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Victoria Beckham Throws Out Opening Pitch at Dodgers Game Picture

Recent Angeleno Victoria Beckham throws out the opening pitch at the Dodgers vs. Mets game on Monday. I hate to admit it, but this is actually pretty cute. Ms. Beckham sure is working hard to make her mark in the States, paving the way for her husband to start playing with the L.A. Galaxy in August. They’re already enormous stars all over the rest of the world, so I guess we’ll see if they can take on Hell-Ay. If anyone knows how to craft an image, it’s Posh Spice. I’m not sure if the same can be said for her ability to throw a baseball …

She also chatted and posed with Dodgers owner Jamie McCourt. Ms. McCourt took the time out of her very busy schedule to teach a course at UCLA’s business school this winter, and I was lucky enough to take it. She brought in the most incredible speakers — we got to have some very personal conversations with Sherry Lansing, Victoria Jackson, Mary Hart, Marcy Carsey and Gloria Steinem, to name a few, all close friends of Ms. McCourt. It was such an inspirational course and so very cool of Jamie to take the time to the teach it.

Victoria Beckham Throws Opening Pitch at L.A. Dodgers Game Photo Jamie McCourt Victoria Beckham Dodgers Picture Jamie McCourt Victoria Beckham Dodgers Photo Victoria Beckham Throws Opening Pitch at L.A. Dodgers Mets Game Picture

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