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Top Chef Host Padma Lakshmi Slices Salman

Top Chef Host Padma Lakshmi Divorces Salman Rushdie

Padma Lakshmi, perhaps best known on the Top Chef set as the resident herb enthusiast, is divorcing her much older husband, controversial author Salman Rushdie. A rep for Rushdie stated today that “Salman Rushdie has agreed to divorce his wife, Padma Lakshmi, because of her desire to end their marriage.”

The New York Post seemed to catch a whiff of trouble before the news officially broke. On June 29, they noted that “Lakshmi was spotted hanging out into the wee hours at the Rose Bar at the Gramercy Park Hotel with a well-known chef who was there without his spouse.” The kids at Gawker have decided this means Padma’s having an affair with Anthony Bourdain. All together now: Ew.

Here’s something funny: the permalink for this story on TMZ is the following:

This is, of course, hilarious, but the story actually ran on the site with the headline: “Padma to Rushdie: Pack Your Knives and Go,” which is less hilarious. I wonder why they changed the original headline.

Padma’s not the only Top Chef host to be married to a much older man; Billy Joel’s child bride, Katie Joel, hosted the first season, and we’re been hearing murmurings of trouble in their marriage over the past few months. Is there a Top Chef curse? Or is there just, you know, a Marrying a Much, Much Older Man Until You’re Famous and Wealthy in Your Own Right curse?

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  • That’s a rather revealing photo of her, eerr.. very nice, thanks, but ‘Ew’ to A Bourdain, why???

    • I am happy that that girl has left him who is a satan in th form of man
      salman rasheedi is really “Satan”who has no knwledge so he is taken as a rude and illeterte person.

      • r u kidding?! why exactly is he satan in the form of a man? some of his work is amazing….not because it is of any religious nature but because he is a talented writer

      • also thts not how u spell illiterate….mayb sum1 shud luk up the meanin and correct spelling os tht word b4 accusing others of being so!

  • Or the whole ‘Top Chef’ curse can simply be that children shouldn’t marry someone old enough to be their grandpa. I mean to some this is common sense but apparently others like sugar daddies.

  • I absolutely hate it when she says “Please pack your knives and go”. It just sound so mean. The person is already being eliminated, how come she just can say “please pack your knives”. It’s something about “and go” that really gets under my skin, lol.

  • Padma is hot. Salman is not. She does a great job on Top Chef. I guess old dude was just a step off for her career. That’s NEVER happened before, right?

  • i just want to say that salman is the luckiest guy in this whole world….padma is too hot and only reason for globle warming…how can she be wife of salman….i dont have words….i can speak about her hottness for whole day….

  • Didn’t the New York Times call her a social climber of a gold-digger or something like that? Pretty girl, irritating manner of speaking, tries too damn hard to act smart when she’s out and about. But hey, it seems to be working for her. And as for Anthony Bourdain? Yes, definitely, eeeww.

  • Salman u should come to Pakistan once i will make a tea of u and ur wife Allah s touba kr le warna tujhy main wahan aa kar khatam karoon ga jis tarha aamir chema ney kia. saari duniya k saamnay aa kr tamaam musalmanon se maafi maang le warna mujh se bura koi nahi ho ga and ek baar or main pakistani hoon and u also know pakistani logon k jazbaat kaisay hotay hain woh robbers ko jaladaytay hain or tu apna haal soch lay jab tujhay zinda ko main keemay ki mchine min daaloon ga or koi bachaanay wala bhi nahi ho ga us waqt koi governmaent bhi tera sath nahi de gi abhi tu zinda hai Allah se touba kar le ho sakta hai k tu duniya ain tow buch jaey but kabar ain jo teray sath ho ga wo bus tu or tera phir khuda he janta ho ga or haan agara tu nay maafi nahi maangi toe apna haal soch le or apna naam bhi change kar le kiyoon k yeh naam mera bhi hai or agar meray naam wala koi banda ghalat kaam karta hai toe kamazkam main us ko nahi chorta. jaa ash ko warning bhi samajh sakta hai tu or naseehat bhi

  • rishdi tum per lanat iss dunia mai jitnay muslims hain utni hi tum per lantien na to tum ko dunia mai aram ha or na akhrat mai milay ga janham hi tumra thakana ha. jub tuk tum zinda ho logo ke lantien tum per parite raha gi . tumara lia azab hi azab ha or islam hamesha zinda rahay ga


  • I see the stupid moslem morons showed up here because of Rushdie. Take your religious fantasy and shove it up your handwiper. You’re uneducated losers, but you can keep dying for nothing, because now you’re fighting each other, not just the Western civilized world. As far as these models go, well, thank god someone can spread their wings. I personally think talking to Katie Joel would be a horrific experience. Padma is much better and hot as snot, but she’s an unreliable heartbreaker. India has got nearly 500 million women. I’m sure there is scads of hot puss there for a bigshot. He got her before she got old and ugly, where she is fast headed now. No more casual tossing of the hair and tight pants, just old lady.

  • Muslims suck, except for S Rushdie (who obviously doesn’t believe that nonsense). I like how he realized just how stupid muslims are and showed the whole world what filth they are spreading. That religion needs to change, it’s so backwards it’s ridiculous, I’m suprised muslims were able to read and understand his writings. As for the girl, she’s cool, but that pair was kind of gross, with that age difference.

  • Padma, you are beautiful, witty, and even though I love the total cocept of the show, it definitely would not be the same without you. WATCHED THE YEAR BEFOR YOU IN RE-RUNS AND —JUST NOT AS GOOD.

  • See the illitracy of the muslims show with there writing, I feel shame because they are dying for nothng, come on guys come out of that mind set, why u guys always think of religion. This is not ur mistake its because of lack of litracy and lack of awareness of human values.

  • Absolutely!!! Its simply nonsense pertaining to what folks from Pak Muslims has written. Why is that the people from this community is still way behind. I could see that this community has linguistic problem. Overall Nice grammar :). But I dont understand why the Muslims are mistreated everywhere except Muslim countries. I gave it a good thought… Allas… I got the answer to it… You know… All Muslims are not terrorists but all terrorists are Muslims… They just talk abt Jihad and dont do good things in their life. I guess most of the folks who talk about Jihad wouldn’t have read Quaran…. Thats for sure… or if read, they wouldn’t have understood the theme… other misinterpreting things and waging war on innocents. Folks!!! please grow up…

    Anyway lets get back to the subject. Padmalakshmi!!! She’s is too good… gr8 structure. Nice boobs and ass. I can keep fucking her for the whole day. I believe she is good in blow job as well. I do agree with all my counterparts regarding this irrespective of their geographical location. I am ready to pay anything for her, if anybody can provide me her phone# :).

    • Funny the very first terrorist are europeans that came on boats
      waging biological warfare, genocide and slavery in the name of Jesus.

      i guess it terrorism if its not christians.

      white countries (more like colonial powers)
      can go and “legitimately bomb the shit out of countries/continents and its o.k. but let one of those countries retaliate in any sort of way and its terrorism?

      history its just repeating itself, nothing new.
      when native americans defended their territories against invaders who have (yes i said HAVE) no business in their land they were the bad guys but when invaders massacred whole nations women and children they are heroes who to this day are honored.

      and also
      Unabomber= white
      Stalin= white
      Boer in Africa= white

    • it’s disgusting remark I have ever heard. Gentle man, you got to learn how to love yourself first. It’s all about you, nothing wrong with the rest of the world.

  • I almost can’t believe what I am reading here. First I am an Irish American, 32 years old with a Mexican-French American Catholic fiance. I am a Personal Fitness Trainer and Licinsed Sport Massage Therapist. I’m just throwing all that out there first to illustrate that I am not an uneducated bigot. I love my country even though my country doesnt take care of me and my family like it should, such as france, canada, …I could go on…healthcare, homeless, etc.

    That said, give me a head count of how many people that have posted on here have actually even studied what Islam is about, let alone even openned the Quoran. I am serious. It reminds me if South Eastern Americans circa 1950 when African Americans were ridiculed but the idiot white cocksucker still won elections.

    Excuse my language but WHAT THE FUCK?

  • You are an idiot! Keep reading your Quaran so we know who to take aim at after the revolution!

    Bleeding heart liberals are the reason for all human kind’s downfall.

    Thanks for nothing you morons! We’re coming for you first then the rest of the animals out there!

  • After reading some of the comments posted here I am ashamed to be a Christian priest in America. How dare you denounce a persons religious beliefs while at the same time disregarding the fundamental teachings of Jesus Christ. Judge not lest ye be judged, So sayeth the lord thy God. The unlawful comments posted here have been reported to the FBI Cybercrimes devision. Litigation will follow. Bless you all and know that God will forgive your ignorance when you stand before him.

  • she is a bitch who can sleep with anyone whether he is an old man or fucking beggar just for fame and money. and for phisical relationship she finds for male prostitutes. she is a fucking bitch, anybody wants to fuck her……….

  • OMG this guy looks like a cartoon character compared to her! LOL. Why would a hot looking chick want to be with a troll like that??? Women are so wierd and dimented, I’ll never figure any of you out.

  • Concerned Republican Priest I’m sure all these people are shaking in their boots right now. Oh wait…you posted this in January and this is April. They must all be sitting in jail cells by now…..LOLOLOLOL.

  • Rashdi……jahanm kee aag ap key intazar mien hy .
    to ketna aor jee ly ga. Aakhir to tughy marna hy.
    apny ap ko jess tarah to ney dokhy main rakha hy
    iss ke misal un kaboteron ke tarah hy jo bile ko dekh
    kar aankhen band kar lety hian aor samajhty hian keh
    bele hamen nahen dekh rahe.
    Sham for you………..

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