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Can We Just Talk About How Much Bullshit It Is That Jaslene Has to Share Her Seventeen Cover with Jessica Alba?

Jaslene Gonzalez Has to Share Seventeen Cover with Jessica Alba

Yes, I think we can.

Because it is bullshit, people.

Listen up, Seventeen, I don’t know who’s heading up your Atoosa-less ship these days, but if you’re gonna get all that publicity off of ANTM, you sure as hell better be ready to step up and give its winner her own cover. Especially when it’s my beloved Jaslene Gonzalez.

Seventeen did two covers for their July issue — a “bonus,” as they claim — but the one they’re promoting is the one with Jessica Alba on it. Don’t get me wrong, I like Jessica Alba just fine, but I think that if Jaslene was promised the cover of Seventeen magazine, she should get that cover, and not one-half of it (and one-tenth the promotion) just because someone at Hearst is taking heat for newsstand numbers.

Anyway, Jessica Alba’s been traipsing around NYC promoting her new Fantastic Four film and her cover, so where are the pics of my Jaslene??? You can check out some of the shots from her Seventeen cover shoot here.

Jessica Alba Signs Seventeen Magazine Cover Jessica Alba Signs Seventeen Magazine Cover in New York

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  • ok. i hate jessica alba, she is always saying ohh i dont like to show my body or wear a bathing suit, and i wish i was invisable? Shit, what a pathetic lier..

    as far as Jaslene, she deseves her OWN cover..

    she should have punched Jessica in the face.

  • I watched the ANTM marathon Sunday (while recovering from a killer hangover) and finally understand the love for Jaslene. I like Jessica, too. But I really get sick and tired of seeing celebrities take over every single magazine cover instead of the models whose entire careers depend on it.

  • jessica alba suck…..
    thats unfair for the part of jaslene
    jaslene workied hard for it she deserve the cover not that “jessica alba” shit if u wanna be real jessica get ur shit invisible.

  • Jessica Alba is one of the most untalented people I’ve seen. She honestly reminds me of the girl in High School that everyone liked just because she’s pretty. Just a pretty face that’s all I see. Maybe she has some hidden personality that I don’t know about but until then I’m hatin on her!!!!! Jaslene you deserve your own cover also F*** all these high paid famous people who don’t do anything on set and get millions of our dollars by promoting garbage.