Britney’s Vagina: It’s Back!

Britney Spears Crotch Shot

I think someone’s a little tired of Paris getting all the attention lately.


  1. mf says:

    Can she please start wearing PANTS!

  2. bs says:

    she is so sexy

  3. Bongo says:

    What a combination of pants.. PINK … Yukhy…. !!

    I suppose a black one would have suited sexy.

    Britney, you’re old fashioned..

  4. Blgpteaj says:

    U r so bad t need help

  5. gfhrejs says:

    brit is such a SLUT

  6. Anonymous says:


  7. Pinky says:


  8. britsupporter says:

    how about they dont take pics of her when she gets out the car, who doesnt show their vagina atleast a lil when u have a short skirt on coming outta car its not like she was walking around n just picked her skirt up and flashed the papparatzi get a life ppl n stop ruining hers would u like ppl making rude comments on ur life when ur not doing it on purpose!

  9. Gojira says:


  10. Jamie Lynn says:

    I am so tired of people like you saying, “oh britney spears she doesn’t wear panties because she wants to have sex with everyone” or “she deserves all this shit she gets” or “oh she is the worst fucking mom” well you know what, everyone that hates on her just needs to go die. She is the strongest fucking person on this planet. Do you see the shit she goes through everyday? Do you know the things she has heard from people? If you were in her shoes, you would’ve all died off a long time ago. All you are doing is making everything worst. If there were less people like you, this world would be a better place. All of these people are just jealous, I strongly suggest you turn your life and opinions around because honestly, you don’t know what the fuck your talking about. You probably rely on tabloids and the latest magazines well you know what most of that shit is not TRUE! get that through your head! There are so many people in this world that don’t wear underwear, you guys just need to fuck off. Have you ever heard that song piece of me? You should really sit down and listen to it sometime. She tells you in the song, she is not a bad person it’s just that the tabloids and paparrzzi can’t leave her alone, they are the ones who make her look bad and are ruining her life. It’s ruining my life, too. It really tears me up inside to see this happening to her. Just take a second to look up the lyrics or something. I love her so much, and it kills me to see this happening to her. I am 16 and she is my idol. And nothing will ever change that.

  11. Unbelievable!!! says:

    Wow Jamie lynn, Let’s just hope you turn out to be a better Mom than your sister EVER was, I also have 2 children, and I f I lived my life the way she does, I would expect my kids to be taken away too. Just learn from your sisters mistakes, and hey next time you want to have sex WEAR A FUCKING CONDOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As for the what is she at now 1001 crotch shots, I’m pretty sure she has the money for underwaer, but if not, I think I will start a collectiopn for her so that I don’t have to read in the paper ONE MORE FUCKING time that Britt’s snatch has been caught again!!!!!

  12. samaniac says:

    well at some point you should just wear panties

  13. mj says:

    omfg she accually waw underware shes a slut but got a nice fucking pussy :P:P:P

  14. Gojira says:


    • Unknown User says:

      God she is so freakin sexy! i wanna fuck her so bad! uh! i’m rubbing my boobs now! oooh! gosh! masterbating feels good! i just wanna shove my face inside her panties and suck! oh ya! i bet she tastes good! yes! i’m a lesbian! i wanna eat her so bad!

  15. JesusfuckingChrist says:

    Panties!! YAY Britney Im so proud! I knew you could do it

    yeah and Jamie Lyn already posted that same post on another picture….Jamie Lyn impersonator, copy and paste is so handy

  16. Doodee says:

    Thanks for sharing

  17. taulfusyday says:

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  18. Ruby says:

    this is to you Brienty please stay out of news and shit with all your money buy your self a good pair of panties pleaes also you are the one that wanted to open her legs and have kids so start acking like a mom to your kid and stop all this fucked up shit and Jamie shut your mouth I wouldnt be opening your mouth after what the fuck up you did
    you both think that the world is your I dont think so bitches

  19. Ruby says:

    stuped bitches you have it and think you oh I have problems oh boo hoo I want to cry suck it up you stupied sluts ha ha ha;)

  20. Iro says:

    You are some sick mother fuckers. Do you even know how many guys has been in that? Fucking her would be like throwing a hot dog down a hallway. I don’t support her at all. It’s not like she doesn’t have a shitload of people trying to help her. The dumbass just won’t accept any help! It’s her fault. And she sickens me. She surposly doesn’t wear panties, and she purposly opens her legs wide as hell and she purposly hogs the media. I’m so tired of hearing about her white trash self and her nasty hoochie sister.

  21. Anon says:

    Jamie Lynn.. Are you Chris Crocker?

  22. dutty gal says:

    fuck jamie lynn

  23. ... says:

    But She’s wearing panties. This isn’t a crotch shot.

  24. taulfusyday says:

    I’d prefer reading in my native language, because my knowledge of your languange is no so well.

  25. E+bert says:

    Yea dat! Good stuf

  26. Kate says:

    i dont personally like britney but giv her a break she acually is wearing panties

  27. someone says:

    WHERE IS IT?!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. BIGPENIS says:

    i would fuck that

  29. BIGPENIS says:

    i would suck that hard

  30. albert says:

    not so bad but still horrorable

  31. lovely says:

    she should stop wearing underwear so she can show off that b e a utiful vagina.

  32. GreenFucker says:

    Hi Y`all . I think that she is pretty but a little crazy.

  33. arman says:

    she is sooooooooooooooooooooo sexy i love briney

  34. aza 69 says:

    ur all fucked up

  35. davemathews says:

    omg the dave matthews band is amazing check us out!!!
    we rock

  36. Hey sexy says:

    Ooh britney why did u cover it up WHY!!? I want to fuck u babe nex time don were panties cuz them i can make u moan just like i did to ur little sister and oh yeah jamie lynn u were tight but then i came along u man u was a good fuck and damn u do a good blow job

  37. Y DO U CARE??? says:

    I think that whoever says sumthing bad about this picture (i dnt think its brit) needs to open their eyes. It’s not even like that. Why would she be gettin herself all up in the camera to have ppl laughing at her and call her gross and other horrible names?!? Obviously, a camera guy went under her car door and snapped the shot. You ppl act as tho she planned the whole thing!!!! See her as an innocent victim who can’t walk out of her house without poparazzi being there; not as the girl who is asking for it.

  38. hello says:

    get a life you fuckin losers

  39. CrazyDude says:

    Britney bitch you destroyed the shot by wearing that that stupid panty. I want to fuck the day lights out of you. You stupid fucking slutty bitch….