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Yeah Okay We’ll Run the Pics of Lindsay Lohan with the Knives

Lindsay Lohan Knife in Mouth

Update: Page Six confirms that the other girl here is Vanessa Minnillo.

You’re all going to be searching for these pictures of Lindsay Lohan with a knife come Monday, so we may as well have them here. Frankly, I don’t find these as terrifying or shocking as some do — the girl’s a drug addict. She was drunk and high and playing with knives. Who hasn’t been there?

Anyway, News of the World can’t seem to get their story straight about this one. First, they say the pics were “taken just weeks before she was admitted to rehab for the second time” and later they say they were “taken four months ago.” I’m sure someone can do a hair color analysis and determine when they were taken, pretty much to the hour, but who cares? They were taken, and girlfriend was fucked up.

If this isn’t enough fun for you, News of the World is making up quotes again. A “friend from Lindsay’s inner circle” talks about her current stay at Promises: “On the first night she couldn’t stop crying. Since then she’s refused to follow the rules and keeps having hissy fits about people. In one of her group meetings she yelled that her friend Paris was a coke whore and couldn’t believe how stupid she’d been driving while banned. She said, ‘Paris thinks she’s above everyone. She’s not. Paris is a stupid cow and deserves what she gets’ … She saw a woman who is bulimic and said, ‘She’s like Nicole. What problems does Nicole have? The girl just needs to eat. Period’.”

Then the friend’s all like, “She cries all the time at what a mess her life has become and how she has behaved like a complete tart. The clinic even took her mobile from her to make sure she can’t call people who are a bad influence on her. But she went berserk so they gave her a new phone with only the numbers of her family, publicist and agent on it.”

This is such bullshit. First off, memo to NotW: Americans do not say “tart” and they do not say “mobile.” They say “asshole” and “cell phone.” So maybe Lindsay’s tattling BFF is British? Doubtful. More likely, she’s completely fabricated. And how on earth would she have all this info? If Lindsay’s having so much trouble using a cell phone, how is she getting in touch with these international pals? And why is she reciting to them exactly what she said in group therapy? Such, such bullshit. But feel free to pretend it’s real, because it’s fun that way.

Anyway, moral of the story: Lindsay Lohan is fucked up and needs help.

Enjoy the pics.

Lindsay Lohan Playing with Knives Lindsay Lohan Looking at Her Tits Lindsay Lohan Giving the Finger Lindsay Lohan Knife Picture

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  • I don’t think that’s actually Vanessa Minnillo. It looks a lot like her, but I’m not sure it actually is her.

  • i just dont get how irresponsible these beings can be, i mean ok we all did that some time, whether its playing with knifes and etc. but thing is if we publish the pics noone will give a f*ck, she should be responsible enough to not let cameras take pics of her if she wants to spread her legs or playing with knifes especially that shes high like f*ck!

  • hey lindsay lohan i heard u went to rehab you know that kids looked up to you well what do you have to say to these kids well i used to look up to you but not any more for what you did


  • what the f$%%& is wrong with u ur like a rode model to many KIDS kids dam it behave or get out of the fame and get druged and high and pretend ur dead thats better for kid to undetrstand than ur a drugi

  • There is seriously something wrong with this chick!! so many kids look up to her and shes going around drinking and taking drugs. These pictures are saying come on kids do drugs and play with knives nothing has happened to me. Well i hope something does happen to her. It will teach her a lesson for being so damm stupid!!

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