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Okay Sorry I Have to Talk About The Sopranos

Sopranos Final Episode


I don’t know what sort of artistic statement David Chase was shooting for, but that was fucking bullshit. It’s really cute that he gets to end the show on his own terms, but we’re the ones who have been keeping that show on the air for the past eight-and-a-half years. We deserve something better than that bullshit ending. I’ll admit that those last five minutes were some of the most oddly suspenseful in television history, and in such a mundane setting, too. It was brilliant. Anything was possible. It could have been so good. And yet, it was so, so bad.

There had better be a movie.

What do you guys think?

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  • I loved it. It was SO suspenseful. I’ve read 13 theories on what happened. I think it was classic Sopranos. Just when you thought something would happen it didn’t, when you’d given up on all action utter hell would break loose.

    The best part was some guy on last night, going “What happened? My cable went out!”

    My son says he was punked by hbo.

  • I too thought it was bullshit. I know Chase isn’t about tying things up in a neat little bow, and I wasn’t expecting that . I know what he was trying to do with that last scene, the suspense being all about how the Soprano are all on the edge because of their lives, and how they have to live with that constant state of suspense. I found this statement far too philosophical for the show, and somewhat out of place. Not that the show didn’t have those moments, but it didn’t rely on them alone.
    And wtf was with that CAT? I mean, why even bring that up ? It just seemed like everything was all over the place and a little too weird. IMO, this was some lazy writing.

  • I loved it! I was so happy with the ending that I stood up and applauded. I hate sell outs and to me if David Chase were to give people what they wanted the whole show would have been for shit.

    This show has been a commentary on American life, or just life in general, albeit told through a NJ mobster, it ended fittingly with the core family together and nothing being resolved. Just as life is supposed to be.

    The scene where Meadow was trying to parallel park was like me watching myself. Brilliant!

  • I was thrilled Tony wasnt killed..then i read other reviewes this morning abt Tony & Bobby talking abt when you get wacked everything goes black,and Tony thought abt that when he was laying down w/the gun in the safe is he dead???

  • I loved it. It was SO suspenseful. I’ve read 13 theories on what happened.

    13 theories……. “I loved it”……”it sucked!”.

    If I were David Chase, I’d feel that I had suceeded. People will be watching, and arguing about, this final episode for a long time. Bravo!

  • i agree, i loved it! it will keep people talking foreva, whereas if it had been spelled out, it would have been….ordinary.

  • HAHA! “sorry abt spelling..i meant reviews” genius!! I’m unaware of the definition of this word abt?! please educate me.