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You Know, For All The Shit Kelly Clarkson’s Taken Over the Past Few Months, Her Album Is Still Totally Going to Be #1 on the Charts

Kelly Clarkson’s Album My December Released, Charts and Review

And, frankly, it’s not a bad album.

My December was released in the U.S. on Tuesday, and I finally had some time tonight to sit down and give it a listen. I had that time because I was waiting for utorrent to finish downloading Live Free or Die Hard onto my computer baking a cake for my grandma. Anyway, despite the heavily publicized battle between Clarkson and RCA crypt-keeper Clive Davis, the album is already #1 on the U.S. and Canadian iTunes charts (in fact, the NY Post even suggests that battle was just “manufactured edge”) and will probably debut at #1 on the U.S. charts next week.

So the album? It’s not my favorite of the Clarkson offerings, and it’s certainly less catchy than most of what you’ll find on Breakaway or Thankful, but it’s angry, it’s empowered, and it’s grown-up, and I’ll take that Kelly Clarkson over the one who was singing “I hate myself for losing you” on the previous album. I liked “Never Again” from the start, “Sober,” is, ironically, quite addictive, and the bonus track “Irvine” is both chilling and warm. Critical response has been lukewarm, and rightly so, but Kelly has a strong fan base and a good reputation in the industry, and I hope she ends up on top.

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  • Its interesting to me that nobody has pointed out (or if they have, I didn’t notice) that she, in my opinion, has completely ripped off of Amy Lee and other bands. Her album cover (both ones) are incredibly Evanescence-like. nobody can tell me that they’re not, there is not a single other group/artist out there producing covers or photos like Amy Lee. Her video for Never Again is similar to Evanescence’s video for Everybody’s Fool, from the part where she is in a commercial doing the wholesome-skit to her leaping out of the bathtub. Even her facial expressions are the same as Amy Lee.

    And as for her album cover, well, Linkin Park had a song called My December. It’s not exactly a common term. Nobody goes around comparing things to “December” normally. I really can’t stand her. In the beginning she had an interesting sound but as the years have gone by, she wanted so badly to be punk.

  • I hate David Hodges. because of what he did to kelly clarkson because he cheated on her so he is a loser in my book and should be in your book to because no one should cheat on her it hurtful and for someone to do it to kelly clarkson oooooohhhhhhhh he will pay i will get revenge revenge is all ways the key to all your problems really revenge i shal get him myself

  • wow.
    first of all she called the album my december because, its a new start for her and shes let out all her feelings in the album.
    DO NOT judge if you never even heard the album because it is AMAZING.
    amy lee? yeah right. Kelly clarkson=ROCKER amy=LOSER
    she did not copy amy lee.
    an example of copying a cover is paramores album riot. Look at no doubts 2003 rock steady. now THATS copying an album cover.
    oh and its rock not punk.=/

  • hey i totally think kelly clarkson has been ripping off amy lee. mainly because of her sudden change in her music. first she was all about her stupid break ups, now shes all like moody blues cross with evanescence! it is totally f**ked! Shes just like those country singers who try out rock and fail miserably. she tried to be a singer, but nobody really likes her. they say imitation is the highest form of flattery but it sucks to see a copy cat because im sure everyone is aware amy lee is just… well there can only be one amy lee. its not like shes like jesse mccartney or zac efron.. i mean shes different. thats wat i like about her and i love the fact5 her music isnt about some stupid guy shes in love with or how her life is so great shes married like other teen idols. there should be more singers like amy lee but seriously, get your own idea kelly. YOU SUCK!

  • I agree with Michelle. TOTALLY ripped off Evanescence. In the video for “Don’t waste your time” (which itself is a CRAP song), she totally rips off Amy Lee by wearing similar clothes and copying their videos. She should grow up and stop trying to ‘get at’ David Hodges.

    At the end of the day, David Hodges left Kelly because he was still in love with his girlfriend before Kelly. They are now happily married. He explained all this to Kelly, but she took it very badly.

    Go back to making hits like “Breakaway” and stop trying so hard to be an individual.

  • kelly eres mi cantante preferida, mi modelo a seguir en la vida, hoy mismo he soñado que era tu encima de un escenario y me ha encantado esa sensacion. me gustaria vivirla en primera persona.
    muchos besos guapa y sigue triunfando como hasta ahora.

  • kelly you are my preferred singer, my model to follow in the life, today same I have dreamed that was your above of a scene and that sensation has enchanted me. gustaria me to live it in first person many kisses handsome and it continues prevailing like until now. I am the one that has written the text in Spanish

  • kelly you are my preferred singer, my model to follow in the life, today same I have dreamed that was your above of a scene and that gustaria sensation has enchanted me and to live it to me in first person. Many kisses handsome and continue prevailing like until now. I am the one that has written the text in Spanish

  • you know, it turned out that this album didn’t sell a whole lot of copies. plus, I dont know what happened, but now whenever Kelly sings live she’s basically just shrieking the lyrics. I feel sort of sorry for her.

  • Ripped off evanescence my ass. wow you people just look for ways to criticize someone, its quite sad.
    and to the guy who just stood up for david hodges…you are disgusting.
    david hodges led kelly on and then they day he ended it with her, he asked another girl to marry him…there is NO excuse for that except hes a pig.

    My decemeber has been doing better and i think the album will be more appriciated over time…

  • I Love Kelly; My December Was A Fantastic Album. It Really Was Her Own, And Is By Far My Favourite Album Of Her Career So Far, Because It Truely Is Her.
    I Love You Kellyyy!

  • wow whats with the evanescence Kelly clarkson comparisons?
    Both are very proud, individual sounds of music. Yes there are similarities and i definitely saw them too. But as a fan of Evanescence first and Kelly clarkson second, I was really happy. I think it’s a really transcending and complimenting moment when an artist kind of “takes a page” from another. being influenced by music as a a musician is part of what makes a musician so strong. if “My December” was influenced by Evanescence its because of who Kelly Clarkson had around her at the time. Ben Moody and David Hodges both played key roles in this album and it shows. Both being ex members of Evanescence. You see the Evanescence side of the album and I think it was a good move for Kelly. It showed a different side of her and I think she should be proud of this album. It was transcending, deep, blunt, and aggressive. and yes, there was an Evanescence vibe to the sound, but it made the album all the more appealing for me. I think it also gave Kelly Clarkson a chance to break away(no pun intended) from that american Idol pop sounds she was working with and truly be creative. Can’t we just be happy for her since she had such a successful and beautiful album? I personally felt really good about the music. It was still Kelly. And yes, it did have an Evanescence essence to it. That just made it better. Both are very different sounds and for it to come together it only proved to me that both could work really well together. but as inidividuals you can still see the big differences. I say good to both of them. I loved the meshed sound that came through. And lets face it, Evanescence is not the first band to write the type of music it does. They’re sounds is just a softer version of bands like within Temptation and Lacuna Coil with its Evanescence twist. no band is truly original, but the the emotions and attitude are. and thats what makes a good band. Being able to take something that they feel, whether it being cliche or individualistic and making art from it. so many artists painted flowers. But some did it through impression, still life, etc. and they way they apporached it and sculpted it and nurtured it is what makes the piece impressive. The work and sound Kelly clarkson made with “My December” was amazing. Just as “The Open Door” was for Evanescence. both are very different sounds, but, “My December” showed what happens when two very different, strong sounds have a slight overlap. It was amazing. appreciate the music and appriciate the effort. “My December” was beautiful.

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