right to you thats the way you lead you life, I was taught follow God but I couldn’t help at the time to be attracted to the little boy in the front with blue eyes and curly hair( i was six mind you and so was he.) does this mean Im going to hell NOOOOOOOO!!!!! because I liked him Im going to hell THATS STUPID!!

    anyways Lindsey You do What You gotta do And don’t let Idiots like the Homophobes on this page scare you, as they have done to many people with threatening comments. I hope to God you read this because if you don’t I’ll feel my words have fallen onto the hands of people who will just ridicule. IDK if your bisexual Lindsey IDC if you are or not I just hope that these words if You are calm you in your time of dispare,If you aren’t and are being misunderstood by many God bless you. I can only imagine how hard life for a celebrity is, how difficult it is to live up to certain standards and not know who to trust. God Bless Lindsey You to hate gay shit and the rest of you homophobs.

  • hahaha ok so I figured this would happen, and reading some of the responses like Cupcake’s and this rainbow pride shit, fuck it all, queers are sick. Kick it off old testament style ;-)

  • the bible is full of shit — i can’t wait til people stop putting their own words into God’s mouth just to give themselves an excuse to pwnz other people — but that will probably never happen because the fundies love to pwn other people so g.d. much

  • fuck homophobes! dude leave them alone. They rock! gay pride!!!! wooohh!! so stop all this fuckin bs and drama and let them love love isnt gender it’s heart so dont try to ruin them cuz it will just come back and fuck you up! Hey i am a Lezbian! so what!

  • You say that homosexuals should not have the right to marry. Yet everyday, heterosexuals are in unhappy, abusive relationships and filing for divorces. Heterosexuals do not value the sanctity of marriage more than homosexuals, they probably value it less. When some of you heterosexuals work hard against discrimination, then prepare yourselves to have an actual intelligent conversation.

  • For the individual who referred to the Bible for condemnation of homosexuality, i know which verse you are referring to….the town’s men wanted to have sexual relations with the angel?…Sounds familiar doesn’t it. Perhaps the sin is in destroying something that is pure, not the sexual act. Only simple minded individuals interpret the Bible literally rather than allogorically.

  • to all of you gay-bashers, you say god doesn’t want gays in heaven but all they are doing is loving. what is wrong with love? you bash it because you are intolerant of anything that isn’t your way. you are hateful and cruel and above all, ignorant. if you ask me, or anyone in their right mind, “god” wouldn’t want people like you in his “kingdom”. this world IS falling apart and it is falling apart due to the things you plan to pass on to your kids. it all needs to stop. someone’s sexual preference is not a reason to hate them, nor is the color of their skin or what religion they practice. we are on the brink of nuclear war because of intolerance and I ask you…when you will stop? when its too late?? when your child has gone out and shot another human being because they loved the “wrong” gender? when someone just as hateful of you and your ways has shot YOUR child? or when mankind ceases to exist?? I am Jewish and most of my family was killed in the holocaust. it has taught me not to hate because people can just as easily hate you and do you see what happen when we hate? imagine this for me. imagine being torn from your children. they are going to the “doctor” who will poison them to see how long it takes for them to die. and you? you get to go work in the crematoria where you get to push living people including your family and friends into the flames or else they will throw you in. you lose everything, your home, your family, your life…and why? because Hitler and other people who supported him hated you for your religion. that is what hate does. do you get my message? if you don’t, god help you…god help us all.

  • Wow some of you people are truly ignorant…to those who say it is a choice for them…it is not, asking htem to be straight is liek asking you to be gay. ANd just how the heck do you think your god works.., do you honestly think he is so increadibly strict on the sexual habits of of person, as to damn them to an eternity in hell…NO!! your god preches love and acceptance, and so it is people like who,”Hate Gay Shit” , who have a one way ticket to hell. And great parenting tip, i actually think you guys should take notes on thsi for any future children…teach your children to hate anyone who is difrent, its a good value to instill, and a great attribute to have later in life. I think its funny how LGBT activist march in streets with posters saying love peace and equality, while the religious folk march with signs saying burn hell and die. its really sad to see you all feel this way, and im terribly sorry your children have to be brought up thinking that way, hopefuly they rise above you.

  • Can you people all just get a life? Who gives a fuck what Lindsay wants to be. It’s her stupid life. Just leave her alone with that fugly SamRo.

  • all of you gays out ther need to cut all the gay pride crap. you people are all just sickos. also for all of you gays you need to read the bible. God didn’t create this planet so that two guys or two girls could get together. you people need to go to church. I think that it is unfortunate that Linsay Lohan is a lesbian because she was someone i used to look up to. Now i wouldn’t even think twice about her being a role model to young girls. Samantha whatever- her- name- is looks like a lesbian. all of you gays are sick. i wouldn’t take one of her movies or cds even if you gave it to me.

    Straight Power!!!!!

  • uuh, i’m bi and love it. nothing like having a dick in your pussy and a pussy on your face at the same time.
    all you bible thumpers need to go back to church and stay away from the “normal” world that doesnt fucking care about anyone’s sexual preference anymore, because this is not the fucking 40’s or 50’s.
    I mean, jesus christ, do you really have nothing better to do with your lives than bash someone because they like a dick up their ass or a cunt smashed into their face??
    You fucking readers need to read a fucking book besides “the bible”. I think Adam and Steve are just as hot as Adam and Eve. haha. picture that you homophobes

  • i just wrote a bloody long speach on this about wat i think n then my computer crashed n i cba doin it all again so the short of it. i belive in the whole religion thing kinda, iv read the bible and been to church but tbh i think its all made up honestly i no alot of people r reali into it and everythin but does anyone have anyone have any hard evidence? ye the bible n everythin but thts just people’s stories. i no in the bible it says there should be no gay people but there must of been gay people when they were writin it otherwise how could they come up with the idea that two people of the same sex even thinkin of being together. anyway about the people on this site who hates gays and lesbians u r entitled to yr own opinion but if u no its goin to hurt someone or offend them then u shouldnt say it, its just common human decentsy besides all the religion stuff u just shouldnt say it just as knowone should ever knwingly say somethin to hurt, upset or offend someone about anythin watsoever.



  • well scince i am drunk whilst writin this i might aswel tell the truth.
    1. any religion is a load of bullshit it was created 1000s of years ago by people who might not of even existed and nobody has any proof tht the stories tht have been written down in a big book even happened nobody knows and nobody ever will. y do people belive in all this crap? i mean seriously come one yr gonna lead yr life by someone else’s stories and and wat they belive in. y cnt u just realy on yr own instincs and just figure out everythin by yrself y do u have to belive in all this religion shit its all made up y do u have to get on yr high horse wantin to kill everyone because of wat they belive in and wat they think is right for them everyone os different and if some people r gay y do u have to chalange it? does it affect u? does it hurt u? well if it does then guess wat u have to deal with it just like all us gay and lesbian people have to deal with people calling them for who they are and wat they belive in

    my two best friends are very very religious but they are seeing each other and are both girls and they r happy together. just because some old book says tht all gays go to hell and all tht shit dosnt mean they do religion is made up, yes there may be some small truth in it all but we will never no and i dnt get y anyone would want to kill someone just because they like the same sex. i think religion is the worst thing tht ever happened to the human race it corutpts people and makes them hate each other just because of wat they think its stupid if u think about it. if i had my own way i would make it so there was no religion or anythin like it so people would just have there own opinions and belifes and they would find there own way in life and they would make there own judgements in life and i honestly think the world would be a better place without religion and they just belived in themselves.

    sorry for all the crap spellings blame the gin :-) i no drink aint good for a 15 year old but wat the hell live life, love life enjoy yr own life and make it yr own and make it memorable =D i love u all no matter wat u think just think before u say somethin hurtful =P enjoy yr life and try and makes other peoples lives better and happier :-) x x x

  • trouble wiv u lot is ur all 2 close minded
    der is as most av sed no proof dat n e fin about n e fin in da bible woz more den jus wel stupid ppl n der theories
    if most of u homophobic str8 ppl woke up 1 day 2 find ur bible was all about gays ud probs ass kiss most of us just coz u believed god finks dats da way its meant 2 be
    just lyk u fink god sed ppl shudn’t b gay
    y live ur lyf by 1 book

    a book dat cnt be proved 2 actually av n e fin 2 do wiv god wotsoever

    wot is god yeh?

    if bein gay woz so wrong

    & dis oh so powerfull lord


    da same lord

    dat apparently created everyfin in a matter of mere days

    den SURELY

    hed just kill us all off

    ppl cant choose der sexuality alryt

    yeh u can choose 2 sit der n say ur not gay
    u can choose 2 fuck a man even tho it makes u physically sick
    but its nt wots inside
    & wots inside COUNTS

    sum ppl r gay becoz dey wer born lyk it, others becoz dey’v had bad past experiences, etc…

    sexuality is fluent, u go wiv da flow


    u need 2 fix urselves



  • most of you are right who cares if they are gay let them be who they are man you are messed up if you have a problem with this if you were gay wolud you like people saying this crap about you no man get a life peps

  • they should not fall in love they should no be lesbians let man and woman be together and love each other thats why man has a penis which should enter the woman pussy

  • LOL at being a christian to get her life together. I believe in Jesus and he told me this. Well i believe in Jesus and he told me something else. You all sound like a bunch of morons screaming about jesus. Maybe you should grow up and figure things out for yourself instead of relying on a book and what your parents told you when you were little. And if some of you on here were as devout as you try come off then i doubt you would even be at this site in the first place. Sheep

  • Jeezum why cant we as humans leave each other alone. We all have our own beliefs, opinion but that doesnt mean we should bully one another tryn to make the other misrble, believe what we do etc.. There would be less confertations if we just mind our own buisness. If They arnt harming you just leave well enough alone!

  • alright let’s seee where do i start i am eighteen years old and i am bisexual >>>>>i know for a fact that i am physically,emotionally, and sexually attracted to both male and female gender….no homosexuality is not a diesease and whoever told you people that is just fucked in the head but it isn’t a choice… just think do you choose who you fall in love with ???
    Amen,Angel-o-Death,madie,Why?,HATE GAY SHIT,bobby Jo
    all you people really need to get a fucking life…..seriously and honestly…oh and bobby jo the whole you end your comment with “go straight power” or some shit like wow you really need to grow up how old are you really?

    soo it bothers straight people when the queer communitty is all like “GO GAY PRIDE” and shit well maybe if you hadn’t outcasted us we wouldn’t be like that…being queer is not unnormal or stupid or sick for that matter it’s just a way of life we cannot control our emotions

    -_-‘ oh and as for you jesus freaks why don’t you go to your little god shrines and pray about the government or enviroment instead of praying death against gays

    ~Ren Ren Ren Nagusaran Rurunnren Rensia Nakora~

  • This lesbo shit is stupid. She’s probably just depressed and can’t find a man that won’t videotape her ass and sell it to somebody else so she decided to find a woman who would keep her.

  • look – being gay/lesbian/homosexual/bi-sexual is NOT a crime ; nor should ever be a CRiME ! you are so dumb if you think it is bad to be gay ? gay is love with no gender ; if her & samantha are together is none of your concern – cause it is lindsay & samantha’s choice if they love eachother & want to be with eachother ; OR EVEN FUCK EACHOTHER ! i am bi-sexual ; my WHOlE family knows i like girl – big FREAKiNG deal ? just cause you see TWO girls together ; holding HANDS or KiSSiNG don’t mean you have to talk – CAUSE All THAT iS iS GOSSiP ! – THEY are GOiNG to do what they want ; & what they feel is right – i have had so many looks when i have a girlfriend ; cause people think it is WRONG for two girls to be together – well love is love ; gender is not needed – do what you think is RiGHT ! & i bet all you straight girls ; your boyfriend/husband thinks it is SEXY when he sees two girls together – or they even WATCH lesbian p o r n ! who the fuck cares what other people think ? how would you feel if people was hating you for liking a guy ? yeah bitches ; get your shit right ! & if you want to say something to or about me – come at me with it !
    my email is –
    & my myspace is –

    come at me ; talk two me .
    get everything right :]

    k ? thanks .

  • lol…jes read a couple of comments……diz iz funny shit….
    i dun understand…..y du ppl turn lesboz or gayz…..WHY!?….
    4 guyz……gay………it is nasty……how the fuk can u not lyk gurlz…n lyk guyz….i mean itz ….aagh…i hav no words……damn….get a life !
    4 gurlz……..WHYYY..:S…….u need a life….o wait no….u need a dick..!!
    i guess wen people hav sumthing in their life thats troubling them or they r terribly sad…they make dumb decisions…take stupid steps….not thinking whether its right or wrong……….n becum gay..-_-
    i wish i cud convince all these low life gay ppl 2 turn normal n stop acting retarded…but……….*sigh*

  • my wwife is leaving me for a fukkin lesbian , this world is going to sh!t and i can now understand why suicide bombers don’t give a crap . i say bring on nuclear war and cleanse this fukkin earth of all the homos and homo lovers.

  • Takea step back and realize what all you people are saying! All people are created equal, that includes gays too, believe it or not. nd for all you christians…doesnt it say in the bible to be RESPECTFUL and have TOLERANCE for others no matter who they are? It shocks me to see that grown people have such immature things to say. And, all you homophobic people need to realize that YOU are the freaks, and the minority now. As shocking as it may be, people are becoming more open minded, but t seems that the people on this website havent adaptd to this new way of living.

    Oh, and did you notice that i havent used one curse word yet? Yeah, there ARE ways to get your point across without cusing lie a sailor.

  • i agree with homobegone……and i just dont understand why people choose this !?
    i guess Anonymous is right.
    people do make terrible mistakes in their lives and i guess this is one of those !

  • i agree with homobegone……and i just dont understand why people choose this !?
    i guess Anonymous is right.
    people do make terrible mistakes in their lives and i guess this is one of those !

  • All these religious nutters have made the world into the dangerous place it is today. They have not a clue what they are “preaching” about.

    Religious fruitcakes scare me more than homosexuals.
    Ban religion and make the world safer.

    So she might be gay……… bothered……not.

    I also wonder how these antigays would feel if there child or grandchild was gay, ……..disown them ? Beat it out of them ?!

    I’m off now to be burnt at the stake for witchcraft….oh how we laugh at the idiotic mindfolk of religion.

    Just a side note does “”Homobegone”” also include homosapines? Therefore including him/herself…D’oh stupid !
    That theory states that the infamous “missing link” between apes, homosapines and mankind is but the mere genetic alteration of an apes DNA that gave origin.

    We can conclude that many of the rude and negative answers here are from primate intelligence of asbo families and benefit layabouts…. oh and not forgetting the religious fanatics……

  • white witch : your lucky to be alive in 2008 , were it 1750 lesbian agitators such as you would be tortured and burned as a witch . they did it for good reason.

  • Thank you “Homobegone” for your interest in my health, my survival is purely down to modern day living and the majority of peoples exceptance of understanding the world we live in today.

    Furthermore, i thank you for your apology in noting your comments do relate to archaic times (but incorrectly quoting 1750) and are totally out of date and out of touch by 300 years

    For your reference women were burned at the stake during 1735 to 1790 for murder or treason.
    Witches were burned at the stake during 1450 -1650.

    There are no records detailing any lesbian agitators being tortured or burnt.

    But there are numerous records detailing undesirables in society, like yourself, of agitators supporting Tyrant genocides and massacres – classic examples include Adolf Hitler (of course), Idi Amin, Pol Pot etc, who all have one thing in common:-

    They are dead, exiled from thier country and hated universally.

    All for good reason.

    luv n kisses x x

  • white witch , you think they actually believed they were burning witches , your so dumb to believe everything you read , it was a good way of getting rid of people like yourself that enjoy causing chaos in the village . oh , and you need to be corrrected , last witch burned was in 1802 .

  • I have to say that i am a christian and i do not agree with the lifestyle of homosexual or bisexual people. But i do have friends who are in that lifestyle and I love them deeply. I believe the God created all people and he loves all people and as a christian since we are supposed to be christ like we should love all people. But God created all people as i said b4 so why would he create someone who is doing something or only able to be living life as something he said was wrong. People are just confused when they are in that lifestyle. It is a sin but God says all sins are equal. so we should not look at them any diffrent then a person who lies, steals, etc.

  • u guy who r on the website and saying eww u r lez or gay hav to stop
    the dramma i am straight but i dont judge ppl like if they r gay
    or lez or anything that is there problem they r still the same like regular ppl gosh u ppl who r saying ewww u guys r stupid

  • I don’t usually see the point in replying to a thread like this; no one knows one another and it’s just about some celebrity whose gossip is bound to come out in the latest magazine anyway…
    But, seriously, some people are being totally ignorant and intolerable. I mean, I’m not gay – but who cares if I were to be? What is it to them? Writing about how they’re going to burn in Hell is out of order for those people who honestly love one another and just so happen to be the same gender. Proportionally, I know of more gay people than straight who sleep around, but there’s also (believe it or not, those emphatic Christians or anti-gays) homosexuals who love each other just as cleanly, or more so, than straight people. There’s all this shit about ‘why would God have not put Adam with Adam’, but if that’s the case, then why would God allow these people to fall in love with one another if it was wrong? Some people can’t have children due to infertility, others because they are gay. If it doesn’t affect you, leave out criticising other people – the fact you can be so rude over the net just proves that you aren’t perfect either.
    Sorry if that was all a bit long-winded, but hypocritical preaching just does nothing for me. I believe in God but hey, if you’re a good person, surely Heaven awaits you – it doesn’t make sense that the best of Muslim or gay people would get shunned from Heaven and some evil Christian who repents on his death-bed should get in. That’s my view anyway, I’m not (unlike some people) going to try to force that upon anyone.

  • I think Nat put it all very well. I am madly in love with my girlfriend Lisa and I know that she would NEVER in a million years do anything to hurt me because our love is unconditional, which is unusual these days. I am a lesbian and I can’t for the life of me understand how someone who calls themself a Christian, can tell us homosexuals that we are going to burn in hell…just who are you to judge?!!? I always thought that I was going to be judged by God on Judgement Day…not by all you homophobes. Worry about your own problems and focus on your own lives…stay out of ours (homosexuals)…I’m sure your life isn’t perfect because we all know…NO ONE IS PERFECT!!
    As far as Lindsey and Sam go, I think they make a very cute couple and I would love to hang out with them sometime…I’m sure they are in love and whether they are or not is not for you or me either one to judge!!

  • Judge not less ye be judged.
    Did you Christians forget that?
    I like penis and vagina. Deal with it
    And I’m pretty sure Lindsay Lohan, nor anyone, asked for your opinion of right and wrong when it came to sexuality.
    Because we all know we are going to hell according to you no matter what.
    Why can’t you bible thumpers leave us alone? No one said you had to accept us, because we don’t need your acceptance.
    But you do have to tolerate us, just like we have to tolerate your ridiculous antics.
    We’re here to stay, and growing in numbers actually. I guess you Christians better get in your bomb shelters…The apolocalypse is coming!!!! Ha ha.

  • tá fala sériooo! naum acreditoque ela é léésbica! tipo assim: q merda ¬¬
    ela era a garotinha mais lindinha fofa e legal , uma verdadeira inspiração adolescente, principalmente para pessoas com problemas familiares com os pais , q nem eu…mas agora COMO eu vo ter ela de exemplo, como as músicas dela me ajudarão a superar momentos q eu naum aguento em mim??
    ter exemplos de lesbicianidade explícita ñ são bons!
    Usar drogas idem para….

    Just for U ppl know this topic is in portuguese…

  • eeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!


    lsbian bitches
    hu the fuk likes the sme sex man get a life

  • eeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhh

    she needs to get a man wid a huuuugggeee cock 2 fuk her lyts out
    and get boob job 2

    she messed up

    how the fuk can a woman and a woman get bizzy and produce babies

    herez my equation

    fanny + fanny = soggy fanny

    dick + dick = disabld dick

    fanny + dick =yeahh man ooooohhh babyyyyy

    all i wanna say is she shud lick my fanny

    by ambreen ali in i have a boyfriend called saif malik n he has da biggest hairiest cock evaaaaa its lyk osama binladinz beard i hv 2 go nw 2 go shave it 4 him

  • pliz.. don’t point at each other, diz is not gonna ended up!! just do the best with your own life.. is it better than other??

  • Freud was a coke addict, and spent countless hours listening to his patients while he was high. besides this, freudian ways of thinking are no longer commonly accepted as the norm and anyone with a degree in psychology would back me up in saying that using freudian precepts to back onesself in an arguement may very well be inappropriate.
    Per the argument, the true evil taking place here is the damnable strife between the members posting here. it is truely the work of the Most Malevolent to cause such hate. for more quickly damned is the one who kills another for [their] association, than the one who associates.
    my third and final point lies with the article. it clearly states that the issue at hand is with their relationship, not with gender. therefore this is not rightfully the time or place to discuss difference of religious, political, or moral perspective. all would do well to use kinder etiquette when speaking in a public place.

  • listen I’ve met lindsey a million times she is so sweet and if any of you fuckers got a problem suck it up or fuckk off u think it’s easy being famous hellz no stay out of her life if she likes her let her be watt are u her parents I’m I’m str8 but but have nada against bi/gay/lesbian…. Rvryone makes there own desecion and let her be the1 to pick and seriously fukkkk off get a life people xoxo samantha

  • For all of those people who think that just because your bi/gay/les makes you different; it doesnt. Think about it, since the beginning of time the world has been undergoing changes- we used to ride horses, now we drive cars- that not everyone has gotten used to. So just leave it alone, if you have a problem with homosexuals than keep it to yourself, because no one wants to hear it, get used to it hunni cuz its 2008, times changed. And for your info “Christian writers” My sisters, brothers and myself are all raised christian, and guess what? My 2 sisters are bi and les. I myself am Straight but that makes no difference. Just leave it alone. And as for this artical, it never once mentions that they are having problems with the gender in their relationship so leave it out!

  • Sometimes letting go is hard Lindsay. But if its the best for you guys, you guys should really give yourselves some time. =)


  • first I want let all the readers know that Angel of death (name withheld) has done time for raping a girl.

  • 1 thing people are crazy 2 people critizise to much 3 if you have problems with gays go suck a twinky :D bye

  • Everyone who hates gays should not comment on this blog about a lesbian relationship. Dont talk shit when you go out looking for shit,

  • i like lindsay,,, but she is “Lesbian”
    Now i think …

    is crazy :O

    ok.. i don´t care
    i love LINDSAY
    is the best!!**

  • oi you lot, lovelywriter has a point so wot if your a les or by or gay itsnoones bees wax in it so go bak to where yo oll came from and stik it any way i fink lindsays lovely god made everyone differently init so go bout yo buisness and stik a plug init

  • Im a lesbian and I’m happily in love with a girl and we are getting married in two weeks. I’m just saying this because I want to watch you people judge me because of my lifestyle that is really none of your buisness. Your comments won’t ever turn me straight or make me rethink anything if thats what your trying to do. And being homosexual is not a choice you are born that way. I would never chose to be hated by homophobes who dont even know me.

  • Knowing what is right or wrong … it is difficult, I’m lesbian, I was afraid of exposing the company than other iríam thinking about what I am really. I have 22 years in the news “a father to keep a daughter in captivity” and have children with her, or even a father playing a daughter of the window of the apartment, “and several other types of barbarism for which the company is a normal thing . Some say that homosexuals are not going to heaven, what matters rs? For me the life that matters is that I want to be happy at that! What is sure is the life after this? If someone sure, please notify me, not bad in any two people is love. As “Jesus” said “love is greater than the law itself,” make love not war make, each one lives his life the way you feel better, it is easier to disintegrate an atom than a prejudice, as you discuss my sexuality I live my life, love is short, and life more. Prá be happy everything …
    Very beautiful the couple Lindsay and Samantha, well … Congratulations and much love …

  • lesbians are human just likes str8s the only difference is they perfer same sex so??! whats it with you that do not mutate them or anything their still flesh and blood their sexual preference is just different from yours

  • You know that is fucken good and yes y’all need to make up love and make yall’s baby’s because I know that was fucken hard to be up in rehabs during that y’all need two be making some of y’all’s ronson’s little baby’s…………………………….

  • Ray, I honestly cannot understand why anyone would say that seeing “exemples of explicit lesbianism” isn’t good and why you say that now you can’t listen to her music to comfort yourself anymore just because she’s a lez. It doesn’t make any kind of sense! Just because now you found out she’s gay her songs suddenly aren’t comforting anymore? Ooh, “smarts”!
    And what the heck is your problem with her drug addiction? Are YOU perfect, moron??

    I love you Lindsay, and I love you more and more each day, and you being gay never made any difference to me! I’m gay too, and it didn’t make me like you any more or less knowing that you’re gay too! And if you’re bisexual and ever go back to men, I don’t care either! You’re AWESOME no matter what! Don’t care what the tabloids say, they suck anyways! Love you!!!
    And I love Samantha too, I REALLY hope EVERYTHING works out for you two! Love you, Sam!!!

  • first its not just christian that think Les and gay are bad theirs more religions that think gay and Les are bad theirs Islam,catholic,all the religions and yea fucking gays and Les are nasty why do you think that having sex with the same gender gives you a disease also do think you could have kids forget it think about it o just to tell you all the witch craft include necromancers your going straight to hell motherfuckers o and don’t use the bible as an excuse

  • o and dont try to tell their the same as all of us be cause if they were we would be making babys o and why do think our population is decreasing tell me is it war no its diseases guy fucking guy uhh gives hiv ,girl doing girl doing i really dont know well you cant have kids so fuck off

  • its not about african american and bright white its about ethics some issue he is deficient of. Its about honesty however an additional attribute he is lacking. He gets the amazing unwashed plenty belonging to your US believing that they’re going to all get zero value health care. I have an associate that performs with a effectively becoming firm as very well as daytime proper soon after this shithole payment surpassed they ended up being lined up out your front door to acquire their insurance policies playing cards. Never these idiots are aware that it will carry 4 quite some time of most folks possessing taxed out our asses previous to they are capable to fund this. It states this right throughout the expenses that it will carry impression in 2014. The expenses cannot be repealed , really the only problem that may well be completed could be to vote republicans into company which can vote towards financing this payment

  • Just killing some time on Stumbleupon and I found your entry. Not normally what I prefer to learn about, but it was absolutely worth my time. Thanks.

  • My mate and I were just discussing this topic, she is constantly attempting to prove me incorrect! I am about to present her this particular write-up and rub it in a little!