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How Cute is Ashley Tisdale?

Ashley Tisdale Recording Studio Picture

The 21-year-old star of Disney’s High School Musical never shows up at Hyde. Or Teddy’s. Or Area. She released her debut album, Headstrong, in February of this year, which peaked at #5 on the Billboard charts, and was #1 on the kids charts for quite awhile (if you’re over the age of 12, you might know it from the single “He Said She Said”). On Friday, while Paris Hilton and her mom were sobbing hysterically over the pain, fear and isolation Paris is facing for following up a DUI with two probation violations, Ashley Tisdale was in the studio recording voice-overs for the Starlight Foundation, which helps seriously ill children and their families cope with the pain, fear and isolation they face because they’re seriously ill (Jamie Lee Curtis is the national spokesperson).

So for everyone who gives us gossip bloggers shit for casting the spotlight on the very least responsible of celebrities, here are some adorable pictures of Ashley in the studio on Friday. But keep in mind that you’re all bored already, and you’re only here to see if Paris Hilton decided to attempt suicide overnight.

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  • I seriously love this girl. She’s adorable and hilarious. I totally watch her shows on the Disney Channel. lol

  • I think this girl is fine. Shes a good girl trying to be a good one. I hate those party gals. They have like barely any talent. Please get kicked out of Hollywood k??//

  • Ashley Tisdale is so SWEETESTS GIRL ever im gona be exacty like her shes my role moddel I LUV U ASHLEY “peace out”

  • OMG! i have the same name as her character on HSM! i just want to say that AShley Tisdale is my idol if you dont like her you must be crazy! she has the best singing voice EVER! buy her cd its the greatest cd i have ever bought. she has the best style ever and she is an amazing actress! and she is not like paris hilton or lindsay lohan she doesnt go out every night and get drunk and stuff. so thats all i have to say I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!! you are my idol and if you have not bought her cd go buy it no! *toodles*

  • its okay ashley every one has haters!! i think your totally adorable!! i love you in HSM 2 i like your songs!! when i heard humu humu i totally started crakin up its so cute!! poopoo!! ( if nobody gets tat listen to her songs)

  • Well personally nothing againts blondes because I am one, but people need to figure out you they are. Everyone has the same long ,straight , blonde extentions. Everyones hair looks the damn same. She would look way more hotter in medium aburn hair. But shes alright

  • OMG did you see those photos of vanessa they were rong, but ash should get zac totally cause he is soooooooooooo hot and everyone thinks that ash and zac are a very good match. ash is really pretty and she wins.

  • Well first i have tu say that your so beutuful like mi welll mmmm, am almos like you i love you and i want you to give a concert in san diegooo pliss another time and am with vanessa wiht all that of the fotoos i love you high scoool your the best ples dont put an other artist on high schoool i love it just like that

  • She aint that cute really, Vanessa is well prettier and a lot better and all of u know that. But she aint that bad

  • i love ashley. she is so much better than stupid vanessa. ash and zac make a wonderful couple. zac is so hot. i can’t believe vanessa posed naked pics of herself on the web. what a bitch. i hate her so much. i use to be one of her fans. but now, hell no! her songs sucked! i knew something was wrong with when she came in high school musical and the second one. i really hate her. she let down all of her disney fans. Who cares about that bitch anyway.luv u ashley and zac.

  • Ashley is my dream girl, i think about her all the time. I wish we could date cuz just looking at her pics is depressing! I hope im lucky enough to marry her one day. She is soo beautiful! luv u ashley

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  • she is the sweetest, hottest, and most tempting lil fuck’n thing I’ve ever seen. I definately want to bone her.

  • Ashley and Vanessa are great friends. Why do people always compare them with each other? They’re not in a competition. Let Ashley be Ashley and let Vanessa be Vanessa. This particular post is about Ashley. She’s a good girl. Cute, too—–

  • i think ash could do better than zack have u sean the giy seriously he puts on more makeup than a girl dose

  • Ashley Tisdale is so pretty and funny!Vanessa is stupid and ugly!Zac and Ashley are a way better couple!They belong together.Zanessa not,Zashley YES!!Those people who like Vanessa are just like her.Just as dumb,because if she was smart,she wouldn’t have taken those naked pictures of her!!!Ashley is a good,smart girl.Zac is meant to be with her,not stupid Vanessa!Ashley is my role model and I love the shows she’s in,movies she’s in,pictures,magazines,her voice,and her dancing.She has the most beautiful eyes too.She’s the cutest girl ever and Zac is the most cutest guy!!They really belong!ZASHLEY FOREVER!!!!!!!

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    i hate vennesa hudgens..,!!!!!!!! thx for reading ashley… i mean zashley….. and when are you going to marry zac efron! uuu.. i,m so happy to see u marry him! well…….. good luck!!!!!!!! cya bye. by:suraya.

  • nothin…….. but venessa is very bad!!! i not afraid to say this so…………. here we go… ahh…. venessa u are so dead, and i think u have to stop making sex with zac efron but only ashley can…! so i,m gonna fuck your ass hole hah! take that brainy ake girl!

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  • Ashley ure da prettiest girl and ure so hot better than stupid Vanessa and u shuldn’t go out with dumb zac coz once she wen out witn v
    anyway ure pretty hot nice boddy nice face
    i think ure betterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr than vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv
    ure a good example to Disney!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ashley ure da prettiest girl and ure so hot better than stupid Vanessa and u shuldn’t go out with dumb zac coz once he wen out witn v,
    anyway ure pretty hot nice boddy nice face
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    ure a good example to Disney!!!!!!!!!!

  • ashley isvery cute, pretty, beautiful, sexy she is my idol favorite actress and to all of vanessa’s fan don’t compare ashley and her ’cause they are not the same

  • ashley you are so beautiful u dance gracefully and sing please don’t even you are older than zac you are so cute together and to all ashley and vanessa’s fans do not compare ashley and vanessa because they are bestfriends

  • ashley you are so beautiful,cute, pretty,sexy you are my idolu dance gracefully and u sing well please have a concert here in philippines i’m a no.1 fan of hsm1 and 2 i really want your song and your role sharpay there in hsm….

    your no.1 fan jenine

  • i always watch your show in disney channel the suite life of zack and cody i watched the episode that zac efron kissed you you two are so hot and cute together


  • i think ashley is relli pretty . shes a great singer and actress & she has a great style in clothes .. i fink her and zac efron shuld get 2 gevva 4 everr .. cyaa laterrr ! :)

  • what time is it?
    ashley time!!

    good-better-ashley tisdale!!!

    i love ashley…..i´m from germany …i see ashley i the tv on viva live and she was very beautiful…oh my good and her video is fantastik(he said she said)!!!!!

  • i totally luv you ashley that stupid b#$$$ needs to watch it she is all over YOUR MAN well you r awwwwwwwwwwwssssssssome

  • What is with some people always comparing Vanessa and Ashley and the Zanessa and Zashley debates. Ashley and Vanessa are not in competition with one another, it’s possible to like both. Some of the comments about Zac/Ashley and Zac/Vanessa is seriously creepy especially the one saying that Vanessa is dead and demanding that she stop having sex with Zac because only Ashley can. Focus on your own love life instead of Zac, Vanessa and Ashley’s. Who they date is no one’s business.

    jenine, it’s not just Vanessa fans comparing them. There are Ashley fans who do the same thing.

    Vania, if you seriously think that everyone who likes Vanessa is just like her and that Ashley’s perfect sween innocent angel image is for real, your in no position to be calling anyone dumb. Here’s a reality check, Ashley has to pretend to be wholesome and perfect. It’s part of her job as a Disney star. They all do it the only difference between them and Vanessa is that there’s proof that Vanessa is human and not a wholesome, pure flawless saintly angel that Disney stars have to pretend they are.

  • i love ashley she is hot sexy beautiful awesom etc.
    she has a lovely voicec and her songs are cool.
    i like ashley more than vanessa .
    and i agree vanesa and ashley are not in a cccompetition they are best friends
    and ist jashley and zanessa and not zashley and janessa
    but i hope that one day zac and ashley will find together
    i love youa shley and zac

  • i love ashley more than vanessa i want to say this i hate vanessa and i dont like seems that she has a bad attitude.and ashley should be with zac efron because if it happens their going to be a power couple.

  • umm i have to say shes not that pretty in this picture but on the other pics shes hot and i see her in person in minneapolis she was so sexy,pretty and hot actually im a man and im inlove with her if i have a chance to sex with her i will do it because she is really pretty in person!

  • I agree with the people that say v and a are friends and shouldn’t compete cuz thy’re friendz. da saying is that lots a people like ashley and vannessa. they’re not competing. yoyo.

  • i wish that ashley would find someone good for her who would treat her right. she should never end up like vanessa she should keep being a good girl. she should keep her succesful career. and watch out because she is so hot she might end up having that tight little pussy raped or pregnate.

  • Ashley is so much better than Vanessa!
    Ashley should push that ugly Vanessa and through her to the ground
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    ever you want!
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  • Ashley is da best! She is a lot more talented dan vanessa. i mean shes in movies, TV programmes and has started a singin career. Sum ppl think dat she is wastin her life wit all this stuff buh reli shes just makin da most of bein a young celeb. dat wont last wen shes in her 30s. shes my idol. i admire her for puttin up wit all those rumours of her avin plastic surgery wen da only reason she ad a nose job woz for health reasons.

  • she waz beautiful….until the nose job at least shes still pretty but not as pretty but she waz still never pretty enough 4 zac

  • i absolutely love ashley tisdale i think she is so gawgus she’s probably the most hotest girl i’ve ever seen i always think bout her after i watch high school musical 1 and 2 xxx

  • I love Ashley Tisdale.She is the cutest living person in the world.I cant get any sleep because I love her.She is hot and cute both.I love u Ashley Tisdale.Please chat with me at this any pranksters come and tell that he is Ashley Tisdale and pranks with me.I will know that someones trying to prank me.Dont dare to prank me.I luv u Ashley Tisdale.My love for u is limitless.

  • I love Ashley Tisdale.She is the cutest living person in the world.I cant get any sleep because I love her.She is hot and cute both.I love u Ashley Tisdale.Please chat with me at this any pranksters come and tell that he is Ashley Tisdale and pranks with me.I will know that someones trying to prank me.Dont dare to prank me.I luv u Ashley Tisdale.My love for u is limitless

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    (and i hate stupid vanessa…………. ): vanessa is sooooooooooo ungly and stupid,so ASHLEY is sooooooooooo much better. i hope that,vanessa died! xD xDxD xDxD xDxD xDxD xDxD xDxD xDxD xDxD xDxD xDxD xDxD xDxD xDxD xDxD xDxD xDxD xDxD xDxD xDxD xDxD xDxD xDxD xDxD xDxD xDxD xDxD xDxD xDxD xDxD xDxD xDxD xDxD xD

  • OMG Ashley is so cute.I love Ashley sooooooooooo
    much.I am your number one fan.



  • ashley is so cute but i would like to share something with you guys but you have to promise not to tell anyone ok here it is i have broken up with ashley but i’m going to ntell you a top secret i have had sx with the real ashley tisdale but it was quite boring with her.All she ever did was suck my cock i mean that’s so dumb

    By the way i don’t know who you are jake but your not getting married to ashley cozs she still llikes me but she dumped me cos she didn’t want anyone to find out like say vannesa

    By the way all you fans i am the reall Zac

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  • ashley is too cute but not at all after her nose job sorry but yeah she is till kinds cute but more than 90% of the cuteness is gone!

  • hey! i think Ashley t. is the most prettiest girl in the whole wade world!!! she is the best!! i love her music!!! she is sooo much betterthan vanessa!!! and zac and ashley should be togther!!!!! Ashley + Zac= ZASHLEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • OMG! i luv ashley miley and vanessa yea they did some bad things but paparzzi needs to them alone every once and awhile so if you agree with me say so!

  • Hey it is the real Ashley Tiisdale and I never had sex with Zac so all of youthat said it I am sueing you and I really do need a break from paparazzi so thank you for writing that Tiffany and thank you for agreeing

  • Hey! It is me again and again thank you for writing that Tiffany and Dana I am not going to be in concert for a while because I am making HSM 3 so if any of you have questions i will try to get back to you.

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