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I Told You People I Was Going to Run Every Damn Picture of Jaslene Gonzalez, and I Meant It

ANTM’s Jaslene at Indy 500

Remember this? Yeah. I’m gonna do this until you all hate me. Because, to be honest, I kind of have a girl crush on her. So you can fantasize about that or you can just ignore these posts, or you can do both, I suppose, but you sure as hell can’t stop me. Jaslene was at the Indy 500 on Sunday (which was won by Ashley Judd’s hubby). She was joined by Patrick Dempsey and Ian Ziering (who, if we’re being honest, looks good these days). Enjoy!

Jaslene Gonzalez at Indianapolis 500 America’s Next Top Model Jaslene Gonzalez at Indy 500 Patrick Dempsey at Indy 500 Ian Ziering at Indy 500 Ian Ziering at Indianapolis 500

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  • WHY did that girl win? Natasha so should have one.
    You can’t understand either one of them, but at least Natasha has a ligit excuse.
    I cannot stand that Jaslene.

  • I love Jaslene! She was the only one who never whined or bitched or made excuses – she was just awesome. She totally deserved it. I look forward to seeing lots of her on here! If I had to see Natashas’s pinched, squished face every time she showed up somewhere I would be forced to switch gossip providers.

  • I am a friend of Jaslene from Chicago, I remember her as a child, she never gave up ever! When she is going for something she doesn’t stop. She has always been a good girl and is so popular. She certainly deserved this title, and UNLIKE many top models, she will definately not let go of the # 1 spot. She is a hard worker and you will all see, SHE WILL BE REMEMBERED!!!Love ya Jasi.

  • i cant stand this girl! i was so upset when she won…ive watched the show from season one and was happy with most of the winners…but i was really mad when they said her name…Natasha shouldve won!