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It Has Occurred to Paris Hilton That There Are More Horrendous Things Than Falling Off a Motorcycle on the Red Carpet


Former Paris BFF Kim Stewart apparently has a new column on TMZ, and I love that it’s juxtaposed with the latest pic of Paris sobbing as she’s hauled off to court. And this isn’t one of Paris’s “oh I’m so sad poor me take my picture” faces; she’s genuinely upset. Meanwhile: PARTYING WITH POSH!

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  • paris does not deserve to go to jail okay fine she did a bad thing but hey all those other celeberties did somthing bad but they didnt go to jail she is a very good person deep down in her heart to me shes a great person i love her songs and shes innocent

  • Do you actually have to hurt someone while driving drunk, before people think you deserve to go to jail? oh, i guess it’s ok, as long as another human doesn’t get in your path when you’re jonesin for an In&Out burger after-hours. Paris has endless cash flow and could’ve called a cab, a limo, or any # of people at her disposal.

    Perhaps Paris should’ve graduated from high school, and therefore may have been able to read her own mail regarding her probation.

    But no, she’s been a spoiled brat all her life, and her parents never prepared her for what “reality” really is–and I’m not talking about a TV show. This time her “mommy!!” can’t pay off someone to keep her out of the slammer. The bitch acts like she got the goddamn dealth sentence. She’s probably just crying because she’s gonna miss some Grand Opening of an LA club or a designer fashion show where she had front row seats.