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I’ve Got a Bit of a Crush Really

Shia LaBoeuf

I don’t know what it is about Shia LaBeouf. I was way too old to watch “Even Stevens” yet I did all the time partially because of him. I also think that the only reason I enjoyed “iRobot” was him as well.

I don’t feel like too much of a pedophile because he is 21 but the older he gets the more foxy he seems to become. I don’t even really want to see “Transformers” but because of cutie pie Shia I just might.

He also is the anti Lindsay and Britney and lives a sober and under the radar lifestyle. A lot of young Hollywood should take note. If you work really hard and stay out of trouble…good things can happen.

“If I’m gonna party, I’ll do it at my house. And to say that I’ve never had a drink or smoked weed – coming from my family – is insane. But also, I know what it does if you get out of control. I know how hard it was to get my life to where it is. There’s so much riding that those small little joys of the high are not interesting to me.” -Shia in Vanity Fair

He has been tapped to be the “Next Big Thing” for a while and I think this is his summer. After this movie he will be in the next Indiana Jones which will be huge for his star power.

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  • Thank God I’m not the only adult that watched “Even Stevens”. I loves me some Shia. I have to see “Transformers” because my husband is a nerd but at least I get the Shia bonus.

  • Even some man at the gym proclaimed his love of Shia to me. It was a bit weird. He too was a big fan of “Even Stevens”….
    My boyfriend is planning on dragging me to “Transformers” this weekend as well, and I’m a bit giddy with excitement even though the T does NOT do action movies.

  • Really, EvilT? Really.

    Shia? Really?

    It’s hard for me to get the Disney image out of my head.

  • I’ve been secretly crushed out on him since I saw Holes. In the theater. Twice. I know. I can’t believe I just admitted that.

  • I don’t really get it, but ok, T. Although you must acknowledge that the even-stevens era shia is quite ben savage during the boy meets world era. Does the transitive property apply here?

  • I saw Transformers yesterday (opened in Canada on the 3rd). Best action movie I’ve ever seen. Michael Bay finally did a good one, and he made a very wise choice in Shia. Didn’t think much of him before the Leno/Letterman interviews but he hooked me. Hooked me even more in the movie. He was amazing. And you will laugh.

    Let’s hope he always keeps his head on straight because he will shoot up to A-List status now.

  • glad to hear i’m not the only one with a crush on this cutie pie! he’s gonna do big things in the entertainment world.

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